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New Superstars

A new Gold version of THE ROCK and Mortal Kombat's JOHNNY CAGE are rewards for new Challenges!

  • The Rock Raging Minotaur (Gold)
  • Johnny Cage Mortal Kombat (Gold)
  • Johnny Cage A-List (Gold)

Night of Champions Event

The Night of Champions event will be available for WWE Immortals players for a limited time! The event will run from 9/16 – 9/23 and give you the chance to win the Night of Champions 2015 Gear!

  • Night of Champions 2015 Gear
    • 50% Adrenaline gain after knockout
    • 25% Stun chance on last hit of combo
    • [Evolved] 1% chance for 33% Adrenaline drain on combo finisher
    • [Evolved] 55% chance to take No Damage
  • Night of Champions 2015 Ticket
    • 25% Adrenaline gain after knockout
    • [Evolved] 10% Stun chance on last hit of combo

New Booster Packs

The Batista Early Access Pack is here! This early access pack featuring “The Animal” and “Hunter” Batista will surely appeal to your wild side!

  • Batista Early Access Pack - $29.99 USD
    • 1x Animal Batista
    • 1x Hunter Batista
    • 3 Batista Support Cards
    • 15k Immortal Credits

The reigning WWE Champion, Seth Rollins is featured in a new Gold Starter Pack!

  • Seth Rollins Gold Starter Pack - $9.99 USD
    • Evolved Seth Rollins
    • Pantheon Big E
    • 20 Stamina Recharges
    • 30k Immortal Credits

The Challenge Booster pack is now available for 350k Immortals Credits!

  • 1x Random Challenge Card from Past Challenges



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