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The Glory Days of NXT?

26 June 2015 - 06:56 PM


Hey there, Warrior Fan here,

I was thinking about NXT in terms of how great it has become and the amount of buzz it has generated. NXT is the best it has ever been and many fans actually prefer it over the main product due to the great wrestling, great characters, great stories told in the ring as well as the great women's division. Also, ignoring injuries, NXT has a lot of star power. With all that being said, that takes me to my question. Do you think NXT is at its peak and in a few years we'll look back at this time and miss it the way many people miss the Attitude Era. There is no doubt that Triple H has done a great job with NXT but do you think this will always be the case or do you think we'll one day look back at this period as the "glory days" of NXT?