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Why CAWs original RENDERS change facial expressions? Pics inside.

25 February 2018 - 05:28 PM

Hi, please can anybody tell me why all of the sudden some CAWs have these different expressions though they use the same menu pose?

Earlier they were with their mouths closed. Now they are open. WTF???


Suggestions for WWE 2K14 Universe mode? Best practices? Avoiding glitches?

14 February 2018 - 08:58 AM

Hi guys, I'm finally done creating my 51 CAWs after 1,5 years and I'm ready to hit the universe mode for the first time ever in any WWE game.

And I wonder what advice you would have for me in order to enjoy WWE Universe mode to the fullest?

I have heard about some glitches in the past where manually made tag teams and stables can be broken? And is there a possibility of CAWs' movesets be somehow damaged? I'm not sure if the last one is correct. Are there any more ugly glitches I should look out for?

Ideally I hope to play with all my 51 CAWs randomly against the CPU wwe superstars and between CAWs. Should I make for example SmackDown with only CAWs on its roster and RAW - with superstars + caws?

What it the true way of enjoying universe mode? How should I go about it. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Can anyone upload Sting's Legs and crotch paddings?

12 January 2017 - 02:32 PM

Hi, can anybody upload a texture which is used for Crow Sting's paddings on the legs, crotch and a scorpion which also goes on legs? I want to make a crow version and these paddings I used from an extracted Sting texture from 2k16/2k17 just does not look any good for some reason. Thanks.

WWE SmackDown HCTP - Running grapple question

14 March 2016 - 08:32 AM

I want to know this little thing. I was playing WWE SmackDown HCTP and I got a question about the RUNNING GRAPPLE attack. In order for a runnign grapple to work the opp. has to be groggy. What the.. ??? I played SD 1, SD2 KYR, SVR 2006 and so on and this was never a requirement. Not being able to use a running grapple right off really messes with my game flow.

Instead I most likely perform an irish whip instead or go behind the opp. Is there any setting in the game menu or a gameshark / codebreaker / something code that sorts this out?


Does anybody have an archive of WWE Smackdown Games cheat device codes?

07 March 2016 - 08:04 PM

Hi guys, I was once again playing with good old PlayStation 2 and SmackDown games: Just bring it, here comes the pain, 2006 etc.

And I want to enhance my gameplay experience. So I turned to look for cheat device codes which I remember in the past were widely available and hacked almost every aspect of the game. So I revisited those sites and all I find is ruins. Abandoned sites, with broken links to cheat lists. i am shocked to see those vast archives go into the abbyss.

Guys, do any of you had thought into the future and saved those lists of cheat codes?

Can you share them?

All the games that you have, especially HCTP, JBI and SVR 2006 & 2008.

For all devices like armax, cb for both regions PAL and NTSC.

This is what Im after: