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17 January 2015 - 12:59 AM


One of my favourite bands The Decemberists have a new album out and its excellent :D. This song in particular is so so good. And not only is it the first album I've heard from 2015 and but they will be the first gig I go to in February! I've been following this band for YEARS so I'm looking forward to seeing them live finally. Too band all the floor tickets have sold out already so I have to get a balcony ticket. Should still be awesome. CANNOT WAIT.



Also just heard this song which is fantastic. Post Punk band from Canada which came about after the band Women broke up. Currently downloading the album that song comes from, will be my 2nd album of the year.

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06 January 2015 - 01:30 PM

My family.

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27 December 2014 - 12:55 AM

So I saw both Laura Stevenson and Meshuggah this month.


Laura was absolutely incredible once again, I can't describe it but this girl is so fucking talented and such a great live performer. The gig just misses out on being as good as the solo gig in April but my god I want to see this woman like at least 10 times more live and know I can't.


Meshuggah was fucking great too. Extremely intense and heavy. I was in the pit more times than I imagined I would be. I went with three friends and it was just unbelievably fun. Another top 5 gig of the year for me.


Here's a little of what I'm digging atm:



This song is fantastic and have downloaded the album this is from just because of it. Gonna listen tonight :D.



New Full of Hell album with Merzbow. Full of Hell are one of my favourite hardcore bands and this album pretty much takes their sound and makes it much more atmospheric, dense and in general noisier. Absolutely pummeling album. Another excellent release by one of hardcore's best modern bands.



New Devin Townsend Project double album Ziltoid 2 is something I've also spun a lot lately. The first half sky blue is disappointing as it really feels like a rehashed version of epicloud but Dark Matters is extremely fun and this song in particular is superb. Those female vocals are so good.



Biggest news for me though is that the new Between the Buried and Me album is being recorded in 2 weeks for a 2015 release! :D I've not been this hyped for an album since Laura Stevenson's last album Wheel. BTBAM are my favourite band so expectations are super high. I cannot wait!

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06 December 2014 - 01:13 PM


It's happening tonight :D. Just printed off my ticket and I honestly cannot wait!

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29 November 2014 - 12:23 AM

Royal Blood are okay, I liked their debut album but I wasn't that hyped on it.


I'm not even sure what my album of the year is because I really bombed on the 2nd half of the year and didn't listen to much at all. I didn't have one album which really wowed me so to speak.