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<b>Post-Patch Issues</b>

01 February 2012 - 04:41 PM

Hey SDH,

I hit most of these place up for feedback as I'm currently trying to wrap my head around all of the specific post-patch issues that you're seeing. Would you guys do me a BIG favor (even though we don't deserve it), and please list some of the things that you're seeing in the best detail that you can possibly give. We have to reproduce these, so this would really help.

I'm writing down everything, but here's the list of "fixes" that if you have seen the adverse, please let me know!

Thanks, guys -- I do really appreciate it, and don't think you HAVE to do this, just asking in case.

General Gameplay

Fixed an issue where the ring texture would flash black or different colors

Addressed multiple Finisher system bugs in which players were awarded too many or too few Finishers

Fixed an issue where the Defender would freeze if the Right Stick was pressed in any direction while being Irish Whipped

Fixed an issue where two Superstars in a pin sequence swapped positions when an interfering Superstar woke the referee as he/she was standing

Fixed an issue where Superstars would freeze if certain running corner attacks were performed in the Royal Rumble

Both attacks in the Running Strikes and Running Grapples categories should now trigger consistently

Fixed several situations where a created Superstar’s move set was being improperly reset to default settings

Fixed several instances where players could Irish Whip their opponents through the Cell and/or Barricade

Fixed an issue that caused Superstars to freeze when a Finisher was performed

Sound is now working correctly after restarting a Brawl

Tuned pin escape mini-game in Elimination Chamber matches. Players can now escape after being hit with a Finisher.

Fixed a problem where tables were not properly re-spawning in Tables matches (PS3 only)

Fixed cameras for environmental weapons attacks

Various gameplay bug fixes

Universe Mode

Brands can now consist entirely of created Superstars. However, match card creation still requires players to use Superstars with at least one of each crowd reaction setting (‘boo’ and ‘cheer’) to properly book matches.

The Draft option now functions properly

Lowered the frequency of injuries in Universe Mode

Addressed issue where Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank winners were not getting their title shots at WrestleMania and/or the option to cash in Money in the Bank

Fixed various crashes to help improve overall stability of Universe Mode

Various Universe Mode bug fixes


Made numerous improvements to help improve stability and reliability of Community Creations.

General stability improvements in Royal Rumble matches


Fixed an issue where the DLC versions of Edge and Christian’s entrance animations were replaced by Alberto Del Rio’s animations if edits were made to their music and/or mini-tron

Players can now edit a created Superstar’s move set after viewing the model in Community Creations

Resolved several issues with Divas entrances

Props can now be disabled during entrances

Fixed several issues with Custom Soundtracks

General stability improvements in Story Designer Mode

Server status thread

08 December 2011 - 03:35 PM

Hey guys,

I hope that you all are well. Would you please let me know the latest server status as you see it? I'm trying to get a quick gauge each and every day on how things are progressing, and with the issues taking place on the live environment (aka, the things that you guys see), this will really help.

If whenever you have an issue with CC, or if you're on, would you mind just posting the time that you had the issue, and where you got the freeze or "server is unavailable" message?

Thanks also for the feedback you guys are giving in this forum on bugs/glitches. We're currently in the estimation stage to see how long things will take to fix, in order to get that patch out to you guys.

Hello, everyone

02 December 2011 - 03:01 AM

The SDH,

How are all of you? I want you all to know that I've seen and heard what you guys are saying. Andy and Simone do a GREAT job of keeping me updated, and their commitment to represent you is flat out legendary.

I wanted to apologize for not being on here since launch. I've been very busy, but that's no excuse. I do love this site, and I always say in my head that I need to be on here more. Know that because I'm not on here often, it doesn't mean that it's b/c I don't like you. It's actually the exact opposite. I try to keep the level-headed level as much as I can.

Now, I know we've messed up. We really have. Our CC is a mess, and you guys know it. We're embarrassed, and I'm personally taking it pretty hard (and I've only been back for 4 weeks!).

I think personally that this is a code based issue, and it looks like it's becoming more and more of a reality. Please know that we're working literally every second on this. We wouldn't just leave you hanging, I promise you that. We're also working on a "make good" thing to help mend this.

As for the bugs/glitches, YOU GUYS HAVE ROCKED in this respect. It really shows how strong the community is in helping. It touched my heart to see so many lists of bugs because two years ago when I came here, this wasn't happening. This is a united community, and whether THQ makes wrestling games or not, this genre will live on because of people like you.

Please don't lose your emotion. Shout at me, get angry, but leave it to me to decipher the constructive stuff. I personally think the creative with this game was among the best it's been in years. The execution in testing is where it's fallen short, and we're working to resolve that in the form of a patch. It won't fix everything, but the big things I hope it will.


24 October 2011 - 09:27 PM

Hey guys,

I hope you're all well! I wanted you guys to know that I'll be here more often to check in and see how things are going.

In the meantime, help me catchup. How are things with WWE '12? Are you happy so far? Unhappy? I know it's more complex than that, so feel free to give me the details on your thoughts currently. It's good to be back!

- Marcus


11 October 2011 - 02:33 PM