In WWE Champions, in order to make your Superstars more effective in battle you need to level them up and evolve them to the next Star Rank. Tokens are used to Rank up your Superstars. There are various ways to collect Tokens - through matches, Loot Crates, even through leveling up!

Leveling up your Superstars

Getting a superstar in WWE Champions is just the beginning of adding real muscle to your roster. Leveling your superstars increases their damage and health, ensuring that they pack a mean punch for your opponents.

You can level up your superstars by heading to your roster and choosing the superstar you want to level up. If your superstar isn’t already at their maximum level, the “Level Up” button will display how many coins it will cost you to level up your superstar. Superstars at their maximum level can be enhanced if they are in the bronze or silver class or evolved if they are in the gold class.


Enhancing a superstar becomes available when a bronze or silver superstar reaches both their maximum level, and maximum move level. Should you have the necessary coins and tokens, pressing on the “Enhance” button will raise the maximum obtainable level of your superstar, and the maximum obtainable level of their moves. This will be shown by their color class increasing by one level. 

  • Bronze enhances to Silver
  • Silver enhances to Gold

Enhancing will be replaced by Evolving if you reach the maximum level on a gold class character.


Fusing fills the same role as enhancing your superstars by increasing their color class (bronze, silver, gold) and thus increasing their maximum obtainable level.  If one of your superstars can be fused, their picture in your roster will display a “FUSE” banner to help show that a fuse is available.

Why Fuse if I can Enhance?
Fusing is most often significantly cheaper in coins and tokens than enhancing your character. Additionally, fusing can jump a character’s color class from bronze to gold should you find yourself fusing a bronze and a gold together.   


Evolution is accomplished by getting a gold class superstar to their maximum level and then pressing on the “Evolve” button. This process will cost both Tokens and Coins.

Upon being evolved, your superstar will increase by one star rank, up to a maximum of three stars. Your superstar will also earn a new move, but will be set back to the bronze class meaning they must be either fused or enhanced once again to their maximum level before they can undergo another evolution.

Note that Superstars unlocked through rewards or loot may have a higher talent capacity than those that you evolve from lower ranks. You can tell a Superstar was evolved to the next star rank if their second or third star appears only outlined instead of full.

Special Moves

All of your superstars have access to a number of moves. Make sure you understand every aspect of these moves so that you can put your opponent down for the count.

How to equip moves:
Moves can be equipped by going to your roster, choosing a superstar, pressing the “Moves” button. Tapping on an inactive move will allow you to select an existing move to be swapped with.
Note: All superstars can take 3 moves into battle. Stronger superstars may have 4 or more moves, so you get to choose which 3 abilities are best for you to play with.

How to train moves:
When a move is selected, pressing the “Train” button will allow you to level up the move if you have a training poster matching the superstar color type OR a duplicate of the superstar in your inventory.

How to unlock more moves:
New moves are unlocked whenever you evolve a superstar. Keep leveling, enhancing, and evolving your Superstars to gain full access to their most potent moves!

Healing and Injuries

Any damage your superstars take during the course of a fight will persist after the fight is over, so always be mindful of your health.

As long as your superstar isn’t defeated by being dropped to 0 HP, they will gradually recover HP over time without any cost. If you want to speed this process up, you can spend one of your health packs to completely restore a superstar’s HP.

If your superstar is dropped to 0 HP, they will become injured which means they cannot fight until their injury is healed. This process can take up to several hours, which can be seen on the character’s picture on the Roster screen.

By spending cash you can immediately recover a superstar from their injury. If you are a member of a faction you can press the “Faction Help” button to ask your faction chat for help. If a faction member has help requests available and presses on your request to help, your Wrestler will be recovered from their injury.

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