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TheSmackDownHotel.com was first launched in May 2010 by Andy Badwool and Simone, two italian guys that have been previously covering SmackDown vs. Raw games through an italian Website/Forum since 2006, and that decided it was time to "step up" and take their passion to the next level.

With a lighting-fast rise to the top, TheSmackDownHotel.com immediately established itself as one of the most popular and visited websites/forums in the world of wrestling games, "swimming with sharks" that have been existing for a way longer period of time. What brought us to this level in such a short time and made us stand out, was the passion and dedication we put into offering to the fans the best site possible, with extensive and well-organized content, accuracy and reliability from day one. Always. Because of this, in August 2011 we've also been invited by THQ itself to Los Angeles' annual SummerSlam Community Event, having the chance and the pleasure to provide feedback and directly impact the WWE '12 videogame during development stages, as well as suggesting ideas for the following year's WWE '13 that ended up to actually be implemented in the game.


We are very proud of what we accomplished in this very short time, but there was no way we were going to "sit back on our laurels". If anything, the complete opposite!

As of June 2012, we launched this Bigger, Badder, Better TheSmackDownHotel.com! Yes, this was WWE '12 "tagline", but there couldn't be any definition more appropriate to describe our ALL NEW website.

Not only we have a completely revamped, improved and socially active website fully packed with new features, not only we will continue doing what we have done so far providing coverage for current and future Wrestling Games - we're aiming to literally become the Home of Wrestling Games. In fact, we now feature full game profiles including:

  • Game Info: detailed overview of all the game features, gathering everything in one place.
  • Images Gallery: the largest Screenshots galleries you can find, plus more assets such as Wallpapers, Logos and Cover Arts.
  • Roster: full sections with detailed profiles for each and every in-game character, including improved attributes, abilities and entrances.
  • Guides: Trophies/Achievements, Unlockables, Walkthroughs, Tutorials and tips, Cheat Codes, you name it, we got it. For every game.
  • More: If all of that wasn't enough, we also feature Creations and extras such as Soundtracks and Superstar Models, to make sure you don't need to look anywhere else if you are searching for anything related to wrestling games.

WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, WWE All Stars, WWE '12, the remake of Wrestlefest and WWE '13 are already fully covered, but this is just the beginning.

As the time goes by we will also be doing all of the above for previous wrestling games, from SvR 2009, through the historic Here Comes The Pain, all the way to the first SmackDown game, even including games outside the series such as Legends of WrestleMania, TNA iMPACT! and Day of Reckoning.


Through our Youtube Channel you can enjoy the best montages, mixes, promos, gameplays, creations and much more, including game trailers, previews and video interviews.

You also find us on Twitter at @TheSDHotel, and on Facebook at facebook/TheSDHotel.

Last, but not least, don't forget to join us on our Forum (which has been revamped and improved as well) to discuss everything and anything about our passion, with a strong and dedicated community.

In few words, if you are a wrestling videogame fan, SDH is where it's at.

- TheSmackDownHotel.com
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