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Rumor On Plans for The Wolves And More On Their WWE Tryout.

22 November 2013 - 04:30 PM

For what it’s worth, Rob Feinstein of RF Video wrote a post on Facebook last night stating that WWE plans to keep Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards as a tag team and after a few months in NXT, officials would bring them to SmackDown as a tag team to see if they get over. Feinstein also noted that William Regal and Joey Styles had to push Triple H to give them another tryout. We noted earlier this week that Regal went to bat for the Ring of Honor stars and scored them another tryout.


Source: PWMania.com


Wahey, Wolves finally in WWE it seems! Great talent in-ring and I know guys like Dusty will help them a lot with promos and guys like Steamboat down there teaching them to work more of a WWE style for TV.  Good for them, real good.  Your thoughts?


01 November 2013 - 01:16 PM

PWG have announced on their Twitter page, that All Star Weekend 10 N1 and N2 will take place on the 20th and 21st of December. Announced matches so far:
c9c5cfa2bce3059535b428a6dedcd77a.png Wow, just wow. Any 6-man tag involving all these men is bound to be gold. I'm expecting so much out of this, and I know they'll deliver to my expectations. Nice to see Ricochet back in PWG.

d0fe7a92fad50c13b695a261549d19d8.png I knew this match HAD to happen somewhere in the future, but it caught me by surprise. I marked like a little girl when I saw this. This is an indy dream match. It would be awesome to see Gargano win the belt, but I think Cole will retain.

594b2b49fbcdef401dfb75b199eb5997.png It'll give Cole something to do on N1, nice surprise on who accepted.....
c3681f779b2b3e3851eda75620a449e4.pngYep, that's right! Candice LeRae accepted. I don't have much to say about this, but I reckon they could work an awesome match.

d86ff35190f5f4d5a2cd9d063eaf9aec.png Davey vs. 'Chet? Yes please. That's it.

So the card looks like this so far:



Adam Cole vs. Candice LeRae
Mount Rushmore vs. Fox/Ricochet/Swann


Ricochet vs. Davey Richards
Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano for the PWG World Championship

I will update the card once more matches are announced.

All matches could be MOTY candidates, so I'm looking forward to this.

Backstage News On WWE Adding Another Cell Match, Bray Wyatt’s PPV Status, Shawn Michaels, Why WWE Is Using Xavier Woods In Big Show Storyline.

15 October 2013 - 04:40 PM

- WWE previously planned to have just one Cell match at this year’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view but Vince McMahon made the decision on Monday afternoon to have the Ryback vs. CM Punk and Paul Heyman match inside the Cell also.

- As of Monday afternoon, Bray Wyatt will not be wrestling at the Hell In a Cell pay-per-view but that could change in a week if he heals quicker. Word was that he will be kept out of the ring for four weeks.

- Shawn Michaels will reportedly be appearing on next week’s RAW.

- WWE mentioning NXT star Xavier Woods in the Big Show storyline is because they’re looking to bring him to the main roster soon. He’s been recovering from a minor injury but WWE officials have been high on him for a while now. Woods tweeted after Michael Cole mentioned his Twitter petition to bring back Big Show on Monday night’s RAW.  Before RAW, WWE had the petition linked on their website but after Cole mentioned it, the article was removed with the idea that Triple H had banned the petition from WWE.com. No word yet on when they plan on bringing Xavier to the main roster.

Source: PWMania,com

Glad that the payoff to the Heyman/Punk angle is hopefully happening at HIAC, the story line has been dragging on for a while.  Making it a Cell match makes it more exciting.  

Eh, who would want to see Wyatt vs Miz? Not me, use Wyatt when you have something interesting for him.

Michaels has been doing an OK job of hyping the match up so far, lets see what he does next week,

I've got mixed feeling over Xavier Woods.  He's a good wrestler and a good character, but there's something about him that doesn't connect with me.  Nevertheless, nice to see NXT getting more exposure with this angle.



Possible Changes For Drew Mcintyre, More On Barrett Being Re-Packaged, Shane Mcmahon, Dolph Ziggler Saved.

03 October 2013 - 03:55 PM

- There has been some talk of re-packaging Drew McIntyre and breaking him away from 3MB.

- As PWMania.com reported, there has been talk of giving Wade Barrett a push and re-packaging him. Apparently officials are considering bringing him back to TV with his Badnews Barrett gimmick that can be seen on The JBL & Cole Show.


- Stephanie McMahon acknowledged her brother Shane McMahon in a Tweet on Tuesday. A fan asked her what would she do if Shane returned to WWE TV. She replied, “Depends.”


- Dolph Ziggler was originally scheduled to get beatdown by Randy Orton and then destroyed by The Shield in the ten-man match on the September 23rd RAW. Things were changed and that spot went to Rob Van Dam. WWE officials put RVD through this for not signing a new contract, according to The Wrestling Observer.

Source: PWMania.com

Have always found Drew overrated and I couldn't really care what they do with 3MB now, good luck to him I guess.  Would prefer Slater getting a push instead


Haven't seen the Badnews gimmick thing, is it any good? What is it? It sounds a bit odd but I could be mistaken, someone fill me in please.


It's inevitable that Shane's returning right? He's got to.  Hope he does.





Dusty Rhodes Upsets Stephanie At Raw, Early Creative Plans For WM30

03 October 2013 - 03:43 PM

- Dusty Rhodes is known for going out to cut promos and doing everything on his own, without the script. On the September 30th RAW, Dusty cutting Stephanie McMahon off and giving her a “face palm” when she started talking was not part of the script. Stephanie had no idea it was coming and she was not happy about it.
-Some members of WWE’s creative team have pitched a match between CM Punk and Randy Orton at WrestleMania XXX for the WWE Championship. No additional details have been disclosed.


Source: PWMania.com

I noticed that Rhodes was kinda doing his own thing and I could tell it wasn't really scripted judging by HHH's and Steph's reaction.  I feel Dusty shouldn't have done that since it seems odd and you could tell it wasn't scripted and it just came out weird.


Damn, another Punk Orton WM match.  I want Punk to fullfill his dream in wrestling the main event of WM but I really don't want Orton to be that guy, I would much prefer Bryan or maybe even Cena again, just not Orton please.