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Stone Cold Application

19 April 2012 - 12:57 AM

Superstar Selection:Stone Cold Steve Austin

Disposition: Face

Gimmick: 1999 Vince Vs Steve Era


Gamertag: AkeemDream562

Efed/League Experience:None

Theme to be used:In game theme

If you fail your tryout match, will you be willing to receive help to improve yourself?YES

Sample Roleplay:

Vince:At Backlash the WWF will never be the same,when WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin faces The Corporation's very own The Rock.
Vince: Now after The Rock kicks Stone Cold Ass at Backlash we will be in control of every championship in this company.
Vince:But before that Stone Cold will face the big red machine Kane later tonight!
Glasses Shatter as Stone Cold's Theme plays in the arena the crowd obviously is in support of Austin as they chant his name, he gets a mic
Austin:Vince i was back there in my locker room looking at your disgusting face while you proceeded to run your mouth about how The Coporation is the most dominant entity in the WWf.
Austin:Lemme tell ya something Vince, you dont know [email protected]!t, You talk about how The Rock's gonna kick my ass this sunday at Backlash when I already beat your guy three times in a row.As it pertains to Kane, Hes the biggest pile of trash walking around the back ill kick his ass tonight, tommorow next week anything damn time he wants a good ol ass whooping he can call on Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Austin: Rock lemme tell you what im gonna do to you this sunday im gonna take off your 2 dollar shirt, your 1 dollar glasses and then ill proceed to give you a texan whoop ass.You always ask if we can smell what your cooking?Well this sunday The only thing you will be able to smell is your ass!
Austin: Oh and Vince deliver a message for me will ya
Stone Cold delivers a stunner to Vince sending a clear message to both The Rock and Kane
Stone Cold's Music plays as he goes in the back

what is the bonus create a mode?

01 September 2011 - 08:20 PM

Hey guys what do u think the bonus create a mode is? I think its create a submission or at least thats what I want it to be

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01 September 2011 - 02:17 AM

Hello fellow wrestling fans http://www.thesmackd...tyle_emoticons/default/loool.gif im akeem long time gamer first time on a wwe forum im a fun and nice person once u take the time to know me and i look forward to making some good friends here, am i a pro at video games? U be the judge anyways thx to all that took time out to read this i appreciate it cya soon http://www.thesmackd...tyle_emoticons/default/sisi.gif