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The Wrestling Code is an up-coming Independent Professional Wrestling game developed by Virtual Basement. It is built on the Unreal Engine and will be released on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The Wrestling Code Roster

The Wrestling Code game by Virtual Basement comes with an extensive roster of over 70 independent wrestlers and former WWE stars.

Some of the signings include the likes of Rob Van Dam, EC3, Elijah Burke, Cryme Tyme, Lio Rush, Matt Sydal, PJ Black, Petey Williams Brian Cage, and many more notable names.

See the full list of announced wrestlers so far:

Men Wrestlers

  1. Alex Shelley
  2. Anthony Greene
  3. Bear Bronson (of Bear Country)
  4. Beer City Bruiser (of The Bouncers)
  5. Brandon Tate (of The Boys)
  6. Brent Tate (of The Boys)
  7. Brian Cage
  8. Brian Milonas (of the Bouncers)
  9. Bull Dempsey
  10. Cabana Man Dan
  11. Caprice Coleman
  12. Cheeseburger
  13. Chris Voros (of The Voros Twins)
  14. Dan Maff
  15. David Mercury
  16. Bear Boulder (of Bear Country)
  17. EC3
  18. Eli Drake
  19. Elijah Burke
  20. Enzo Amore / NZO
  21. Facade
  22. Gregory Iron
  23. Grim (of Grim's Toy Show)
  24. Jay Lion (of The Mane Event)
  25. Jason Cade
  26. Jeff Cobb
  27. Jonathan Gresham
  28. JTG (of Cryme Tyme)
  29. Ken Shamrock
  30. Kenny King
  31. Kevin Riley (Alex Riley)
  32. Kongo Kong
  33. Konnor (of The Ascension)
  34. Leon Scott
  35. Lio Rush
  36. Lloyd Anoa'i
  37. LSG (of Coast 2 Coast)
  38. Luigi Primo
  39. Matt Morgan
  40. Matt Sydal
  41. Matt Taven
  42. Midas Black (of The Mane Event)
  43. Nick "Sick" Mondo
  44. O'Shay Edwards
  45. Patrick Voros (of The Voros Twins)
  46. PJ Black
  47. Petey Williams
  48. Rob Van Dam
  49. Sefa Fatu
  50. Shad Gaspard (of Cryme Tyme)
  51. Shaheem Ali (of Coast 2 Coast)
  52. Shawn Donavan
  53. Timothy Lou Retton (of The Gym Nasty Boys)
  54. Victor Benjamin
  55. Viktor (of The Ascension)
  56. White Mike (of The Gym Nasty Boys)
  57. Zach Gowen
  58. Zicky Dice


Women Wrestlers

  1. Alex Gracia
  2. Alpha Female
  3. Ashley Vox
  4. Dani Jordyn
  5. Delmi Exo
  6. Gabby Ortiz
  7. Holidead
  8. Ivelisse
  9. Killer Kelly
  10. Lady Frost
  11. Lindsay Snow
  12. ODB
  13. Shazza McKenzie
  14. Solo Darling
  15. Taynara Conti
  16. Thunder Rosa
  17. Willow Nightingale



  1. Chris Van Vliet (Ring Announcer)
  2. Brian Hebner (Referee)
  3. Kevin Quinn (Referee)


The Wrestling Code DLC Characters

Virtual Basement has also confirmed there will be additional licensed wrestlers included for DLC after the release of the game. 

Updates featuring licensed promotions or wrestlers will be paid DLC, which will directly support those companies.


The release date of The Wrestling Code is still unknown, as the game is in its early development phase, with the creation of a new engine.

For more information on The Wrestling Code by Virtual Basement check out the Main Section.

Anthony Greene
Bear Bronson (of Bear Country)
Beer City Bruiser (of The Bouncers)
Brandon Tate (of The Boys)
Brent Tate (of The Boys)
Brian Cage
Brian Milonas (of the Bouncers)
Bull Dempsey
Cabana Man Dan
Caprice Coleman
Chris Voros (of The Voros Twins)
Dan Maff
David Mercury
Bear Boulder (of Bear Country)
Eli Drake
Elijah Burke
Enzo Amore / NZO
Gregory Iron
Grim (of Grim's Toy Show)
Jay Lion (of The Mane Event)
Jason Cade
Jeff Cobb
Jonathan Gresham
JTG (of Cryme Tyme)
Ken Shamrock
Kenny King
Kevin Riley (Alex Riley)
Kongo Kong
Konnor (of The Ascension)
Leon Scott
Lio Rush
Lloyd Anoa'i
LSG (of Coast 2 Coast)
Luigi Primo
Matt Morgan
Matt Sydal
Matt Taven
Midas Black (of The Mane Event)
Nick "Sick" Mondo
O'Shay Edwards
Patrick Voros (of The Voros Twins)
PJ Black
Petey Williams
Rob Van Dam
Sefa Fatu
Shad Gaspard (of Cryme Tyme)
Shaheem Ali (of Coast 2 Coast)
Shawn Donavan
Timothy Lou Retton (of The Gym Nasty Boys)
Victor Benjamin
Viktor (of The Ascension)
White Mike (of The Gym Nasty Boys)
Zach Gowen
Zicky Dice
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