TNA iMPACT game Controls for PlayStation 2, PS3, and Xbox 360 controllers; including how to perform finishers, reversals, Irish whip, run, attacks and grapples!

  • To Perform a Finisher: When the "IMPACT" meter is full and catches fire, you'll be able to activate your finisher. Do so by using a strong grapple (using LB + Y ) and then hitting B to execute your finisher. Every wrestler's finisher is executed in this manner. You can also pick up a fallen opponent by using LB + Y at his head.
    - Xbox: LB+Y, then B
    - PlayStation: L1+Triangle, then O

  • Reversals: R1 / RB

  • Irish Whip: Triangle+L1+Away / Y+LB+Away

  • Run: R2 / RT

Guide to the Basis:


Impact and Stuns:

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