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Article on WWE's "Music Producers", Possibly Questioning Their Future.

02 September 2017 - 03:10 AM

So, I found this article while on Twitter, posted 9/1/17 (today), and while I don't know how much truth there is to it, really hope it is true, I thought I would share it and possibly get opinions on it.


Personally, as I stated, I hope it's true, I mean those douchebags scream douchebag just by looking at them and I agree with what people said on Twitter, these guys are nothing more than 40 second loopers. They wouldn't know talent if it slapped them in the face with a wet fish.


Anyway, The article........................






CFO$ Future With WWE In Question?


WWE music composers, John Paul Alicastro and Michael Conrad Lauri, who are collectively known as CFO$, may be in getting on the company’s bad side as of late.


GT spoke with a source who stated that CFO$’s attitudes have rubbed some people in management the wrong way. WWE often has their composers tweak and make small changes to their music over time to evolve with their characters; Sometimes adding voice overs, new intros, etc. CFO$ reportedly have refused to do this on several occasions, telling WWE’s production team that they’re “interfering with their art.” Jim Johnston, WWE’s long-time head composer, has been asked to tweak his music several times on a moment’s notice.


Johnston’s music has been used increasingly sparingly over the last few years, but two new Johnston tracks have appeared on WWE television the last few weeks—Baron Corbin and Emma—with supposedly more in the pipeline, giving more credence to this rumor.


What could this mean moving forward?


A WWE Music representative told another source that Johnston is not in charge, but that he is now the “Director” of WWE Music. Neil Lawi is still the General Manager at WWE Music Group. CFO$’s role may be altered, possibly soon, if these reports are true.


CFO$ work has been a bit controversial since they arrived in 2012. Their music often involves short, looping samples that don’t contain much musical variation. There have also been several complaints that many of their entrance themes don’t fit the respective characters. Johnston is known for his eclectic range of musical styles. He is also often seen as being able to better capture the essence of a character through music.


Check back soon as GrappleTrax sorts out all of these rumors.




Now, as I said, don't know how true this is, but just the thought of this scenario is enough to make me excited, even though I don't watch WWE anymore, I still keep up with it & the music is what is the best part, in my opinion & CFOs, I refuse to use the dollar sign cause they aren't money, is really killing it, in a bad, very bad, way with their extremely bland generic music, sans a few hits like Nakamura's theme.

WWE Hall of Famer Passes Away

15 January 2017 - 10:33 PM




Jimmy (Superfly) Snuka, the high-flying wrestling legend who spent his last years battling criminal charges, died Sunday — just days after getting acquitted for the murder of his mistress. He was 73.


Dwayne Johnson, the actor formerly known as WWE star The Rock, broke the news on behalf of Snuka’s daughter Tamina.


“Our family @TaminaSnuka asked me to share the sad news that her dad Jimmy Snuka has just passed away. Alofa atu i le aiga atoa,” Johnson tweeted, using a Samoan phrase translating to “Love the family.”


The daughter, herself a WWE star, posted an Instagram photo of her holding her father’s frail hands.


“I LOVE YOU DAD,” she said.




The WWE, which cut ties with Snuka after his murder charge, confirmed the death in a terse statement calling him “the pioneer of high-flying offense."


The cause of death was not immediately announced. Snuka had been battling terminal stomach cancer and dementia.




So, these are a thing......

09 October 2016 - 02:01 AM

Pay $10 Million & You Can Be in "Dying Light: The Movie"

11 February 2016 - 10:36 PM

Pay $10 Million, Get Dying Light and a Role in a Movie That Might Not Exist.


Pay $10 million for The Spotlight Edition of the zombie game and you'll get to play a supporting role in "Dying Light: The Movie."






Have an extra $10 million burning a hole in your pocket? Looking to pick up Dying Light's new Enhanced Edition? If so, UK retailer GAME has a version of the game you may be interested in.


GAME and developer Techland have partnered for The Spotlight Edition of Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition. For $10 million, you will be cast in a supporting role for Dying Light: The Movie (which we're not even sure is a real thing), and receive acting classes and a bunch of other rewards (see above).


Maybe the $10 million will be used to finance the movie? It's all very strange, since a Dying Light movie doesn't appear to have been announced. A Techland representative declined to comment on specifics when approached by GameSpot today.


Some of the other bonuses included with The Spotlight Edition include four copies of the game, training from a stuntman, and an expenses-paid trip around the world to promote the movie.


This isn't the first time GAME and Techland have team up for an over-the-top version of Dying Light. For the game's launch, the retailer offered a $380,000 version of the game that included a zombie-proof shelter and parkour lessons, among other things. It's unclear if anyone actually bought this.


There is only one Spotlight Edition of Dying Light available. You can buy it from GAME's website here.


Dying Light Enhanced Edition and the expansion The Following launched on February 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Following is a very substantial add-on, at least in terms of size, as its map is twice as big as the original game's.




Square Enix temporarily offering free download of game featuring David Bowie

18 January 2016 - 01:12 AM




Last Friday, the Square Enix Twitter announced that, in honor of the recent passing of rock star David Bowie, they are offering one of the games he contributed to - Omikron: The Nomad Soul - for free in their online store.


"Square Enix will be offering Omikron: The Nomad Soul for free in honor of the late David Bowie, who contributed to the game."


The offer, which requires entering the coupon code "omikron" in the checkout, lasts until January 22 or "while supplies last" -- though since this is a digital download, it would be very surprising if supplies ran out.


For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Omikron: The Nomad Soul was an adventure game released for PC in 1999 and Dreamcast in 2000. It takes place in the futuristic city of Omikron -- which is run by an oppressive supercomputer called Ix -- where you play as a detective trying to solve a series of murders and uncover something much bigger and stranger underneath. The game didn't sell well on its first release, and publisher Eidos Interactive cancelled their planned PlayStation and PlayStation 2 ports of the game.


In addition to contributing to the game's soundtrack, Bowie also plays two characters in the game - first Boz, a revolutionary evading the authorities, and then the unnamed lead singer of The Dreamers, a fictional band that plays illegal concerts around Omikron. Bowie also contributed to the game's story and design.