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Universe Mode question

10 December 2013 - 07:41 PM

Hey everybody so i tried combining both the rankings system and the rivalry manager in my 4 brands:RAW/NXT/Main Event (replaced Superstars) and Smackdown but i only get cutscenes in Main Event aside from the ones the Rivalry Manager gives you (sometimes) in the main shows,i made NXT a main show as well complete with its roster. In WWE 13 the rankings system worked decently,i guess,my question is:Why is the rankings system here in WWE 2K14 if it doesnt work on the main shows? and Does the rankings system work like in WWE 13 where you have to update it every month?

question about Universe

01 December 2013 - 12:29 AM

Hi dudes,so if you remember Audrey said you can put tournaments for titles in Universe like KOTR,well i would like to try to do that on my Universe later but i dont know how. Does anyone here know how?By the way,i know you can set it on a pay per view but i want to hold a tournament in the regular RAW/Smackdown shows if possible,thanks 


02 November 2013 - 11:09 PM

Hi everyone,so i know that Righteous and jeb2830 have already posted this topic in this very section but i have an idea. You know how Bryan Williams or Aubrey (i dont know which one said this) said that this year there are preset movesets with names right? Well i was thinking,for instance to use the #workhorse moveset and tweak it to make it similar to a moveset somebody made for Hawkins in WWE 12,the idea is to use a moveset similar to that of Hawkins (in this case #workhorse seems to be similar for me) and change some moves of the original moveset to try and replicate Hawkins moveset from WWE 12.

Here's one very basic example,in Signatures i'd change The Code Blue with Edgecution and in Finishers i'd change Sharpshooter with Diving Elbow Drop 11 (which i already did)

In order to not post all the moveset from scratch i'd post,for instance:


Curt Hawkins moveset

"based on the #workhorse moveset"

And i would post all those moves you need to change instead of posting all the moveset,someone already did this but for some reason that person no longer does that,so i'm willing to make a couple movesets,i'll take no credit for anything because all im doing is taking previous moveset fromulas and adapting them to WWE 2K14. I'd post some movesets,i dont take requests but you guys can post movesets of your own in this page as well.

Finally,i know Righteous makes movesets and uploads them in YouTube videos,and that's perfectly fine,but i'd prefer to post moveset formulas here in this section for all to see,copy or print and add to your superstars,divas,etc. And i know jeb2830 does movesets as well but he uploads them to Community Creations,i dont use online much because mom gets angry but what do you guys think. A good idea? If anything we can come back to this topic and check movesets for the superstars to use in future and older games like WWE 12 (although the movesets are different from those of 13) or WWE 2K15.

Just one last thing,this topic is NOT being done to steal credit or anything like that,its just to post movesets in a different way,if anyone prefers making their movesets with the posts of Righteous or jab2830,that's fine

Custom Swagger Titantron from YouTube

14 September 2013 - 09:31 PM

Hi dudes,so i was surfing the internet looking for entrances for guys like Fandango and such but i found something very creative,it basically is a video of Swagger's titantron entrance but instead of having real life clips from his matches,the person who made this used wwe 13 gameplay clips,i think is very interesting to notice the video is almost identical to the real one and to my knowledge the only way to add for example Wade Barrett's current titantron into the game is to hack the titantron but i dont know how that works. Anyways i thought this would be an interesting share. Here it is:



Kofi's 2012 PT logos

10 April 2013 - 08:20 PM

You can see the gears finished in the Created Superstars section,in this page,you'll see the Paint Tools i used to make those gears,these were done by me yesterday.


Rumble 2012







Superman Tribute

I'm not posting the knee pad things and the Kofi logo because you only need to change the colors of those.




Skeletor Tribute

See Superman Tribute




I know the Superman one needs work but i dont have good enough references to make it better