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Updated Attitude Era Jericho Entrance

06 November 2012 - 06:06 PM

So yeah I was really dissapointed that they jsut slapped on 09 Jericho's entrance for this. So I made my own that I feel is a lot better and true to J.ericho's old entrance.

The one part you'll really befocusing on is the intro. The rest will be pretty simple.
Undertaker 2
Stage Pyro 03
Lighting 29
Screen Effect Entrance Video/Normal

When the screen on his entrance video goes black count to 4 then set the pyro.
When the video comes back on the tron, turn on the screen effect.

Stage, Ramp, In Ring and Ring
Chris Jericho 2
Lighting 14

I think it's the best I can do. If only the Titantron video wasn't stupid, this would be great. But that's what I've got. What do you think?

Hiya peoples

03 November 2012 - 08:59 PM

Hey I'm PathOfRage. I'm (obviously) new here and I usually come here for my info on WWE Games. I've been skimming through the topics for a good while now and I finally decided to make an account and come here. And from what I've seen, I can tell this is a fun place to be. Cant wait to talk to all of ya.