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On this page, you find the complete guide and tutorial to all the AEW Fight Forever Controls for the PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S GamePads.

This guide includes all the inputs required to perform Finishers & Signatures, Reversals, Strikes, Grapples, use Weapons, and the full AEW Fight Forever Controls Scheme.

Note: the Control Scheme in AEW Fight Forever can be customized in the Options Menu if you'd like to change some of the commands to your taste.

If you use information from this article, please credit The SmackDown Hotel.

AEW Fight Forever: Standing Controls

ActionPS5 / PS4Xbox
Control Superstar L-direction L-direction
Run O + L-direction B + L-direction
Grab / Grapple Moves
(hold for Strong Grapple)
Punch / High Strike
(hold for Strong Strike)
Square (+ L-direction)

X (+ L-direction)
Kick / Low Strike
(hold for Strong Strike)
Triangle (+ L-direction) Y (+ L-direction)
Irish Whip R2 (+ L-direction) RT (+ L-direction)
Reverse Grapple L1 LB
Reverse Strike R1 RB
Evade L-direction twice in same direction L-direction twice in same direction
Taunt R-direction R-direction
Signature up-down up-down
Finisher (after Taunting) R-up-down R-up-down
Exit / Enter Ring / Climb Top Rope L2 + L-direction LT + L-direction
Springboard Attack
(towards the ropes)
Square + X
Triangle + O
X + A
Y + B
Grab Weapon R2 RT
Drop Down (Running Opp.) L1 LB
Leap Frog (Running Opp.) L1 + L-direction LB + L-direction
Steal Finisher Click R Click R
Desperation Impulse (when grounded) (1 per match) Click R Click R
Sloth Style (Orange Cassidy only) Click R Click R
Tag In / Tag Out Partner L2 LT
Change Target Click L Click L
Pause Game options menu

AEW Fight Forever Controls: Grapple Moves

In AEW Fight Forever, Grapples are executed by first entering a Grapple State (lock-up) with X / A, and then pressing one of the face buttons to perform a move.

After grabbing an opponent, you can then decide to either punch, kick, or execute a Grapple move, with different moves being performed if you also hold a direction on the L-direction stick.

If you hold the grapple button during the initial lockup, you will perform a Strong Grapple.

Here are the actions that you can perform while inside a lock-up, after grabbing your opponent with X / A:

ActionPS5 / PS4Xbox
Grapple Move X (+ L-direction) A (+ L-direction)
Punch / High Strike Square (+ L-direction)

X (+ L-direction)
Kick / Low Strike Triangle (+ L-direction) Y (+ L-direction)
Irish Whip O (+ L-direction) B (+ L-direction)
Transition Front / Rear Position L1 LB
Drag Opponent L-direction L-direction
Throw Opponent Outside/Inside Ring L2 + L-direction LT + L-direction
Signature up-down up-down
Finisher R-up-down R-up-down

AEW Fight Forever Controls: Grounded Opponent

In addition to strikes and grapples, here are additional actions that you can perform when your opponent is grounded:

ActionPS5 / PS4Xbox
Pin Opponent L1 LB
Cancel Pin / Submission R1 RB
Lift Opponent Up R1 RB
Turn Opponent R2 RT
Drag Opponent R2 + L-direction RT + L-direction

How to Reverse in AEW Fight Forever

aew fight forever controls reversals how to reverse

In a similar way to older games, the reversal system in AEW Fight Forever features different buttons for countering strikes and grapples, as well as a guarding mechanic.

Grapples are reversed by pressing L1 / LB, while Strikes are reversed by pressing R1 / RB, directly before the attack hits. This also applies when locked inside a grab.

The timing to reverse move in this game is pretty tricky: the reversal window is small, and there is no reversal prompt appearing over your wrestler's head. So it may take some practice to get used to it, we suggest you enter the Training Mode in-game to practice your timing for counters.

AEW Fight Forever also allows you to Guard against strikes and grapples, by holding the reversal buttons instead of tapping them. Guarding an opponent's attack can create an opportunity to fight back.

Finally, there is also an Evade mechanic in AEW Fight Forever. You can dodge/evade an attack by tapping L twice in the same direction.

How To Perform Signatures in AEW Fight Forever

aew fight forever controls momentum finishers

The key to winning a match in AEW Fight Forever is taking hold of its pacing. Your Momentum Meter is crucial for that.

Your meter will fill up each time you successfully land an attack or counter a move. As your meter fills, you'll be in better shape to be in control of the match.

Once Momentum is fully filled, this gives you the ability to perform a Signature Move by pressing up-down.

How To Perform Finishers in AEW Fight Forever

With your momentum meter full, doing a taunt now will put you in the "Special" state, which is even better than a Signature!

When the opportunity arises, flick the R-direction stick in any direction to perform a taunt. Then, you can go for your finisher!

Many wrestlers perform their finishers from the front, so make sure to first grapple them with X / A, and then execute your finisher by again flicking R-up-down.

However, some wrestlers may have a diving finisher or a move executed from another position. If you're unsure, press Pause and check the Moves List to see how to do yours.

Note: You'll only keep this "Special" state for a limited time, so stay focused during this time to ensure you land your Finisher!

And after executing your Finisher, make sure to go for the pin with L1 / LB. The opponent is most vulnerable to pins after being hit with a Finisher.

How to kick out from Pins in AEW Fight Forever

aew fight forever controls pin kickout

The match isn't over until the referee hits the count of 3, so if you're getting pinned, don't give up!

You can break out of a pin by mashing all the face buttons on your controller:

  • PlayStation: mash Square Triangle X O
  • Xbox: mash X Y A B

The less remaining health you have, the harder it will be to kick out of a pinfall attempt. Also, wrestlers are most vulnerable to pins after being with a Signature or Finisher.

The same exact mashing method applies to escaping from Submissions moves as well.

AEW Fight Forever Controls: Weapons

aew fight forever controls weapons

ActionPS5 / PS4Xbox
Pick up / Drop Weapon R2 RT
Grab Weapon from under the Ring R2 + L-direction RT + L-direction
Primary Attack Square X
Secondary Attack Triangle Y
Set up Table / Ladder R2 RT
Ignite Table (Weapon Finisher) R R
Ladder Spin (Weapon Finisher) R R
Ladder Match: Climb Ladder L2 LT
Ladder Match: Grab Prize R2 RT
Ladder Match: Push Ladder Down R2 + L-direction RT + L-direction

Note: Just like you can in WWE 2K23, in AEW Fight Forever you can also perform taunts while holding a weapon.

aew fight forever controls ladder match

AEW Fight Forever: Entrance Controls

While the AEW Fight Forever entrances are short, you're able to take control over your entrance while it's happening, by changing the camera angles, as well adding pyros and effects.

An Entrance Guide can be enabled in the Options Menu, which will then display an on-screen HUD during entrances.

Each effect and pyro assigned to each button can be customized by editing a wrestler "Entrance Scene" in the "Custom Wrestler" mode.

ActionPS5 / PS4Xbox
Cycle Camera Angle L1 / R1 LB / RB
Zoom In / Out L2 / R2 LT / RT
Select Screen Filter dpad dpad
Select Pyro / Effect SquareTriangleXO XY / A / B

What do you think about the AEW Fight Forever Control Scheme? Let us know in the comments below!

For all the information on AEW Fight Forever check out the AEW Fight Forever Main Section, and the full AEW Fight Forever Roster Page.

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