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2K Sports has finally revealed notes for patch 1.03 that was released for WWE 2K14 in January.

  • Fixed - The user encounters a progression stopper when selecting the Contract Encounter or GM Contract Signing animation while creating a story.
  • Fixed - The sound effect is missing when a Superstar performs Curt Henning (n.W.o) signature " Rolling Neck Snap".
  • Fixed - The users encounter a desync when interacting with ladders during online gameplay.
  • Fixed - There is no voice when the announcer stands in the ring and introduces players at the beginning of the WWE Championship match.‏
  • Fixed - A crash occurs when selecting Easy Creation after previously backing out of Easy Creation as quickly as possible.
  • Fixed - Run-In Superstars fail to emerge, resulting in a crash, during Story matches.
  • Fixed - When catch finishers failed to inflict damage during gameplay.
  • Fixed - A fatal crash occurs when accepting the disconnect prompt after losing connection in a lobby.
  • Fixed - A Superstar will hit a Diva after reversing an attack from another Superstar while being held by the Diva in a Mixed Gender Tag team match
  • Fixed - The game crashes when a Custom Story is created using unique custom Superstars after 51 unique Custom Superstars have been downloaded from Community Creations.
  • Fixed - Superstars can deform and run through corners in the barricades after using the grappling attack with the steel steps on an opponent.
  • Fixed - The user will encounter a crash when adding the combination of Helmsley to any template and Shawn Michaels WM 23 video in Advanced Entrance Creations menu.
  • Fixed - The Superstar is able to jump off the stage when he jumps off a ladder placed near the edge of the stage in the arena.‏
  • Fixed - DLC Pack 2 moves become available and create frozen animations when used in game after installing DLC 3.
  • Fixed - There are several moves that have no audio in WWE Creations Move-Set.
  • Fixed - The game crashes when switching out a WWE Superstar with a Custom Superstar in a scene in Story Creation Mode.
  • Fixed - Superstar is able to make inappropriate contact with a Diva in the Power is Everything scene under Mid Match in Story.
  • Fixed - A Superstar is able to pin a Diva in the "Plan Failed" Scene under Mid Match in Animation in Story.
  • Fixed - An attack between Divas and Superstars can be setup in "The Savior Returns" scene in Post-Match under Animation in Story
  • Fixed - An attack between Divas and Superstars can be setup in the "Post Match Attack-And-Reversal" scene under Post Match in Animation under Story
  • Fixed - Superstar will attack Diva with a chair in a Manager Slides chair into ring (ANS, 1) Branching Scene in Story.
  • Fixed - The RKO apron finisher will allow the user to get out of the ring and taunt while they are outside during a Royal Rumble.
  • Fixed - Virgil's body will flicker during gameplay in Online Mode.
  • Fixed - Tag team Superstars will be swapped when creating a rivalry with a retro superstar and a regular tag team in WWE Universe.
  • Fixed - Superstars will warp underneath the ring when performing the diving move Foot Stomp to a downed opponent outside of the ring.
  • Fixed - Logos appear too small when applied to various items in WWE Creations Arena.
  • Fixed - The user is unable to perform alternative/directional diving attacks with patch 2 installed during a match in-game.
  • Fixed - A third party Logo is present in R-Truths Entrance Movie.
  • Fixed - Users are unable to connect to other users with different DLC installed when they attempt to do so for any online match.
  • Fixed - A crash will occur when previewing certain Pack 2 moves set to weight detection in WWE Creations Move Set.
  • Fixed - There are moves contained within the Weight Detection category that shouldn’t be there in WWE Creations Move-set.
  • Fixed - A Custom Superstar can have their eyes disappear and can also crash when selecting a different eye type then viewing and backing to the menu.
  • Fixed - The user is able to play as any Manager by selecting The Miz in the Superstar Selection Menu. Leads to a crash in Universe Mode.
  • Fixed - Undertaker is able to fall off the ring when Big John Studd performs a Repeated forearm smash 1 while stunned against the rope.
  • Fixed - The game will crash when the user accepts an invite to an online match while observing the Historical Objectives screen.
  • Fixed - A crowd sign containing inappropriate language can briefly be seen during the video showcasing the Attitude Era.
  • Fixed - The tournament bracket will disappear which leads to a crash after cashing in Money in the Bank before starting a King of the Ring.
  • Fixed - Tag teams and match opponents in WWE Universe will be reset to default after the user downloads any DLC characters
  • Fixed - Superstars will flicker when performing a grapple on an interactive object during a backstage brawl online.
  • Fixed - Menu music will carry over to an entrance and overlap during a superstar's entrance when going into a WWE universe match.

-Drcane, 2K Community Coordinator


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