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There is a record total of 46 Championship Title belts in WWE 2K14.

WWE Championship (NEW) WCW World Championship '91-'93
World Heavyweight Championship WCW nWo World Championship
WWE United States Championship WCW United States Championship
WWE Intercontinental Championship WCW Hardcore Championship
WWE Divas Championship WCW Cruiserweight Championship
WWE Tag Team Championship WCW World Tag Team Championship
NXT Championship (NEW) ECW Championship '08-'10 (WWE)
NXT Tag Team Championship (NEW) ECW Championship '06-'08 (WWE)
  ECW World Heavyweight Championship
CLASSIC WWE WORLD TITLES (6) ECW World Television Championship
WWE Championship '05-'13 ECW World Tag Team Championship
WWE Undisputed Championship  
WWF Championship '98-'02 CLASSIC WWE TAG TITLES (4)
WWF Championship '88-'98 WWE Tag Team Championship '02-'10
World Heavyweight Championship '87 World Tag Team Championship '02-'10
World Heavyweight Championship '86 WWF Tag Team Championship '98-'02
  WWF Tag Team Championship '85-'98
WWF Intercontinental Championship '98-'11 MISC. TITLES (8)
WWF Intercontinental Championship '94 (NEW) Million Dollar Championship
WWF Intercontinental Championship '90 (NEW) John Cena U.S. Championship (Spinner)
WWF Intercontinental Championship '87 (NEW) Rated-R WWE Championship
WWE Women's Championship The Miz WWE Championship
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Internet Championship (Zack Ryder)
WWF Hardcore Championship Smoking Skull WWF Championship
WWF European Championship Brahma Bull WWF Championship
WWF Light Heavyweight Championship AWA World Heavyweight Championship

(up to 6 words to string together)
Action, Alliance, All-'Star, And, Atlantic, AWA, Classic, Continental, Cruiserweight, Deep South, Divas, Dragon, Eastern, ECW, European, Extreme, FCW, Female, Fighting, Full, Gate, Global, Grand Prix, Gulf Coast, Hardcore, Heavyweight, Heritage, Honor, Hybrid, Impact, Intercontinental, International, Internet, Junior, Light Heavyweight, Lucha, Lucha Libre, Male, Martial Arts, Mens, Middleweight, Million Dollar, Mixed, NWO, National, Nonstop, Northern, NXT, Of, Prestigious, Pro, Pro Wrestling, Proffesional, Pure, Rated-'R, RAW, Ring, Smackdown, Southern, Stampede, Super, Super Heavyweight, Superstars, Tag, Tag Team, Team, Television, Total, Tri-'County, Triple Crown, Tri-'State, Ultraviolet, Underground, Undisputed, United States, Universal, WCCW, WCW, Welterwight, Western, Womens, World, Worlds, Worldwide, Wrestling, WWE, Yukes, Zone


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