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From: WWE SuperCard Official Website

We want to give you more for dominating in WWE SuperCard. So, starting in the next update, you’ll receive an extra pick off the draft board for a perfect win.

What does that mean? If you KO someone with a 3-0 win in an Exhibition match, you’ll get an extra pick. This will apply to events as well. If you get a perfect win in People’s Champion Challenge or Road to Glory, you’ll get an extra pick. And if you 9-0 someone in Ring Domination, you’ll get an extra pick off the board.

Ring Domination will have an additional wrinkle: due to how Pick Doublers work in that event, you’ll be able to get two extra picks off the draft board for a perfect win if you’re currently rocking a Pick Doubler. In other words: you can receive 10 picks for a perfect instead of the usual eight (with Pick Doubler use).


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