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EdgeHead Reviews - PWG: Matt Rushmore

01 December 2013 - 04:57 AM


Taped from Reseda, California - 10-19-13

Your hosts are Excalibur, joined by Roderick Strong, Kevin Steen, Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann, and Chuck Taylor


This show kicks off unlike most PWG shows, as Excalibur is shown in the ring. He is quickly interrupted by none other then the four men on the cover, the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling. The Young Bucks came out with a bag of cans, which were quickly littered all over the ring because "Global Warming is a work!". The MROW do their things. Lots of crotch-chopping, Razor Ramon walking, and random instances of Steen yelling. The segment ends with Steen telling the Young Bucks not to Superkick Excalibur; they obey. Tremendous segment to begin the show. I disagree with anyone that says PWG is getting boring or that they need storylines, but this was a refreshing start. Also, shoutout to Matt Jackson for going Colt Cabana-style and rocking flip flops in the promo. 


Willie Mack and B-Boy vs. PPRAY


I can't say B-Boy and Mack's new tag team name, as I am indeed white. I was looking forward to this match, as it was probably four of So-Cals finest. However, this match didn't exactly hit the spot. Willie Mack seems to be getting back on track, as this is his second solid performance in a row. Minus B-Boy's dropkick/face-jump in the corner, he really didn't impress. The timing between Rosas and Avalon's timing with B-Boy was off the entire match, which led for a few awkward moments. This match went on way too long. Not the best way to start some wrestling. Should be interesting to see how these two do when the RockNES Monsters get added to the mix at All-Star Weekend 10 Night 2.


Rating: **1/2


ACH vs. "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen




Steen's attire says it all, this match was great! Steen's brutality was fun to watch, as he really sold the big man persona. The thing I really like about ACH is that he has a very AR Fox-like style, but it looks so less reckless. Very fun and enjoyable match. After the match, Steen helps ACH up and says that even though he's new to PWG, the fans really seem to like him...Then Package Piledrove ACH. Then again, and finally finished things off with a third. Steen then went on to say that ACH was in his way of getting to the commentary booth that's shaped like a table. 


Rating: ***1/2


Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent?) vs. AR Fox and Rich Swann


After incredible performances by all four men at BOLA, I was ready to rock. This was Fox's safest performance in his PWG career, which made me happy. This was a great way to showcase DGUSA talent, as the match was my favorite up to this point. Very fun match. If anyone was doubting whether or not Trent? belongs in PWG or not, he does. After a killer match with O'Reilly at BOLA, and now this, he's earned a spot. I feel like this could get very overlooked, but the commentary between Steen and Excalibur was tremendous feud building. Excalibur seemed so pissed at Steen, and Steen played a tremendous heel. This is the story-telling that should be done at the commentary booth shaped like a table. Wonderful, wonderful feud building. 


Rating: ***3/4


Tomasso Ciampa vs. Drake Younger vs. Anthony Nese vs. Brian Cage-Steiner 


The one flaw with the first three matches is that they kind of dragged, which is mainly due to a poor start. This match was exactly what the show needed! Action-packed, full of spots, and a new hair color for Brian Cage-Steiner; blue. Nese finally put on a great performance, as I was disappointed with his first two. In all fairness, Excalibur informed us that Nese tore his ACL at BOLA. Also, Drake Younger almost killed the entire front row, even the hot chick that is always there. Drake's moonsault is more dangerous than all of AR Fox's move-set. 


Rating: ****


Johnny Gargano vs. Roderick Strong


Oh, what a bummer. Two of my favorites in wrestling collided in my favorite wrestling company, and they disappointed. Minus a few spurts of energy, the pacing in this match was odd and they just didn't click. I...I don't want to talk about. 


Rating: ***1/4 - Who woulda thought?


Young Bucks © vs. Candice LeRae and Joey Ryan: PWG World Tag Team Title Match


Son of a bitch, Candice is something else. She's beautiful as a person and beautiful in the ring. She absolutely killed it! Joey Ryan also put on one of his best performances ever, as he even unleashed some new moves. I never thought I'd see Ryan do a Tope Con Hilo, but he did. Spoiler, the Young Bucks were amazing as always. I can't say enough about this match. The six-person match at BOLA between the Bucks and Cole against Swann, Fox, and Candice is my favorite match this year, but this was pretty damn close. 


Rating: ****1/3 (I know that's not a normal rating, but I don't care)

Rich Swann's Commentary Rating: ****3/4

Candice's Ass Rating: *****


Adam Cole © vs. Kyle O'Reilly: PWG World Championship Match


I was afraid that these two try to do too much, but this match ended up being better than their match at Best in the World '12. O'Reilly is a true master of submissions, and Cole is a heel God. The finish of this match was done perfectly, as the MROW run-ins came, my excitement rose. BTW, Rich Knox is just the best! After tremendous run-ins and a Package Piledriver, O'Reilly was finally down for the count. This match exceeded my expectations. 


Rating: ****1/4


Overall: This show isn't like most PWG shows, as you could tell that they were building up MROW. This wasn't a Threemendous III or All-Star Weekend 9, but it was a damn good show. For $15, you can get a better quality show than a $60 WWE PPV. Thumbs up, I recommend this show. 





Did you guys like this review? Let me know what you thought of the review and of the show!

ROH Tyler "Black Friday" Sale

26 November 2013 - 08:48 PM









Really looking forward to picking some stuff up on this Black Friday Sale. Not sure if I'm going to get the Black DVD, but if you haven't seen the match vs. Steen, KENTA, Davey, or Jacobs, you should really pick this up. 

Dragon Gate USA: Fearless 2013 Results & Analysis

17 November 2013 - 07:08 PM

DGUSA: Fearless 2013


EdgeHead Reviews: I'll start off by saying that if the stream wasn't so bad for the first half of the show, this show would've been one of my favorite events this year. When WWNLive releases the VoD, I'll be sure to go back and enjoy the first part. 
Freedom Fight began with Jon Davis squashing Earl Cooter. I didn't get a chance to see this match, since my computer was finishing an update and this match lasted like 20 seconds, if that. Good for Davis... Next was a true opener, Caleb Konley and Andrew Everett taking on Biff Busick and Steven Walters. Konley was the only familiar face for me in this match, but I had heard many good things about Everett and Busick. This match was awesome. In my opinion, this is what an opener should be. Both teams were full of energy and really let it all hang out. This match was fun to watch and the stream was still perfect at this point. Very fun match with Conley and Everett getting the win after Everett hit one of the scariest looking Shooting Star Presses I've ever seen. Up next was Trent? vs. Chuck Taylor. Like most Chukie T matches, this one started off with some tremendous comedy. I kind of hope DGUSA releases this one on their YouTube page, because it was such a fun match. The involvement of the Tinker Bell balloon (You read that right) made this match even better. The finish...No one watching on iPPV saw it. This was the beginning of the stream problems, as the screen went from Taylor countering a move to a Johnny Gargano graphic. If you saw my Twitter, I was pretty pissed. Good match, minus the finish. 
The Four-Way Freestyle was up next. AR Fox, Fire Ant, Shane Strickland, and Mr. Touchdown put on a freakin' show! The stream turned from bad to worse for this contest, but from what I did see, it was awesome. A lot of crazy dives and fast-paced action, the essence of what the EVOLVE product should be. There was a point where I could've sworn Touchdown was going to get the win over Fox. However, Fox came back and won via Lo-Mein Pain. Up next was a match I was really looking forward to, friendly-fire between the Inner-City Machine Guns, Rich Swann and Ricochet. However, I didn't see hardly any of it. It looked like a pretty good match, but all I know is that Ricochet won via 630 Splash. 
Intermission time. This intermission was about the longest one ever, but it got the stream working again. 
Tony Nese vs. Jimmy Susumu was up next. This match could've been better, but it was good and fit its place on the card. I can't recall a whole lot from this match, I just remember it being decent. Next was Johnny Gargano vs. Masaaki Mochizuki in a non-title match. This match was very, very good. It was a little slow at some points, but the two still put on a tremendous match. In the end, Mochizuki actually got the victory over Gargano. I'll get into the importance of this later... Main event time, The Bravado Brothers challenging the Open the United Gate Champions, the Young Bucks. Personally, I love the Bravado's, so this match was really awesome for me. I wasn't a huge fan of the beginning of this match, as I felt like it should've had a faster tempo, but like most Bucks matches, as soon as they started hitting their signature moves, this match became ridiculous. In a shocking turn of events, The Bravado Brothers pinned the Young Bucks, becoming the new Champions! I didn't see this coming at all, since the Bucks have been so hot as of late, but this move can do DGUSA a lot of good. 
Analysis: The undercard was hard to watch, but very good from what I saw. Caleb Konley continues to impress me, and Biff Busick and Andrew Everett made strong showings. I love seeing new talent like Mr. Touchdown on the EVOLVE roster, and Shane Strickland makes me like him more and more every time I see him. Nese/Susumu was average, but the last two matches were very enjoyable. 
I think DGUSA is hitting the reset button. Seeing the Bravado's get the tag straps makes me very interested to see exactly what they'll do. In no way is this an insult to the Young Bucks, but you know what you're getting when you see them. The Bravado's are a newer, fresher face in DGUSA, so this can work out very well for DGUSA. Tonight, Johnny Gargano takes on Chris Hero for the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Title, in a match that I think Hero will win. Gargano's held the title for just over two years now, and I think it's time he drops it. I was shocked to see Gargano take a loss over Mochizuki, but I really think they're booking Gargano to go 0-2 this weekend. Giving Hero the strap will give DGUSA some momentum going into 2014, and that's just what they need. 
Freedom Fight begins live at 7:00 pm tonight, you can buy it on WWNLive.com. It should be a tremendous show. As for Fearless, a solid undercard with two strong main events does the trick for me. A great showing from DGUSA for the second time in a row at the Elk's Lodge. Until next time, thanksss. 
Quick Results: 
  •  Jon Davis def Earl Cooter
  • Caleb Konley & Andrew Everett def Biff Busick & Steven Walters with an avalanche sit-out dvd/shooting star press combo on Walters
  • Trent? def Chuck Taylor
  • 4-Way Freestyle: AR Fox def Mr. Touchdown/Shane Strickland/Fire Ant to retain with lo-mein pain
  • Ricochet def Rich Swann with a 630
  • Tony Nese def Jimmy Susumu with a 450
  • Non Title: Masaaki Mochizuki def Johnny Gargano
  • Open The United Gate Championship Match: Bravado Brothers def Young Bucks with the Gentlemen's Agreement

The "What DVD Should I Buy?" Thread

13 November 2013 - 02:10 AM

With the holiday season coming up, I thought it would be nice to share some possible gift ideas. Pretty simple, if you've seen a wrestling DVD from any company that you either liked or disliked, come over here and share your opinions on it. 


  • Austin Aries: Evolution of A-Double

Some may not be familiar with classic ROH, so they may not know just how important Austin Aries is in the foundation of Ring of Honor. This amazing two-disc set starts off with one of the most important matches in ROH history, Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe at Final Battle 2004. From there on, Aries battles Homicide, Alex Shelley, and James Gibson (Jamie Noble) in three tremendous matches. The match with Gibson shows not only how good the two are, but how over both men were at the time. The crowd is red hot! Aries has one of his weaker matches with Bryan Danielson on this comp, but it's still good. We move into a very good match with Spanky, then Aries' first match on the comp where he isn't holding the ROH Title as he battles AJ Styles in one of my personal favorite matches. Disc one ends with a rather lengthy match between Aries and Strong against Bryan Danielson and a one of the newer heels on the ROH roster, Jay Lethal. 


Disc two kicks off hot as Aries and Strong team up once more to defend the tag belts, this time against fellow stablemate Matt Sydal and his mentor, AJ Styles. This match left me wanting more, but it was still very good. Sydal and Aries invade the ECW Arena for their next bout in what I'd describe as "The perfect midcard match". These two were so flawless and this match was so much fun to watch. Aries battles a young Davey Richards in an OK match, then faces off with Sydal once more, this time for the Open the Brave Gate Championship. On we go to Aries' battle with ROH World Champ, Takeshi Morishima. See the first match on Disc Two for my thoughts on this. We get a clip of Aries returning to ROH at Driven 2007 (S/O to Austin Starr). He's ready to take out former partner Roderick Strong. These two finally meet in the next match on the DVD...And it was amazing! These two just beat each other senseless. There's a spot in this match that I won't spoil, but I still markout every time I see it. The DVD ends with all three matches in the best-of-three series between Danielson and Aries. Oh, Lord, these matches are incredible. My personal favorite is their second match at Chaos at the Cow Palace, but all are great. 


Yes! Yes! Yes! Buy this DVD! It was one of the first things I bought from ROH and it's still one of my go-to's when I want to watch wrestling. You can buy the DVD at rohwrestling.com. 


See, pretty simple. Not every post has to be this detailed of course, but I enjoyed the write. The good, the bad, and the ugly, let us know your opinions! 

(Self-Write) Ring of Heyman

09 November 2013 - 07:47 PM



Final Battle 2011 Results:

"Unbreakable" Michael Elgin def. TJ Perkins

Tommaso Ciampa w/ The Embassy def. Jimmy Rave

ROH World TV Title Match: Jay Lethal © def. Mike Bennett & El Generico to retain

No DQ Match: Kevin Steen def. Steve Corino - Kevin Steen is reinstated in ROH

Gauntlet Match: Young Bucks def. The Bravados, Futureshock, and Coleman & Alexander to earn a future ROH World Tag Team Title shot

Roderick Strong Open Invitational: Roderick Strong def. Chris Hero

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: The Briscoe Brothers def. World's Greatest Tag Team to become NEW Tag Champs

ROH World Title Match: Davey Richards © def. Eddie Edwards to retian


The Aftermath: 

The fallout from Final Battle '11 wasn't exactly on the bright side. ROH Management was in an uproar over the poor buyrates on Go Fight Live!. Unlike Jim Cornette had predicted, Davey Richards didn't produce the buyrates he thought it would. Not only that, Cornette had no choice but to book the newly reinstated Kevin Steen once again. All of this, combined with an aggravated ROH World Champ and growing tensions in the locker room, Jim Cornette had as much as he could take. January 29, 2011, Jim Cornette stepped down from his position in ROH. 


What's Next for ROH:

ROH entered the new year without a head booker. Hunter Johnston was the one that stepped in to book ROH's first TV tapings in 2012, but even he knew that he wasn't cut out to do this job by himself. Enter Paul Heyman:



The man, the myth, the legend - Heyman hasn't been seen in pro-wrestling since his abrupt departure from the WWE in 2006. ROH scrapped up the money, now the leader of "The Heyman Hustle" was in ROH. Heyman made three shocking moves in what seemed like minutes after ROH signed him. First, Heyman requested a two hour time slot for ROH TV, which was granted. Second, Heyman cancelled the first iPPV of the year, Bluegrass Brawl, due to some obvious and some not so obvious reasons. Obvious, Jim Cornette ran Louisville wrestling, and ROH didn't feel like it was safe to run their. Two, Heyman wanted to really build up ROH's 10th Anniversary Show. Heyman's third and final miracles, he lured Chris Hero away from his WWE Developmental contract to stay in ROH.



A two time ROH World Tag Team Champion and 2007 Survival of the Fittest winner, Hero had tasted plenty of success in ROH in the past. However, with his longtime partner Claudio Castagnoli already departing to Florida with an FCW contract, it appeared that Hero was right behind him. However, the mastermind, Paul Heyman, convinced "The Young Knockout Kid" that ROH was his future. Heyman saw something in Hero that had been ignored by Gabe Sapolsky, Adam Pearce, and Jim Cornette. Heyman saw Ring of Honor as Ring of Hero.



It's no secret that "The American Wolf" Davey Richards became Jim Cornette's favorite wrestler while Cornette booked the company. Davey, a man that had seen success while in the No Remorse Corps, Sweet n' Sour Inc., and tagging with Eddie Edwards as the American Wolves, had finally been given a singles chance. At Best in the World 2011, Davey Richards captured his dream of becoming ROH World Champ. He successfully defended that title against all opponents. At Final Battle 2011, Cornette saw his two boys engage in a war. A war that saw Davey Richards come out on top. Heading into 2012, Davey Richards was on an all-time high. However, this wasn't good ol' Jim Cornette's ROH anymore. Davey Richards wasn't the favorite anymore, he was the target. Can Davey Richards survive not only the toughest competition in the world, but Paul Heyman as well?


At Final Battle 2011, it happened. After one long year, Kevin Steen was back in Ring of Honor. After battling "The King of Old School" Steve Corino, Kevin Steen earned his way back into ROH. The week after on ROH TV, Steve Corino stated that the only reason he didn't beat Kevin Steen wasn't because Steen was better, but because Steve Corino was no longer an evil person. Steve didn't feel like swinging chairs and crashing through tables, he felt like living the good life. Kevin Steen changed all of that. Steve Corino felt like the time had come that he checked out of "Wrestling Rehab"...



"The Crown Jewel" Jimmy Rave made a surprise return at Final Battle 2011, challenging Tommaso Ciampa to a match - Former Embassy Member vs. Embassy Member. In the end, Rave came up short. However, he made a huge impression on ROH's front office, therefore Rave has become more of a mainstay in ROH as of late. Just one problem...Jimmy Rave had an attitude. Even though the fans were overjoyed to see Rave, Rave quickly became hated by the ROH faithful...


​Jimmy Jacobs, a man who once drank Jay Briscoe's blood, had a problem with Jimmy Rave. Jacobs, who was partly responsible for letting Kevin Steen back into ROH, felt like he needed to make up for his mistake. His solution, put an end to Jimmy Rave's bad attitude. Jimmy vs. Jimmy was set for the 10th Anniversary Show!



Superkick, Superkick, Superkick! One of the hottest tag teams in pro-wrestling earned a ROH World Tag Team Championship Match at Final Battle 2011. They cashed in on that match three weeks later on ROH TV. After battling for some time, The Briscoes won via DQ. After a few more weeks of spontaneous battling, the challenge was set: The Briscoe Brothers vs. Young Bucks - Best of 3 Series! The first match will take place at the 10th Anniversary Show!



The Amazing Red was an ROH original, somebody that had been there since day one. Ten years later, Red returns to ROH to battle Jay Lethal for the TV Title. 



Ring of Honor Presents: 10th Anniversary Show - Richards vs. Hero


ROH World Championship Match:

Davey Richards © vs. Chris Hero 


Ladder Match - If Steve Corino wins, Kevin Steen MUST Check into Wrestling Rehab, if Steen Wins, Corino MUST Check Out of Wrestling Rehab:

Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino


Battle of the Jimmy's:

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jimmy Rave


Best of 3 Series - Match #1: ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

The Briscoe Brothers © vs. Young Bucks


ROH World TV Title Match:

Jay Lethal © vs. Amazing Red


"Classic" Four Corner Survival Match: 

TJ Perkins vs. Adam Cole vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Rodrick Strong


Battle of the Rising Stars: 

Kenny King vs. Kyle O'Reilly


​Plus: Truth Martini and Michael Elgin!


For the first time ever, Roray and EdgeHead combine their booking powers! Feel free to leave predictions for 10th Anniversary Show! Hopefully this goes to infinity and beyond. Thanksss


Disclaimer: Roray and I started booking this before the news of Hero was announced.