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In Topic: Edge Was Not Scanned For WWE 2k15

16 October 2014 - 07:58 PM

I mean I wouldn't be too worried, considering they can probably look back at last years model and work from them. This is what those animators do for a living people.

In Topic: TNA Presents: Bound For Glory

16 October 2014 - 07:54 PM

Manik vs Minoru Tanaka 
-Good opener, no wonder TNA and Wrestle 1 put these two together Manik when he was with NJPW was friends with Tanaka. Good friends, better enemies type of storyline. I was shocked the Japanese fans were so into Manik in this match, someone should tell him get rid of the A.J Styles hood though. It keeps going over his head during the match, blocking his sight. With that in the match itself, you could see these two really know each other in the ring, and it showed during the latter stages of the match. 
Ethan Carter III vs Ryota Hama
-Lol at the prematch promo before the match, me very good in the words of EC3 to the Japanese fans. TNA is really building up EC3 nicely, even though he defeated past their primes Angle and Sting, he still did it and did it with nice performances. Time will tell when TNA pushes him to the moon maybe after the feud he has going with Spud? I'm a Carter the world needs us, Hama is probably thinking EC3 is that a new noodle dish? Man I thought Rikishi was big as fuck, Hama is a fucking whale of a man his picture didn't do him justice. Decent match but you'll remember more of EC3 pissing off Hama and taking all his moves rather than what EC3 did during the match.
MVP vs Kazma Sakamoto
-Big ups to MVP talking about his heroes, not Hogan not Flair, but Misawa and Chono are his heroes that made him get into the sport. Oh shit Sakamoto Tiensai manager that used to get his ass kicked all the time? I knew I remember that name but seeing his face made it clear. MVP wanted to test his skills and have some competition Sakamoto didn't do too well to quench the thirst of MVP, but it was okay match though. It's funny Japanese fans want to see the TNA stars kick the shit outta the Wrestle 1 guys, da hell is this witch craft going on?
Samoa Joe vs Low Ki vs Kaz Hayashi (X-Division Championship) 
-Out all of the matches I saw on the card for the PPV, this match was the one I was thirsty to see. Mainly that's due to me loving Joe and Ki and respecting Hayashi from his days in WCW way back when. Shit the moment the bell rang, all three of these men were stiff as shit with everything they had especially knife edge chops. Easily the best match of the PPV up to this match, if you want to check out only a few matches on this show, check this one out for sure.
Andy Wu & Hijo Del Pantera vs Kuroshio Ikemen Jiro & Yusuke Kodama 
-Wrestle 1 featured bout, I never heard of any of these guys but good for them to see some action on a Pay Per View. More eyes get to see your talent, the better chances you can have for your career especially if you're talented. If I had to get interested in this match, Jiro is a da man! Dude wrestled the whole match with his jacket on and the dude was quite funny blocking moves to pose for the camera. Jiro needs to get signed up TNA and join up with Robbie E and Jesse alongside D.J Zema Ion. He would fit them like a glove, its all about him they would love him. The match itself was good, high flying, technical wrestling and a bit of comedy in this tag team match.
Ohhhh MY BROTHER TESTIFY time to show the package from the ceremony is truly emotional for me, seeing guys who have evolved and keep being relevant in the industry of Pro Wrestling. Team 3D when they arrived some people though they would hold guys back in TNA, but they made stars and gave us entertainment every time they went out for a match. Congrats to them getting in TNA's Hall of Fame.
Team 3D vs Abyss & Tommy Dreamer 
-The opening minutes of this match had me dying, between Team 3D wanting to shake hands with Dreamer to Abyss walking away from them and saying nah. Also no selling of moves with Abyss and Bully Ray what were they talking in this match. Within 30 seconds into this match the Japanese fans wanted to see Tables, and they got it! No it's not American tables, it's the small ass Japanese Tables! Time to go extreme all all four guys love to go extreme and put on a show. I don't know anytime I see a ring bell being used in a match whether it's hitting someone over the head with it, or putting it on their testicles I just giggle from the noise. When you thought it wasn't crazy enough let's do this FMW style tossing everything in the damn ring with weapons which leads to weapon battles with all four men. You can never have a hardcore match with Abyss and not have Tacks and the Golden Tacks made it's debut! If this was ECW in their hay day it would be fire on tacks through a table for the win, but this match was extreme enough for my taste good job fellas.After the match Bully Ray tells the Japanese fans and fans of TNA, thank you for always supporting us and TNA itself. 
Havok vs Velvet Sky (TNA Knockouts Championship) 
-Geez I forgot their was a Knockout match, I wonder why did Sky get the nod before hand to face Havok? I mean you could of had Gail Kim vs Havok for the Knockouts title and had the title change there, instead of a weekly Impact. Gail Kim represents what the ladies in Japan represent, it's not about their beauty, it's about their abilities in the ring and skills as well. Sky she is a nice girl no doubt, but she damn sure didn't get where she is because of her skills in the ring that's for sure. Once again Havok wanted to draw us into her boobs with the cleavage, for once let's cover up that please. The match itself, was average it was just showing Havok's dominance further, while showing Sky having little moments of winning the title. 
The Great Muta & Tajiri vs James Storm & The Great Sanada 
-Main event time Storm has led given Sanada a actually character now, he was pretty damn bland before going with Storm. One mistake Storm and Sanada, you never screw over Muta! Matter of fact for all your Puro fans if you tell me some great Muta matches that weren't in the U.S that I've might not of seen put it here or pm me if you can. Okay within a few minutes of this match getting going weapons start being used including cables, and why wasn't it a automatic DQ? I guess the Referee in charge during the match, didn't want mist all over his face. Try explaining red mist to your Wife or GF yeah baby I wasn't messing around with no hookers. Quality match, but I felt it could of been a whole lot better!
Overall PPV: 3 outta 5 pretty good match PPV but could of been better with some more top stars within TNA that didn't make the trip for whatever reason. If you want to check out only a few matches check out the X-Division title triple threat, and the tag team match with Team 3D and Dreamer/Abyss.

In Topic: Do you plan on having a kid in the future? (The refresh one)

25 September 2014 - 02:57 AM

Sure I would love to have kids in the future, but what alot of people my age do is  struggle with one kid, and have more and more kids and wonder why can't I take care of my family. 

In Topic: TNA Impact Wrestling Discussion 2014

19 April 2014 - 08:40 PM

Well even though I don't like it either it could mean a return of a heel Samoa Joe? With EY as the champion he's going to need legit challengers and you can plug Joe into that role fast.

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19 April 2014 - 08:35 PM

Welcome to the forum enjoy yourself!