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03 April 2014 - 10:06 PM

Hi all,so i dont know where to post this but i invite you all to check my new blog regarding WWE 2K14 and what i have planned for my Universe,there will be photos,results,news. Think of it like Lords of Pain but of course it is ficticious. Here's the link:http://wwe2k14um.blogspot.mx/

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07 March 2014 - 04:14 AM

Here are the HIAC results:
-Jericho defeated Orton in a LMS Steel Cage match to become the NEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION!!!
-Shield defeated Jerishow to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles
-Natalya defeated Kaitlyn in a no way out of the ring match to retain the Divas Championship
-Christian defeated Wade in an ER match
-Kofi defeated Rio in a LMS match. Del Rio and Kofi attacked each other outside the ring before the match,then by the end of it Del Rio was taken to the back in a stretcher but Kofi attacked him. Finally,i got my first injury cutscene!!!
-Kane defeated Bryan in a HIAC match for the WWE Championship!! The match was excellent and Bryan almost retained but Kane was smarter in the end
-Swagger defeated Cody in a HIAC match for the World Championship. The match was a squash,sort of. Swagger had no real opponent beacuse Sheamus was defeated by Cody in a No 1 Contender's match

Due to Kane's victory i'm thinking about having him join The Wyatt Family. The idea is Bryan loses the Survivor Series rematch and then during TLC The Wyatt Family turns on him,then Punk fights him during the RTWM culminating in a match at Wrestlemania 30. After Survivor Series Bryan says he's still with The Wyatt Family but The Wyatt Family denies this and says Kane is now the member of their cult. Basically Bryan would be in a denial storyline until WM 30,The Shield plus CM Punk fight The Wyatt Family during the RTWM. At WM 30,The Wyatt Family retain the WWE Tag Team Titles and then after Wrestlemania Bryan feuds with The Wyatt Family,turns face and has a match against Bray Wyatt at MITB 2014 or Summerslam 2014. As far as Punk goes he is on a losing streak,he will team up with Truth and Miz for a match at Survivor Series vs The Wyatt Family and has a rematch vs Bray Wyatt at TLC which he loses,then after TLC he turns heel by helping The Shield in a match on RAW,that way he joins The Shield. (In my storylines Roman Reigns broke up from The Shield after turning on Seth Rollins and feuded with him and Dean Ambrose,so basically The Shield is a tag team now,Rick Viktor teased joining at some point but he's better off in The Ascension) Punk would basically be a Shield member until the 2014 Summerslam where he would either fight Rollins and Ambrose in a triple threat or he would continue to be a Shield member only to have The Shield lose to a new ninja stable tentatibly called Revolution (if anyone has suggestions for the name,please bring them up) and then The Shield disbands later. Rollins turns face,Ambrose goes solo as a heel and Punk remains heel. Of course,all this would happen assuming everything goes as planned. The other idea is to have Bryan regain the title and lose it to Punk at WM 30 or later but Kane wouldnt turn into a Wyatt Family member.

In Topic: Amazing!! Pro Wrestling on NES recreated in it´s entirety on WWE2K14.

07 March 2014 - 03:44 AM


I´m going to go ahed and make a plug for myself. I know it ain´t the most sympathetic thing to do... but i am quite proud of this.
I have recreated Pro Wrestling from NES in WWE-2K14. Every wrestler, the Arena itself, the original artwork. It´s currently available in Custom Story from. (You can download it on XBOX360, by searching for "Pro Wrestling" under the "Custom Stories" filter).
I plan on releasing all the wrestlers and the arena separately eventually, but for they are included in the story. This is because i want people to play the story i created. I have written an original script, that takes you through the entire roster, with different choices and different outcomes depending on your action. There are even multiple endings!
I´ve drawn inspiration from the booklet and the various sources of information about the original wrestlers, and i have expanded upon certain areas in order to flesh it out. If you are looking for a new, ambitious and nostalgic single player mode. This Story is for you.
I have put in between 20-30 hours into this project. So i am really excited to see how people feel about it. And that is why i am so shamelessly plugging myself like this. I hope it doesn´t goes against the rules of the forum.
If this seems interesting to you, download it today! And please rate it, if you enjoy it. (Or rate it bad, if you think it doesn´t hold up. All feedback is welcome).
Just search for PRO WRESTLING amongst CUSTOM STORIES, and it will pop up. Thanks for your time. 
Dag Härdfeldt.

EDIT: (Some people reported a crash while facing King Slenders. If this occurs... i have uploaded a version of the Story called "Pro Wrestling Ending", this starts you of at King Slender, and works 100%)

Edit 2: Shoutout to Moderator Codes at Smacktalks for this awesome collage of screenshots.

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22 February 2014 - 02:21 AM

-Khali defeated Cody,Christian attacked Cody from behind pre match. Post match Cody accepted his defeat. Henry defeated Orton,Bo attacked Henry post match
-Jericho defeated Orton,Young attacked Orton after the match. Random thing,Prime Time defeated Jerishow,Show left the ring during the match. Prime Time attacked Jerishow with chairs post match.
-Fandango debuted against Gabriel in a winning effort,Orton attacked Sheamus to make him lose to Henry,Sheamus returned the favor to Orton in a match against Christian,The Usos defeated Jerishow

Over the Limit 2013
-Jerishow defeated Punk and Bryan for the WWE Tag Team Titles
-Aksana defeated Layla to become the new Divas Champion in a Submission match
-Orton retained the Intercontinental Title in an LMS match against Sheamus. He lost 2 times in a row but HHH gave Orton one final shot
-Ryback retained the USA Title in an I Quit match against Miz
-Truth retained the WWE Title against Dolph in an I Quit match
-Del Rio defeated Lesnar and Cena in a triple threat Steel Cage match
-Henry retained the World Title vs Jericho in a 2 out of 3 falls match

No Way Out 2013
-Jerishow retained vs Punk and Bryan in a SC match for the WWE Tag Team Titles
-Ch defeated Orton and Cody in triple threat Ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship
-Aksana retained the Divas Title in a FCA match against Layla
-Jericho defeated Henry to become the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!
-Ryback retained the USA Championship against Miz
-Lesnar defeated Cena in a singles match
-Truth retained the WWE Championship against Dolph

Money in the Bank 2013
-Jerishow retained the WWE Tag Team Titles in an Elimination match vs Punk and Bryan
-Aksana retained the Divas Title vs Natalya
-Evan defeated Aiden,Colin,Mason,Bo and Xavier Woods in an NXT MITB match. The winner got a main roster spot,there were qualifying matches on NXT. Aiden English originally won but HHH ordered to restart the match
-Orton defeated Christian to regain the Intercontinental Championship
-Henry regained the World Title via submission against Jericho
-Truth retained the WWE Title against Dolph
-Swagger defeated Sheamus,Kofi,Show,Kane and Lesnar in the MITB match. Lesnar won the first time but HHH restarted it

Summerslam 2013
-Jerishow defeated The Shield to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles
-Natalya defeated Aksana in a submission match by pinfall to win the Divas Title. Apparently Aksana wasnt told the match got changed to a regular match
-Wade defeated Sheamus in a LMS match,he returned during the previous weeks
-Rey defeated Ryback to become the NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION!!!!
-Show defeated Henry to become the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!
-Cena defeated Lesnar by Count Out in a submission match
-Bryan defeated Truth to become the NEW WWE CHAMPION!!! Bryan was revealed shortly after this PPV as the new member of The Wyatt Family

Night of Champions 2013
-Rollins defeated Rey and Ryback in a triple threat ladder match to become the NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION!!!!
-Natalya retained against Aksana in a Submission match
-Orton defeated Jericho to retain
-Mason defeated Kruger and Ohno in a triple threat Steel Cage to become the NEW NXT CHAMPION!!! After Bo was stripped of the NXT Championship,Ohno won the tournament and eventually lost it to Kruger. Before Mason,Kruger was the last NXT Champion
-Shield defeated Jerishow in an Elimination match to become the WWE Tag Team Champions
-Bryan retained vs Truth
-Swagger retained the World Heavyweight Championship vs Show and Henry in a triple threat. After Summerslam Swagger cashed in the MITB on Smackdown during a match between Show and Henry.

The next PPV is HIAC 2013,thus far only Bryan vs Kane for the WWE Championship,Wade vs Christian and Jerishow vs The Shield in a rematch for the WWE Tag Team Titles are confirmed. Who do you believe Swagger should defend the World Title against,what about Natalya,Orton,any matches?

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21 February 2014 - 11:50 PM

Hey people i'm back again,i've been very busy so i'll just post a summary of what has happened thus far:


-Jerishow became the No 1 Contenders to the WWE Tag Team Championships by defeating 3MB (Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre),that same week Punk and Bryan retained the WWE Tag Titles by defeating The Shield in a tag team elimination match,Miz returned to attack Ryback during his match with Zack Ryder.

-Next week,Del Rio defeated Cena in a Falls Count Anywhere match,they fought outside the ring. Truth defeated Ziggler in the main event by submission

-Week after,Dolph defeated Truth,Cena beat Del Rio in an FCA main event

-Week 4. For some reason there was no week 4,i may have skipped it.



-Week 1,Mojo Rawley,Kruger and Zeke moved forward in the NXT Championship tournament. Jimmy Uso attacked Rick Viktor in the main event making him lose to Jason Jordan.

-Week 2,Rusev,Steamboat and Tyler Breeze moved to the next round of the NXT Championship tournament.

-Week 3,Scott Dawson was the last superstar to move to round 2 of the NXT Title tournament. Ohno and Kruger moved to round 3 after defeating their respective opponents in Aiden English and Mason Ryan. Paige succesfully retained the Women's Championship against Sasha Banks while Jordan and Dawkins defeated The Ascension to become the new NXT Tag Team Champions in an tag team elimination match.

-Week 4. See week 4 on RAW


Main Event

-Week 1,Bo Dallas attacked Jericho during his match against Darren Young,Viktor got replaced by Seth Rollins who went on to defeat Roman Reigns. Jey Uso attacked Reigns post match

-Week 2,Tensai with Clay ringside defeated Luke Harper with Erick Rowan ringside. Del Rio came out to support Tensai. Justin and Kidd fought against 3MB in a tag match. Drew and Kidd got ejected by the referee. Justin won,post match Daniel Bryan and Viktor attacked Kidd and Justin

-Week 3,Bryan defeated Kidd,Bray submitted Clay and Hawkins defeated Titus in singles action.



-No Superstars on Week 1

-Week 2,Reigns defeated Rollins,Daniel Bryan was at the commentator's table. Reigns attacked Rollins post match.

-Week 3,Kane defeated Reigns by submission,Reigns accepted his defeat by raising Kane's hand in the air.