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10 May 2016 - 11:34 AM

I'm not trying to anger anyone or start and argument here, but why is "Current Stars vs Legends" arguments still a thing? 2K16 had everyone on the main roster from Mania time, the most important guys in NXT, and the most important legends/people for Showcase. I think they honestly found the best way to please everyone.


Same reason the roster slot myth is still a thing? Same reason people still think X from the current roster gets bumped off the list for X from the legends roster? Any number of bizarre reasons. I agree with you, I was happy with 2K16's ratio.

In Topic: My WWE 2K17 improvements

09 May 2016 - 09:53 PM



If one doesn't like legends in the game, just simply don't play with them. That's what I do with most of the NXT roster, none of which I've ever advocated taking out of the game. Hell, I've agreed in the past that they should be included. I also don't use create-a-show or create-a-championship, but I don't run around saying they should be taken out of the game. I get aggravated when people constantly complain about the superstars I buy the game for every year being taken out of it just because they don't like or want them in it. People who like today's roster aren't the only ones that buy it, you know. As if the majority of today's roster is anything all that special, considering the sagging ratings.


Sorry if that comes off as hostile, it's not meant that way, but I'm supposed to be able to make it my WWE Universe.

same here. Dazman had this post where he said that XXX legends should be replaced with 4 HW and i admit i went off.

but yeah these current roster people are very selfish. i tried dealing with the current roster last year and even this year and it really didn't have much to offer me outside of the same old cena orton etc. the new guys are cool i guess but i prefer being able to relive stuff with the legends on this current gen engine. So don't even think it's hostile bro i feel the same way and i know about 50 people on the 2k forums that feel this way as well. I'd rather have every era of Undertaker Austin kane the Rock Foley HBK etc than to have to deal with a current only roster.



It's a current game directed towards todays audience (half of whom wouldn't have a clue as to every attire and gimmick guys like Taker, Kane and Rock have had) so what do you expect? Year in and year out I tell you this and every year nothing changes, the current roster will ALWAYS get priority in a game directed at today's audience. It's like another Legends game coming out and somebody wanting the current roster as the priority roster in the game, it just wont happen. I really can't see why you don't understand this. CAW mode is there for you to make all your dreams of living in the past come true.



No one is saying the current roster shouldn't be a priority, but legends shouldn't be completely purged from the game either. Why do you guys always get so defensive about this? Someone shows a preference for legends and you rush in like sharks to blood. Are you insecure about the current roster or something? If you prefer current guys over legends, good for you. You always have the option of just not using the legends. I don't care about most of the NXT guys, but I don't run around complaining that they shouldn't be in the game. I've always believed they should be in the game, in fact. I don't use a lot of features that are/were in the games, like create-a-show or highlight reel, but I've never wanted them removed from the game. And you can just as easily fill out your current and NXT rosters with CAWs, too.

But all this arguing is pointless. Legends aren't going anywhere anytime soon. You know it, I know it, and everyone else on this website knows it. You can deny, argue, insult, do whatever you want, but you know it.

In Topic: WWE 2K17 Roster: Seth Rollins, Alberto Del Rio, And More Superstars Scanned For The Game?

09 May 2016 - 02:00 PM

Maybe another possibility for Rollins is they're intending to include a new look planned for his return?

In Topic: BREAKING: Wade Barrett, Hornswoggle, Alex Riley, Cameron, Santino and Other Superstars Released

06 May 2016 - 08:40 PM

Sucks majorly about Barrett and Sandow. Didn't know Riley was even still in the WWE, though. I wish them all the best of success elsewhere, they really deserve it.


Is actually sad for me to see Hornswoggle gone. He's not a wrestler, I know, but man, he was really funny there. But I guess it would have happened at a time or another, and his time came right now.


I'm with you. There were definitely quite a few hilarious moments with him, my hands-down favorite being the Little People's Court.


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06 May 2016 - 08:13 PM

It's about time they ask for community support on movesets.