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20 January 2014 - 05:36 AM

Here's what i want. It'll be a long post but tell me what you think.

Here are my ideas for wwe 2k15

NBA Today=WWE Today

WWE Today could be a feature similar to the NBA Today in NBA 2K games. I understand that some people want to keep earlier models and what they saved or whatever in finishers, entrances, etc. How about this? You can keep your previous save for your current saved/edited moves, finishers, entrances, attires, etc without it updating automatically like nba 2k

games. In WWE Today, there should be updates to character models, colors, finishers, etc but in a different save. So that way you can keep the WWE Today save and your personal save too. NBA Today uploads current games...why not update WWE Matches with WWE Today with raw, sd, nxt, etc. Maybe the card can be set the day after or after the show. Just a thought.

WWE 2K15 Ideas

WWE 2K15 Universe Mode

Universe Mode needs to be a marketable and bigger feature for WWE 2K15. It's kind of obvious that WWE 2K15 will be on current gen and next gen consoles, but the ideas I put here will be for the PS4/XboxOne version of the game

Change Location of Shows in Universe

I feel in universe mode, changing the location can be a small, cool feature. I think that it would be cool to select from a number of venues such as Wells Fargo, MSG, Staples Center, Chesapeake Energy Arena, American Airlinesarrow-10x10.png Center, Verizonarrow-10x10.png Center, CONSOL Energy Center, CenturyLink Center, etc. It would also be cool to have 1-2 arenas from the 50 states to prove 2K15 is truly next gen. If that's too much, WWE 2K15's universe could have some popular arenas/centers and then have the player choose the name of the city, state, or even country of thse shows, even if some arenas look the same.


We should be able to set injuries, returns, and the injuryarrow-10x10.png should be seen when on the injured wrestler's page similar to GM Mode's system. In GM Mode, you could see the severity of the injury and what it is. You could go to john cena's profile and if u give him a hamstring, back, or neck injury and the injury would be seen similar to gm mode's system. Then, you could wait until john cena is healed up and set his return any way you want through match or a cutscene.

Ratings/Fan Reaction should be in after a match or PPV or push or de-push in the form of tweets on WWE.COM. "Let me see what the fans think about the punk vs Daniel bryan match". Go ahead. Your PSN or Xbox Live friends should be able to grade or comment on your universe.

Choose announcers and GM's

More Cutscenes and Storylines

The addition of more cutscenes and storylines in universe are obvious, but WWE 2K should definitely go the season mode route and add a lot of storylines, cutscenes, and branching choices. Implementing season mode features into universe for more replayablilty would be awesome. Hire writers on the 2K WWE Team Please and implement some storylines and cutscenes. Also, have more custcenes and branching choices happen when actually customizing something...like a match.

WWE Archive

WWE Archive is a place in the universe WWE.COM section where the player can see show history and ppv history. I feel a wwe archive feature is needed because some players want to see match history and would like to continue a feud or something if he or she forgot what happened at a show or ppv. In this feature, all shows/pvs are stored here from the previous 6 ppvs. Say you're continuing a feud with Damien Sandow and The Miz and you forgot when The Miz won the IC title from then champion Sandow, but you know it was a Smackdown in august. Now, you go to WWE Archive, go to shows, press smackdown, go to august, and every match that was at said smackdown will be listed with a "recording" of the match so the player can watch it.



WWE Archive

Shows-Pay Per Views

Press Shows



The matches that were performed there will be shown.

Scroll down to main event

Damien Sandow vs The Miz Intercontinental Championship

Winner: The Miz def. Damien Sandow in 16:43

The player will also get an option to watch the match

something like that could be nice for WWE Archive.

Presentation in Universe and other areas of the game.

Universe Mode also needs better presentation for better commentary and I definitely want an updated show/ppv intro presentation. Also, it would be nice to have universe differentiate major shows, minor, and ppvs. Make raw feel like raw, smackdown feel like smackdown, and Summerslam to feel like summerslam and so on. Better commentary. Make the match cards more exciting like how it is on tv with moving wrestlers in the match card thing.

Online Universe

You and your friends can challenge each other in matches in sort of a connected universe feature. Twitter and Facebook can be used in universe mode for universe updates or challenges. This is entirely optional. Put in a gym or a backstage area or something similar to a waiting area like in NBA 2K14 blacktop.

Improve the rivalry manager. Give us more rivalries to set.

         Universe should be the center of everything. Incorporate season mdoe features from older games and put in choices and different storylines as well. Choosing storylines for wrestlers would be aswesome.


Creation Suite

Create-A Superstar

Create A Superstar needs huge updates for WWE 2K15's Xbox One/PS4 verion of the game. Create A Superstar needs more hairstyles, logos, tattoos, attires, shirts, pants, masks, etc. More realistic looking models call names, commentary names, etc are needed too. Another cool feature would be to change your custom superstar/diva alignment from face/heel/neutral. The ability to choose a voice and gimmick for a custom wrestler would be awesome too. You can choose from a list of voices and gimmicks, or create a custom gimmick.

Create A Finisher

More finishers, moves, animations, etc to choose from. New move and sell animations.

Story Designer

I'm not the biggest fan of story designer, but i do see the appeal of it, so for sd in WWE 2K15...update it with more scenes and fix the glitches and bugs

Create an Entrance

I only used this once for my custom superstar, so...update it with more options and fix some bugs and glitches

Create a Logo

I heard there is a bug with the logo size in WWE 2K14(which i did not play yet, but will soon), so fix that.

Create an Arena

More Arenas Templates, option to remove ramp, etc


More fidget animations with the ringpost, tables, harassing your opponent, things like that

More fluidity in matches and less stiff gameplay

Improve Selling and Bump animations

Keep the controls from WWE 2K14. Don't change them up too much.

I'm not very good with explaining gameplay, but this is what i want. What else should be improved in gameplay? More realistic selling I guess. I like what ea UFC is doing with deformation, veins, and all that. I want that in gameplay as well. More realistic movements and reversals.

A new engine is definitely needed for WWE 2K15. I really like the ea sports ufc fighter likeness thing. The fighters look so realistic. Using that engine could be hard even with next gen because there are a lot of people on screen in WWE Games than UFC games, so 2K could use a variation of that or just use the engine from the next gen NBA 2K15 and improve that slightly. I want more realistic looking finishers, wrestlers, etc. Update character models for everyone to look more realistic. Randy Orton Still looks like WWE 12 Orton when he should be 2014 orton. 2K took over but there are some THQ things that will stay intact, but there is a bigger budget and a better team, so....DO WORK

WWE 2K15 My Careerarrow-10x10.png Mode Idea

Basically, have an awesome mycareer similar to idkid5's careerarrow-10x10.png idea and..come on, you know how a careerarrow-10x10.png mode is. Just incorporate season, ufc career, mdickie(the pg parts), nba career, etc career mode features in a WWE MyCareer mode. If there is VC, fix the VC glitches that's in NBA 2K14. I want choices and cutscenes in a career mode too like in the next gen nba 2k14 mycareer. Aging should be optional. Start off in a fake indy promotion, work your way up, give your caw a voice, gimmick, finishers, etc. Get called up, work nxt matches at the armory, get to nxt, if you're good enough, u can choose raw or smackdown. Then u start doing dark matches, work your way up, u get the picture. There can be branching storylines and choices, similar to season mode and the next gen nba 2k14 mycareer. Heel, Face, Neutral should be in too. U get the picture. Put in skill points and VC. Yes, i play nba 2k(hall of fame) and I think that VC will be awesome and a MyWrestler. Make the story mode like nba 2k14 next genbut wwe style and since it's wwe, include some storylines. I wanna be a heel if there is a career mode this fall. I should be able to choose a voice and customize my gimmick.

Keep everyone that's in WWE 2K14. Yes, even the legends. Put in more current wrestlers, nxt wrestlers, and more legends. Go in on the rosters. If there is a roster update feature, allow us flexibility. I mean that there should be a separate roster update wrestler, default wrestler when u first got the game, and your custom slotsarrow-10x10.png or whatever.

Better Servers for online and 200 community creation slotsarrow-10x10.png for wrestlers, 50 for logos, and just add more slotsarrow-10x10.png. It's not like cc will be removed. Change the name to WWE Online. It's a cool name.


In Topic: 2K15 Ideas

10 October 2013 - 12:22 PM

Jumping the gun? It's probably already in production. Do u not play sports games?

In Topic: Will there be an ability to have two ppv in the same month?

10 October 2013 - 04:57 AM

Would be stupid of we couldn't. I'm sure we can have ppvs every Sunday in Universe 4

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10 October 2013 - 04:55 AM

2K15 may already be in development for 360, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One. Here are my ideas for the PS4/XboxOne veraions of WWE 2K15. Also, Does anyone not play yearly sports titles? It's probably in Pre development.

Gameplay: More Fluid Animations. New sell animations. More fidget animations.

Presentation: 2K Beats w/ ability to set custom songs in soundtrack. Better and more realistic commentary and entrances. Improve sound overall. Accurate entrances. Present main, minor, and PPV shows in different ways.

Graphics: Next gen realistic graphics with the help of yukes, visual concepts, and WWEgames.

Universe Mode 5.0 Ideas:

2 Shows a day

Set location of any event in universe

Match History up to a month that includes rivalries and regular matches.

Can be like this:
Choose fandango(will show bio, moves, relationships, etc)
Choose Matches
Fandango(n/neautral) defeated R Trith in a singles match. Location: Wells Fargo Center.
Time: 11:45
Rivalry level: Hot!
Social Media: "Bro, u better defeat r truth on main event next week".

More cutscenes, choices, branching stories, go backstage, season features, etc.

PPV, Raw, Smackdown, Main Event, etc presentation with intros and "Welcomre to WWE Money in the Bank.

Update and keep previous universe features such as creating a show any day, using community creation downloads in universe, etc.

Ratings for shows

Social Media/Online Universe Feature: Have friends on PS4/Xbox One see your Universe and comment on it through Facebook, twitter, 2K Forums, and connect your universe to play with a friend on his/her show.

WWE: Hall of Fame Mode-Career mode with features from Mdickie, NBA MyCareer, UFC 3, madden, day of reckoning, and features you can expect from a career mode. Use your created superstar and your goal is to become a hall of famer. You start off in a fake Indy company with a overall of 60(depending on character), move your way up fighting fake Indy wrestlers, talking to fellow wrestlers, promoting yourself, defining your character, and you only have 1 finishing move in your indie career. Then, you may get called up after achieving the top rank and become most popular to nxt by Vince McMahon or triple hhh, train, win matches, talk to trainers and etc backstage, be involved in storylines, have allies, rivalries, etc. Become a heel/neutral/face and have characteristics of each with different taunts, storylines, choices, things like that, etc. Win any amount of nxt titles including the nxt title and tag team. Prove yourself. See your popularity, social media, etc in the menu, call wrestlers, email, pressure someone into a match to squash them, get pressured into a match so u get squashed, wrestle in title matches, etc. Work your way up to
competing in dark matches, prove yourself to the crowd(even from indie promotion), etc. be a face. Be a heel. Be neutral. Choose a backstory. Have a style. Have a wwe contract you can see in menu. Choose/Create a gimmick. Improve overall rating, strength, agility, skill, etc when training, wrestling, etc. Become a wwe, WHC, us, ic, tag team champion, get buried, get pushes, have popularity, sell yourself, season features with stories and choices and branching stories. Many outcomes will be in this mode. See what people think about u through the career social media feature. Change gear anytime. Have cash u can send on gear, accessories, etc. Go on raw, sd, main event, etc. Become a hall of famer, etc.

Sorry it's all over the place. I'm tired and I had to get this idea out.

Match Types: include, Hardcore, Keep current ones, include ambulance match, 6 man tag team, and qualifying matches.

Creation Suite: More hairstyles, give a Caw a gimmick, voice, and winning celebration. More arena venues. Improve story designer with more scenes and more customization. More moves. More heads for superstar head. Improve creation suite overall. More logo slots.

MyWWE: Improve Create a championship even more.

WWE Online: Improve servers, 150-200 slots for Community Creations wrestlers, 50 for logos, and 75 for arenas.

Roster: A lot of legends, A lot of current guys including jobbers, A lot of attitude guys, ruthless Agression, big ass roster!
I'm tired so I know this looks all over the place.

Thanks for reading this far....I'll probably edit tmrw.


In Topic: An Honest Opinion About WWE 2K14

08 October 2013 - 07:21 AM

I like wwe 2K14 and I can't wait for it. Universe mode is my favorite and I was waiting on that before preordering the game. Creation suite is awesome this year too even though Aubrey didn't talk about story designer. I guess...screw story designer fixes then? 30 years mode doesn't sell the game. The gameplay is good and the graphics look updated too. The whole red 2K background treatment in the loading screens and etc are pretty.cool. Some finishers, Attires, and entrances look the same but I can't wait until DLC is revealed so I know what to get for DLC.

Maybe WWE 2K15, that's where we see the real creation suite, universe, presentation, etc updates. Of course community creations won't be removed either. I'm thinking wwe 2k15 will be on current gen and next gen consoles. The next gen wwe 2k15 will be awesome. It's probably in production now. I think next year, we should get a MyWrestler mode similar to day of reckoning, Mdickie, UFC 3, etc. In wwe 2k15, it would be cool to have 2K's nba live feature for news and living rosters. But instead of taking wrestlers out, we can get flexibility and keep injured wrestlers.