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TNA A New Beginning

05 October 2015 - 11:40 PM

Nov. 4th 2015 TNA Impact 



-Josh Matthews Welcomes everyone to the First Episode of TNA Impact Wrestling after Bound for Glory 



- Dixie Carters Music Hits and She walks to the Ring : " As many of you know Bully Ray has decided to Opt out of his Contract as TNA's General Manager and pursue other Interests and we will like to wish him the Best of luck. But that brings us to the Future of TNA and to say the Least the last year or so has been a real struggle for TNA as a whole and the Time is now to bring in a Fresh Face to run the business. Somebody who knows the Wrestling Business for inside and out and if anyone can help bring TNA back to its Glory days its this man. So without Further ado this man needs NO introductions so PLAY HIS MUSIC."





From behind the Current Out walks Shane McMahon. He enters the Ring and takes the Mic: " First off i would like to thank Dixie for the Opportunity to run TNA as GM and COO. When I left WWE 5 or so years ago i never expected to get back into the Wrestling business I was Perfectly content working on my other Business ventures. So when i got the Call from Dixie I was shocked but also intrigued with the Possibility of Rebuilding TNA and bring it back to its former Glory.. Now i know what many of you are thinking this is going to be like when I "Bought " WCW and this is just and Angle for WWE well Let me tell you its not. When my Sister and Brother in Law muscled their way to the TOP of WWE it was one of the Reason i decided to leave the Business because we were going down a Path as a Family that i didn't like So i removed myself from the equation for the sake of the Family..  When this Opportunity came to be the 1st person i called was my Father and the 2nd was my Sister i cant say they were Happy about me coming here and being direct competition with them but they understood and Supported me.. With that Said Lets get down to Business.. 


When i offically agreed to this job i knew i needed to Make changes and the 1st thing TNA needed was a VOICE a voice that Demanded Respect in the wrestling industry so everyone know we mean Business and we arent playing any game here.. Now i know we have one of the Best up and Coming guys in Josh Matthews and he isnt going anywhere we have Big plans for him in our Future but he needs a Mentor and i couldnt think of Anyone better then JIM ROSS..So I called up JR and I offered him the Job as Our NEW PPV lead Announcer to which He Gladly accepted.. But i have 1 more Special treat for you guys JR also agreed to Join Josh at the Announce Table for the Next 4 Weeks of TNA Impact.. 


- JR Walks out from behind the Curtain and shakes hands with Matthews and Put on his Headset at the Announce Table.. 


- For the Next Order of Business i would like to call out Kurt Angle to the Ring.. 



- Kurt Walks out and enters the Ring and Hugs Shane 


- " Kurt we go back a long time and we are still good Buddies and You are one of the Main Reason i decided to come work for TNA. So it Pains me to tell you your In Ring Career as a Full time Wrestler is over. When I was Reviewing the Whole Roster with Dixie and talking to the Doctors about every Wrestlers Status regarding health they were Very concerned with the Long term Health of you Neck if you continue to Wrestle full time. This Doesnt mean you cant or wont wrestle again you just Cant do it every single Night.. So i thought about this Long and hard about how we can keep one of the Greatest Wrestler about of our show every week but also Protect you Future Well being. Then it came to me and if you would Agree I couldnt think of another man better to be sitting Next to Josh Matthews on Wednesday Nights and Jim Ross on PPV's then You Kurt. And before you give me a Flat out NO because you still want to be in the Ring Im not Done.. You are one of the Greatest Champions in TNA history a 6 Time World Champion and 9 Time Champion overall so i couldnt think of a better man to be the Gauntlet for the current roster would have to go thru if they want to be the Next TNA World Champion.. So as the 1st Match of each PPV we will have the Kurt Angle open Challenge which ever talent Answers the Challenge if he beats you he will become the #1 Contender for the TNA World Championship and will be give a Title Match on the Next Impact show. What do you say Kurt?"


- " I knew this day would come when i would be forced to Decide my Future and i would have to move into the Next phase of my career. Shane with your Guidance TNA Can be great again, I truely believe that and have total Confidence in your and For that reason I Accept.." (Shane and Kurt Embrace in the Center of the Ring then Kurt hops out and joins JR and Josh Matthews at the Announce table)


Overall Rating 80%


Jessie Godderz vs. Robbie E . 


Robbie E takes a right hand to the temple from Godderz. I bet those hurt more than Sgt. Slaughter's Noogies. A weak headbutt on Robbie E by Godderz causes nothing but pain for both. Robbie E takes a right hand to the temple from Godderz. Robbie E gets splashed in the corner. Robbie E fights out of a grapple. THERE IT IS! A legdrop to the BACK OF THE HEAD! I swear, that makes any match just a little bit better. I don't mind telling you that every time I see it, that's for sure. Godderz takes a NICE hurrancarana from Robbie E. Covers for a quick two count. Robbie E goes for a splash but Godderz puts the knees up. Powerslam from Jessie Godderz on Robbie E. There's a two count on the pin. Godderz DDTs Robbie E. Cover, ONE...TWO...NO! I honestly thought that match was going to end right then and there. Robbie E counters a backdrop attempt with a kick to the face and hit a clothesline! Robbie E hits a HARD spinning kick to the jaw. Jessie Godderz avoids a Robbie E avalanche by getting out of the damn way! Godderz slams Robbie E down. Robbie E is sure in trouble now. Jessie Godderz grapples with Robbie E, and positions himself so that the referee can't see...and hits a low blow! He rolls up the stunned Robbie E: 1....2....3!! What a cheap shot! Jessie Godderz leaves the ring and heads off down the aisle at speed. Godderz has the victory, and isn't hanging around for Robbie E to look for revenge. 
Overall Rating 55%
EC3 with Tyrus Enter the Ring and he Grabs a Mic. 
-"Shane I dont care who you are but Know this the Carters still Run TNA and if you think you can come in here and Mess that up you have another thing coming.  I AM the TNA World Champion and im not going to let take that away from me."
-Shane's music hits and he is on the top of the ramp with a mic :"  Ethan Ethan Ethan Im not trying to take anything away from you. That is Your Belt but where i come from you EARN it and Times are changing Dixie is no longer going to be Watching out for you and giving you hand outs. But im glad you came out here and made a Little Scene because it give me the Oppotunity to Inform you That TONIGHT you will be Putting your belt on the Line. Also next week You will be putting your belt on the Line again.. Oh and one last thing Tonight there will be a Triple threat Match Featuring Bobby Roode , Bobby Lashley and Eric Young the Winner will be Challenge you for your Title at One Night Only: NIghtmares on November 15th.  Get it Nightmares because yours are about to come true."
-" This isnt Fair You Cant do this to me. Im the Champion I get to decide who my i will defend my Title against. If your gonna force me to Defend my Belt tonight then I Choose to defend it against ROCKs....."
- " Ethan dont you worry about who your facing tonight its already taken care of.  Ohh and if you think your little Dinosaur over there wants to get Funky tonight and Interfere with your match just know there is NO Champions Advantage.,." (shane leaves the ramp as EC3 Stomps and Pouts in the Ring)
Overall 89%
- Knockout Champion is walking backstage when Melina comes from behind and attacks her with a chair. Melina walks off after hitting a few more chair shots, leaving Brooke down on the floor. 
Overall 70%
Matt and Jeff Hardy are Backstage and tell Jeremy Borash That Now that Jeff's Ankle has heeled enough they have there eyes on the Tag team Titles.. 
Overall 74%
Motor City Machine Guns vs The Wolves 
 Bodyslam by Richards. Nice piledriver on Shelley. There's a two count on the pin. Tag between Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. Eddie Edwards scoops up Shelley. Richards bounces off the ropes and hits a flying Hart Attack clothesline. Big dropkick by Eddie Edwards, who got a ton of air on the move. There's a two count on the pin. Double arm suplex by Eddie Edwards connects as Shelley hits hard. Eddie Edwards misses a big legdrop after stalling too long. Power drive elbow by Alex Shelley. That sounds like a feature on a 4 x 4, doesn't it. Tag between Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. Spin kick by Chris Sabin to the face sends the opponent FLYING across the ring. Super kick by Chris Sabin. Edwards kicks Chris Sabin in the gut to reverse the momentum. Tag between Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. Spinebuster by Davey Richards. Davey Richards brings out a jumping powerbomb to nearly murder Sabin in the ring! Pinfall attempt: ONE...TWO...NO! STIFF~! chop lights up Sabin who covers up to try and stop the agonizing PAIN! Chris Sabin fights out of a grapple. Flying cross body off the top rope! Richards reverses an irish whip...and Chris Sabin runs into the referee! Davey Richards floors Sabin, then signals for the Diving Double Foot Stomp. Meanwhile, Chris Sabin has something in his hands. Richards comes over...and gets nailed with a set of brass knuckles! The referee wakes up to see the pinfall: 1....2....3! It's over. I don't think the fight has finished. Motor City Machine Guns and The Wolves have begun brawling again! They wind up brawling all the way down the aisle and out of view. 
Overall 79%
Abyss vs Drew Galloway
Galloway scoops and slams Abyss. What's the difference between a scoop slam and a body slam anyway? Galloway slams Abyss down and motions to the crowd. Hooks the leg for a two count. Drew Galloway gets taken down out of nowhere! BIG clothesline on Galloway. Galloway is a glutton for punishment and just continues to take it during this match. Drew Galloway charges into the corner, but EATS BOOT and staggers backward. Abyss walks into a drop toe hold. Full nelson slam on Abyss. Abyss can barely stand. Future Shock! 1....2....3. Abyss has a temper tantrum, kicking the ropes and punching the turnbuckles. 


Overall 62%


- JR Announces that there will be an 8 Man Tournament to decide the #1 Contender for the X Division Title,. The 1st match will be tonight  then matches 2 thru 4 next wednesday night and the 4 winners will meet at a Fatal 4 way at One Night Only: Nightmares. 


John Morrison vs. Adam Coles 


Adam Cole hits a right hand. Morrison tastes a high angle back suplex. If Spike Lee can sue TNN over the Spike TV nonsense, then Kurt Angle should be able to sue SOMEONE for that. Hooks the leg for a two count. Morrison blocks a punch. Morrison uses a basement dropkick to the knee and it looks like it might be TIME TO GO TO SCHOOL~! Dropkick connects to the butt of the jaw and Adam Cole goes down. Spin kick by John Morrison to the face sends the opponent FLYING across the ring. Adam Cole pushes out of a John Morrison hold. Massive backbreaker on Morrison and I get happy flashbacks to Bret Hart's Five Moves of DOOM. Adam Cole moves in for the kill. Florida Key! 1....2....3. Adam Cole extends his hand to Morrison...and it is accepted! They shake! 


Overall 68%


A black stretch limo pulls up outside the arena, and out steps Carlito, making his first appearance in the promotion. He looks around, then heads toward the locker room. 


Overall 86%


Lashley vs Roode vs. Young for #1 Contender for the TNA Championship. 


Eric Young connects with a back heel kick on Lashley and gets back up quickly. Bobby Roode takes a right hand to the temple from EY. I bet those hurt more than Sgt. Slaughter's Noogies. Lashley reverses a waistlock. Rude Awakening neckbreaker on Eric Young by Lashley. Remember when that was a legit finish? Big piledriver on Lashley. Cover, ONE...TWO...NO! I honestly thought that match was going to end right then and there. Flying elbow from Eric Young connects. Roode reverses a waistlock. Lashley scoops up EY. Roode bounces off the ropes and hits a flying Hart Attack clothesline. High Angle DDT by Lashley just SPIKES Eric Young down! Roode hits a right hand. Lashley reverses a Bobby Roode hammerlock. BAAACK Body drop by EY gets a bit of a pop from the crowd. Lashley moves in for the kill. Spear! 1....2....3. 


Overall 67%



- EC3 Enter the Ring For the Main Event and takes the Mic.. " Well Shane Who is it going to be? who am i going to destroy tonight to Prove I AM THE CHAMP!!!!"





EC3 vs Samoa Joe


Ethan Carter III hits a stalling suplex on Samoa Joe. Wicked suplex out of the corner from Ethan Carter III, is executed so well, it hurt MY back. Belly to belly off the top rope! Cover, ONE...TWO...NO! I honestly thought that match was going to end right then and there. Hard impact Russian Leg Sweep by EC3. According to some other reviewers around here, 'legsweep' is one word. There's a two count on the pin. Samoa Joe kicks Ethan Carter III in the gut to reverse the momentum. Bodyslam by Samoa Joe. Full nelson slam on EC3. Ethan Carter III elbows Samoa Joe in the face to break a hammerlock. Massive back suplex! Samoa Joe got snapped in half, but not literally because that would just end the match now wouldn't it. Samoa Joe can barely stand. One Percenter! 1....2....3. Ethan Carter III climbs each turnbuckle in turn, working the crowd as he celebrates his victory 


Overall 63%


Overall Show Rating :71%

WWE Attitude ERA

27 September 2015 - 03:00 AM

I've been watching Old Raws (Started Late 96 currently March97) and it has inspired me to try to replay the Attitude era again. But I dont want to Carbon Copy it i want to respect the History of the Attitude era but i want to make it my own. So im looking for a Set of Rules that i Must follow. This is where you come in ill give everyone 72 Hours to come up with some rules for me and on Wendesday ill Pick the best Rules from what is posted and I will start my Diary. 



Some examples of possible rules that i have thought of:


If DX Forms either Triple H or Shawn Micheals cant join it must be done with another core member. 


No Hires from ECW unless they are Released


Hire 5 Rumored WCW Free agents with an Over rating of 70 or Higher no matter how much it costs. 


Hire any WCW Released wrestler with a 60 or over ratiing. 


The Rock must win the World Title by WrestleMania 98 and hold it for 6 months


Undertakers Streak must be kept.. 





Again these arent rules that i will use but  possible Rules that crossed my Mind over the Past couple days as I've been trying to think of a Mod that i wanted to do.. 




What you need to Know


I will be beginning the Mod in January 1st 1997. I choose this because the war with WCW is underway. Stone Cold had recently starting to become big.  DX hadnt formed yet. The Rock was still Rocky Miavia and hadnt won his first belt yet. 





WWF World heavy weight Champ : Sycho Sid

Intercontinental Champion: Hunter Hearst Hemsly 

Tag Team Champions: Owen Hart and British BullDog

Euro Champion: Vacant title Created Early March 1997

Womens Champion: None Womens Division doesnt exist 


Roster ( F= face, H= Heel, T= Tweener)


Main Event : 

Shawn Micheals F

Undertaker F

Brett Hart H 


Upper Mid Card:

Ahmed Johnson F

Golddust F

Hawk F

Animal F

Ken Shamrock F

Stone Cold T

Sycho Sid T 

Vader H

British Bulldog H

Owen Hart H 

Mankind H 


Mid Card:

Brian Pillman F

Jake Roberts F

Marc Mero F

Rocky Miavia F

Crush H

Faarooq H

Henry Godwinn H

Hunter Hearst Hemsley H

Jerry Lawler H

Savio Vega H


Lower Mid Card:

Bart Gunn F

Bob Holly F

Flash Funk F

Doug Furnas F

Phil Lefon F 

Mosh F 

Trasher F

Jessie James Armstrong F

Billy Gunn H 

BlackJack Mulligan H 

Blackjack Bradshaw H

Brooklynn Brawler H

D'lo Brown H

JC Ice H

Leif Cassidy H 

Phinies Godwinn H

Salvatore Sincere H

The Sultan H

Wolfie D H



Face - Sunny, Sable, Marlena, Hillbilly Jim, 

Heel- Bob Backlund, Iron Shiek , Cornette , Brother Love, Chyna, Clarence Mason, Whippleman, Paul Bearer


Tag Teams

Legion Of Doom 

The New Blackjacks

Can-Am Express ( Lefon/Furnas)

PG 13 (Wolfie D/ JC Ice)

The Godwinns

The HeadBangers

Owens and Bulldog



Nation of Domination- Faarooq, Crush, PG 13, Clarence Mason, Savio Vega





If there are Any Question please ask and Hopefully some good Rules are posted..

EWR updated Rating thread

09 September 2015 - 09:24 PM

I Figured it would be a good Idea to start a thread where their could be Discussions on what you think Wrestlers Ratings should be since its hard to find EWR updated Rosters.. 






Ill Start with a few 



Naomi  Current Over 68  My Suggestion 73

Paige Current Over  65  My Suggestion 77

Charlotte Current Over 48  My Suggestion 72

Sasha Current Over  45  My Suggestion 71

Becky Lynch Current Over 40  My Suggestion 65

Nikki Bella Current Over  71  My Suggestion 77

Brie Bella Current Over 71  My Suggestion 70

Alicia Fox Current Over 67  My Suggestion 65

Tamina Current Over 64  My Suggestion 66

Stampede Wrestling 1999

11 August 2015 - 12:22 AM

I have this Idea to start a Be a Booker where Its starts After the Montreal Screw Job and Brett Hart leaves the WWF but instead of going to WCW he teams up with Ted Turner who was recently Bought out of WCW by Times Warner AOL to form Stampede World Wrestling. Stampede Wrestling was Originally a Canadian Federation ran by Brett's' Father Stu Hart but with Ted Turners Financial Backing it would be a National Brand. The Hart Family will run the whole Promotion while Ted Turner would be the Silent Backer. Bruce Hart would be CEO of Stampede Wrestling while Stu would be Head trainer and Booker for The Developmental Territory the "Dungeon". Coming along with Brett would be the rest of the Hart Family  Owen Hart , The British Bulldog and Jim Neidhart. 



Im not much of a Writer so this would be more a Diary of the Shows and not a big Fantasy storyline. Plus i dont have the time for the later to be honest.


IF there is Interest ill post Further Details on the rest of the Roster and start posting Show Results.

Bbills WWE

10 November 2014 - 12:17 AM

Hi everyone this will be my 1st attempt at Doing one of these Be the Booker Blogs. Thanx for reading and hope your Enjoy.

How it will work:

Ill be using EWR and the August Roster update.

WWE's Roster will be Broken Down into 3 Shows Raw, Smackdown and Stomping Ground.. Raw and Smackdown will have Roster Splits made up of Midcards , Upper Mid cards and Main Eventers. Raw will have a Slightly Larger Roster then Smackdown because they will have the Tag team Division. Stomping Ground will be taking over Tuesday's Main Event show and will be a Show for the Diva's Division and Where Lower Midcards and a Few Midcards that are struggling on Raw or Smackdown will go to work their way back into smackdown or Raw. Also when Talent is ready to join the Main roster from NXT they will start at Stomping Ground.

The Belts will work as Followed

WWE World Heavyweight - Raw
Intercontinental Championship- Smackdown
US Champ- Raw
Tag Team Champ- Raw
Divas - Stomping Ground
Money in the Bank- Stomping Ground

How the Money in the bank Belt works is at any point the Belt Holder can Cash in his Belt and Join Smackdown or Raw and challenge for Either the US Title or Intercontinental Title. Once a Belt is Vacated on the next show the Top Heel and Top Face will have a Match for the Belt.

How and when i will update here:

I'm not the Greatest Writer so don't expect long winded updates lol. Ill mainly just Post Small Match Results.

I will try to Post updates Once or Twice a week. Once i've Completed all 3 Shows for the Week ill will post the Results here. I will also update on anything thats going on in the Universe like Roster Signing, If someone is moving from one show to the Other, Injuries Ect. I will also post Rumors from time to time.

How you can get involved:

Simple post your suggestion on what you would like to See. Anything from who should get a Push or a tag team you would like to see, or a Feud. I may also ask for your Opinions on different things I am considering doing. Ultimately If you like what im doing and posting here the More ill be into it and updating more Frequently..

My first Question to you:

I would like to bring a 2nd Singles Belt to Smackdown. Should I Have a world Title belt for each show or should I make the Intercontinental belt the Top Belt on Smackdown and Create a 2nd tier belt.. If i Create a New Belt what should it Be Called? Right now im leaning toward either the Internet or Television Champ. Thought?

Later on Tonight or Tomorrow ill Post the Rosters for each show.

Thanx for reading