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Ric Flair (Retro) Application

04 February 2014 - 03:54 PM

Superstar Selection: Ric Flair


System: XBox 360

Gamertag: Baneecole070712

Efed/League Experience: None/Newb

Sample Roleplay:

*A stretch Limo pulls up to the arena. A parade of scantly clad ladies start streaming out. There is a bit of a pause when finally the NATURE BOY steps out in his alligator shoes, Rolex watch, and Armani Suit and carrying the NWA World Heavyweight Title Belt*

He is stopped by security*




Security Guard: Er Sir you can’t come in with that...


Ric: WOOOOOOOO!!!! Do you know who I am???


Security Guard: Uhm.....


Ric: I’m RIC Flair!!!  The Rolex wearing, Diamond ring wearing, Limousine riding, Jet Flying, Kiss Stealing, Wheeling Dealing WOOOOOOO SONOVAGUN!!! WOOOO!! I spend more money on spilt liquor than you will make in your life WOOOOO!!! *points at the half naked women* You see them??


*Guard stares as the women wave and gets knocked out by Flair, using the title belt. Ric struts around and does a couple of “WOOOs” and kicks the Guard in the head*


Ric: Don’t you EVER take your eyes off of “The Dirtiest Player in the Game.” Come on ladies Slick Ric, the man, the REAL Worlds Champion has got some unfinished business.


*Holds the door open for the ladies*


Ric: Now which one of you California girls wants to be first in line for SPACE MOUNTAIN???


*Turns back to the camera winks and gives one more WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!* (Click on the Pic)

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Hbk 92-93 Tights PT

04 February 2014 - 12:34 PM

I was wondering if anyone could create the PT for HBK's tights for the Period 92-93 (as seen Below) for XBox












Hoping its possible and not too difficult. Thanks in Advance guys

The History of.......

30 January 2014 - 02:50 PM

What i am hoping to do is try and create "a history of" chapter based stories bringing up the start to the "end of a legends career. My Current ideas were to start with the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.


Undertaker Chapter one would be from Survivor Series '90 to Survivor Series '91 vs Hulk Hogan for the WWF title I don't know if i should include the matches against jobbers (what do you guys think?). If i do not the story would look as follows:

WWF Survivor Series '90:


The Million Dollar Team pre match Promo


The Undertaker & Greg Valentine & Honky Tonk Man & Ted DiBiase vs Bret Hart & Dusty Rhodes & Jim Neidhart & Koko B Ware (Will Change this to Taker, HTM, Ted (DL) vs Bret , Dusty, and Jim (DL)


WWF MSG Show Undertaker vs Jimmy Snuka


Promos (including brother love name Paul Bearer as Takers Manager)


WWF MSG Show (Mar '91) The Undertaker vs Tugboat (DL)


WWF WrestleMania VII The Undertaker vs Jimmy Snuka (DL)


Promos (Calling out Warrior,Attacking warrior sealing him in the casket)


SNME Ultimate Warrior vs Sgt Slaughter (Ft Undertaker and Hulk Hogan)


World Tour Warrior/Hogan vs Undertaker/Slaughter


Promos (Warrior and Jake Roberts go to the darkside)


WWF MSG Show (Jul '91) Undertaker vs The Ultimate Warrior



WWF King Of The Ring '91 Undertaker vs Animal (DL)

WWF King Of The Ring '91 Undertaker Vs Sid Justice (DL)




WWF Wrestling Challenge Undertaker vs Texas Tornado (DL)

Promos build up to Survivor series


Survivor Series 91 Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan ft Ric Flair


Suggestions for the promos and/or additional matches welcome