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WWE Title match/Royal rumble winner

06 January 2016 - 03:00 PM

So the title is been defended in the rumble match this year. Wether we as fans like the idea or not this is what we are getting. No doubt reigns will be the first entrant to put more pressure on him. Regardless of where he enters I don't think he will win. I think he will lose and win a rematch against the eventual winner at wrestlemania. So who will win. Personally I think it's going to be one of these three...

BROCK LESNAR- Ok let's start with the obvious, brock has been booked as a monster since his wwe return and since beating taker at mania 30 has not legitimately lost a match. And this then gives wwe a chance to try again with last years plan of having reigns be the one to legitimately beat brock and get the so called rub of been the one to beat the one on twenty two and one.

JOHN CENA- Yes I know, nobody over the age of 12 wants to see this one happen. But Cena is one title run away from equaling ric flair's record of sixteen,and let's face it Cena will probably break that record before he retires. What better way to equal it than having him beat 29 others in typical super Cena style. Setting up the famous passing of the torch match at mania. No one wants it but it's quite likely we're gonna get it.

TRIPLE H- So the ceo, to my knowledge, hasn't been seen since TLC. So what if reigns clears house in the rumble,maybe even breaks his own record of elimations in a rumble match. One last superstar is to enter. Triple h's music hits. He and reigns eliminate the last few hangers on and it's down to the two of them. Triple h gets the win in scenes similar to Vince winning the 1999 rumble. This sets up two months of triple h and the mcmahons stacking the odds against reigns. Setting up hhh vs reigns at mania. Maybe a double special referee match with Vince and the rock. Ok the ref thing is a bit far fetched but it is possible l.

So they are my top 3 contenders for the rumble this year. I'd like to hear you're thoughts on them and if you agree or you think there is someone else in contention.

Vince's wrestlemania surprise??

24 March 2015 - 10:44 PM

So read somewhere on here that apparently Vince has a surprise coming for us at mania. Something we will never forget. So I got thinking. At first I thought maybe it was just sheamus returning to enter the battle royal, then I thought, and this is what I'm hoping for. Maybe it's set rollins cashing in and winning the title from reigns. But then I realises that this is Vince. And Vince has chosen his guy and imo he's gonna stick with his guy. So now my thoughts are this. After all the time wwe has spent pushing reigns to the top, yes I know he's been built up the wrong way. But after all that time and effort I really can't see him not walking out of mania and holding on to the title until at least summerslam. So my prediction is, and before you start hating this is a prediction not what I want to happen. Brock and reigns have a back and forth match. Probably a few suplexes, a few superman punches, a couple of F5's, a spear or two. Reigns coming out on top in a hard fought, clean victory. Cue the boos. Out comes rollins, he cashes in on a half beat reigns, curb stomp, a 2 count. Another curb stomp, a 2 count. rollins can't believe it. He paces waiting to hit another curb stomp. Reigns counters. Superman punch, spear. 1, 2, 3 reigns wins again. That to me is Vince all over. What do you guys think this surprise is gonna be if indeed there is gonna be one at all

MITB/Summerslam ppv's 2015. What I want to happen.

16 March 2015 - 06:15 PM

Now before I start, I don't want you guys thinking I some kind of roman reigns mark. I do not want him to win the title at wrestlemania, I do not think he deserves to win the title at wrestlemania. Period. But we all know it's going to happen.
So with that said, heres what I think wwe should do at the money in the bank/ Summerslam ppv's this year. Providing those concerned stay injury free that is.
From wrestlemania until mitb you can have reigns in boring title feuds. Probably with the likes of sheamus, kane, big show. Maybe one with ziggler to keep the fans interested. I don't see Bryan been in the title picture for a while so probably not going to see him challenge reigns anytime soon. Again not what I want but just my opinion so don't hate. Anyway, come mitb. The mitb itself. Dean ambrose should win the briefcase in this match. In the title match, whoever reigns defends against. He should win but only by the skin of his teeth. Maybe whoever it is he defends against beats on him after the match or something. Ambrose music hits. He's cashes on on a hurt reigns to become the new champ. Just as we think the ppv's about to end. Rollins music hits. He rushes the ring with his mitb briefcase. Remember he has a year to cash in so this would be his final night to do so. He cashes in after reigns hits ambrose with a spear or whatever lame move he uses. Rollins is now the new champ and this sets up the shield triple threat match at summerslam for the title. With hopefully ambrose winning. That's my idea anyway lol. What do you guys think?

opponents for the accension at wrestlemania prediction.

13 January 2015 - 11:56 PM

This is just me and my opinion but from the way these guys keep name dropping great tag teams from the past and the way Jbl is standing up for these tag teams on commentary I'm gonna call it now. Wrestlemania, the accension vs the APA. Ha ha I can dream right...

Cena @ wrestlemania 31

10 December 2014 - 01:28 PM

By my reckoning, if Cena fails to beat brock at royal rumble which I think we all know is gonna happen, that rules him out of the title match at wrestlemania 31. Which if I'm correct is the first time since he won his first title atwrestlemania 21 that Cena has not featured in the title picture at a wrestlemania two years straight. The only times I can recollect him in non title matches are vs the rock at 28 and vs Wyatt at 30. This may not seem like a big deal and hey I'm no Cena fan but does anyone see this as a sign of Cena moving aside or is it just a way of letting someone else beat brock and then have Cena back in the title frame by summerslam