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06 August 2014 - 10:20 PM

Does anyone know why in the heck does WWE keep masking kane, un-masking him, masking him and un-masking him?? Like for real. This is getting RIDICULOUS. Its just a matter of time before one week we see him masked the next we see him un-masked.

Kane no longer with mask

30 October 2013 - 06:47 PM

Well, as all or most of you know, Kane called out Stephanie McMahon on the October 28th episode of Monday Night RAW and told her she was on a power trip, ruining life's. but in today's age, that is whats best for business.. He then told Stephanie that the monster is now hers to unleash, He walked up the ramp and gave her his mask, Which she held up like a trophy as he walked off. 


Sources are saying this move was to promote See No Evil 2, Where Kane is filmed un-masked.. They are also reporting that Kane is expected to work without the mask indefinitely.



I, am highly upset over this move, I do not think they had to remove Kane's mask just because of his movie.. This once again RUINS Kane's character...... 


What do you guys think about the angle and Kane's unmasking?

Mask's review WWE 2k14

29 October 2013 - 03:13 PM


I went to Kmart (where I now employed at) to purchase WWE 2k14, and when I was checking out, used my employee discount, I received a Free 15 dollar gift card just for buying the game, How awesome is that?!?! only paid 55 dollars for the game


Anyway, on to what this is about...

Start Menu: The menu this year is amazing, it isn't boring like previous years. The music aspect of it is great, The fact you can add your own songs to the menu is awesome. Don't have to worry about being bored while on the menu.


Game play: My first match I decided to play, Was Kane vs. The shield. Let me just empathizes on how amazing both Kane and The Shield's entrances are, very well done there 2K... The game play is so smooth... The moves, the crowd reaction, just every aspect of the game and game play is best. The shield's model looks amazing, and Roman Reigns's spear is amazing.The match seem like I was watching it on TV.. Awesome..


30 years of wrestlemania: This mode, has pissed me off to the MAX... You have to play through every single Wrestlemania.. All I want to do is get Batista, Edge, Goldberg but I have to play through this entire mode..... Which, Most of it is complicated as all get out. But hey, rather have a complicated mode than a easy...


Universe: Universe is much better this year


More to come! Stay tuned!! 

DX Funniest Moments

28 September 2013 - 04:30 AM

Post DX Funniest moments here... I found this earlier, I died laughing so hard I could not breath!!!!! LOL




3 Years!!!

26 September 2013 - 06:06 PM

Just wanted to say today is my 3 years here at the hotel! Looking forward to being here for 3 more years!

I have had a lot go on in real life that has caused me not to be extremely active during the entire 3 years, but I always keep returning when I can! You guys were amazing when I joined, and your even BETTER now! Thanks everyone for being like a family!! :)