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INNO's original created superstars

04 December 2013 - 01:45 PM

- I might make a fancy banner to put here -


As some of you know, one of my absolute favorite things to do on this game is to create original created superstars. Original as in, my own made up characters. I usually upload videos of these to youtube, and I once posted a topic with them here on the SDH.

However I weren't very good at keeping that updated! So this year I'll do my best to share all my work in this thread, and HOPEFULLY keep it somewhat updated - Wish me luck.


Sorted by most recent:






Video including entrance, moves/spots, create a superstar mode, and a few paint tools


Pictures these are thumbnails, click on them for a bigger picture


Face shot



Full shot front/back



Other versions, and related media


WWE13: Nanashi

WWE13: Alive

WWE12: Nanashi







Video including entrance, moves/spots, create a superstar mode, and a few paint tools


Pictures these are thumbnails, click on them for a bigger picture


Face shot



Full shot front/back


White attire



Black attire



Green attire



Purple attire



Other versions, and related media


WWE 2K14: Mascara Alma vs DOOM single match 

Late WWE13 update: Mascara Alma

WWE13: Mascara Alma







Video including entrance, moves/spots, create a superstar mode, and a few paint tools


Pictures these are thumbnails, click on them for a bigger picture


Face shot



Full shot front/back


Yellow attire



Pink attire



Blue attire



Green attire



Other versions, and related media


Match & Mix ep.1 - Scott Barnett vs Silvestre INNO

WWE13: Silvestre INNO vs MONROE

WWE13: Silvestre INNO

WWE13: Scott Barnett vs Silvestre INNO

Violentia Challenge #1: Ryan Cavallari vs Silvestre INNO (Challenge winner)

Silvestre INNO vs AC Arthurz - Best out of 3 match 2 - match 1

I've done a bunch of other stuff with this character, but I just linked some stuff in recent memory


This character was also featured on Smackdown! Yes the actual WWE television show Smackdown - Picture: https://pbs.twimg.co...TNlCAAAf2rb.jpg thanks to spyder78 still don't know how to tag someone... sorry https://twitter.com/...536479307898880





Any feedback is welcome!



WWE 2K14: Rey Mysterio tribute mix

22 November 2013 - 06:46 PM

After seeing Rey Mysterio return on Raw I had to make this!



Any kind of feedback is much appreciated :)



Pick up a burning table glitch

17 November 2013 - 05:59 PM

I don't know if everyone already know how to do this. But you can carry a table around, while it is on fire. You can also place your oponnent on the table, and do moves to it. 


What happened?
- Extreme rules match
- I had a table placed in the corner, with Kofi Kingston doing a diving cross body to a standing Wade Barrett
- Hit a catching finisher, I suppose it ignited the table as I pressed y. 
I know there is a few bumpmesiters roaming this site, who knows you might be able to do something cool with this.

WWE 2K14 online match Mascara Alma vs DOOM

16 November 2013 - 10:31 PM

Hello everyone!


Some time since I posted something on this board. So since I uploaded a match I had with a friend the other day, I decided to share it with you all :) As you might see the match is not competitive! 



Any feedback whether it is about editing, gameplay, or something else is very much welcome. Just keep it constructive.


Description (in case anyone feel like commenting on that?) 

"Mascara takes on DOOM in my very first recorded match using that character. DOOM is definitely one of my favourite people to play with, always have enjoyable matches with him. If you haven't seen him before, you need to watch more of him ;)

I tried a different style of editing for my single matches, do you like it? No botches were cut from this, would you rather I do that? Or do you like to watch the "raw" match?"

PWR: Voltage episode 1 (Full show)

05 September 2013 - 06:56 PM

Hey people!


Not long ago MISERA posted our hype promo, as well as a match card here! Well we finally got our first episode out. It's a 1 hour and 30 minutes show, edited by yours truly, along with the rest of the PWR staff, and members!



Enjoy :)


PS: It also features Alex <3