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SassySloth's Diva CAWs!

13 July 2014 - 01:11 PM

These are my diva Caws for 2k14, some constructive critisism and compliments are welcome :)




More updates to come as well as new divas :)

Edit: 2 Maryse slots are on cc
Tags: Maryse, Diva, WWE

Stacy Keibler is on cc
Tags: Stacy, WWE, WCW

Maria is on cc and rendered
Tags: Maria, ROH, WWE, Diva

Eliza is on cc
Tags: Sassy, Diva

Tamina is on CC
Tags: Tamina, WWE, Diva

Funkadactyls are on CC
Tags: Naomi, Cameron, WWE

Hey! New here :D

08 July 2014 - 10:13 PM

Hey guys, i'm SassySloth but i'm known as Sassyslothh on Smacktalks (not much difference but idc) but ya'll can just call me Olivia lol i'm a 17 year old dancer, i'm employed as a receptionist and i work monday-friday. This is all irrelevant stuff xD But anyways, i'm here to meet some more great people through the great sport of wrestling :P i also make Diva CAWs on XBOX 360 and 3 of my CAWs have been showcased on youtube by Smacktalks :) (Maryse, Maria and Tamina)
I'm a huge fan of Maryse, she's been my idol since her iconic rivalry with Michelle McCool :D
I also love Laycool <3 they're so flawless :P

I know a couple of people from here:
Fufu (my best friend <3), Dazman, RatedRLionTamer, Good ol' Beardy etc. :P

So...yeah..thats me :D