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In Topic: WWE Looking to Sign Ricochet

14 December 2013 - 08:29 AM

No, no, no - This is the last thing Ricochet needs. PAC has done quite well in NXT, but the last thing the WWE can manage is another Dragon Gate-style guy. Ricochet's majorly over in Dragon Gate, especially with CIMA, and Gabe's one of his biggest supporters here in the States. It would be stupid for him to sign right now.  

In Topic: Last Wrestling Match You Watched

09 December 2013 - 02:28 AM

One of the best Japanese crowds ever. They were so hot from the opening bell. Rightfully so, this match is amazing. 



In Topic: EdgeHead Reviews - PWG: Matt Rushmore

08 December 2013 - 10:32 PM

This is my favorite PWG event of all time just because my twitter handle had a chant going after ACH and Steen match

Shut up.
Well said, my friend.

In Topic: WWE: The Musical

08 December 2013 - 09:41 PM

Saw this earlier today and thought it was pretty damn awesome. I don't say this often, but good work, WWE YouTube. 

In Topic: (EWR) TNA-MPW: One Dominant Wrestling Force!

07 December 2013 - 07:58 AM

TNA-MPW Presents: 

Shock and Awe - A Blog by Adam Cole of Futureshock


It's come to my attention that people really don't like me. They don't like the way I act in the back, in the ring, or on the microphone. So here I am, sent on a little quest from TNA-MPW Officials, hoping that they can get some answers out of me. They want answers for themselves, and for the fans, because they feel "disgusted" and "appalled" that Kyle O'Reilly, Bobby Fish, Austin Aries, and I have the audacity to go out there and steal the show every night. And you know, TNA-MPW Officials are making me write this blog-apology thing because they're angry, but as I sit here in my South Carolina hotel room, I'm angry. In just under three weeks, Kyle and I have the opportunity of a lifetime, we get our rightful TNA-MPW World Tag Team Championship match against corporate scrooges, the Second City Saints. I can't recall the amount of times I've heard in the past two months, "Oh, Colt, you need a night off? Is your arm still injured? That's all good, rest up, buddy. We'll have *insert tag team name here* fill the void". Congrats, Colt, you've get a injured arm and you want the world to know about it. My arm hurts from listening to you talk about how much your arm hurts, okay?


Night after night, town after town, pinfall after pinfall, we get no recognition. According to Gabe Sapolsky and Case Lowe, we're "midcarders" and "the future". I declare bullshit, kind sir. The only "future" that Gabe should see is the turkey sandwich he's preparing to shove down his throat after he reads this. It's comfort food, isn't it? But as I was saying, even with the expert guidance of Austin Aries and the superb scouting ability by the one and only Bobby Fish, Futureshock is just that, the future. Great, young up and comer, tremendous potential, the future of the sport of pro-wrestling  -  I've heard all of these things about me, but I still haven't heard one thing..."Part of the best and most powerful stable in wrestling today. He's the N.O.W.". Tell me, Dave Meltzer, why haven't I seen that? Borash, why don't you put that on the website? Can someone please make a YouTube video that restates what you just read? Jeez, I can't climb up anymore ladders, I'm at the top, brother. TNA-MPW is afraid to let Kyle and I reach the top of the ladder and fly away, because they finally realized how good we were. They know that if we were considered "top dogs", Japan would be calling us, then Germany would be soon after, then the Nigerian Prince wants me, and then I get a phone call from Connecticut - Then I've flown to close to the sun. The sun in this tall-tale would be TNA-MPW, and Kyle and I will have outgrown it. We'll be too big for the biggest promotion...Yeah, think about that. Hell, Fish is close, Austin is closer. 


So February 16, Against All Odds, right in the heart of Florida - Be ready for shock and awe. Be ready for two "kids", part of the most dominant stable known to planets Earth, Mars, and Jupiter become something "big, brother", and watch us become Tag Team Champions. It's time for a change in TNA-MPW...It's time for Shock and Awe. Join us N.O.W., or become the enemy - Forever. 


-Part of the best thing going in pro-wrestling today,

Adam Cole, baby



I'd like to start doing more blogs like this. Depending on how long it takes my EWR computer to be fixed, I could be doing a ton of these. What'd you guys think?