Versus / Seasons

Versus battles are similar to fights on "The Road" [Everything about "The Road" Game mode at: Getting Started in WWE Champions - Gameplay Basics Guide], but now you are battling against other player’s best superstars. Simply pressing on the “Battle” button will begin the matchmaking process and offer the ability to choose a matched opponent.

Seasons are leaderboards that are participated in through versus matches against other players and typically reset on a weekly basis.
Each season has two types of reward paths that you can progress on:

  • League Prizes:
    Increasing your notoriety by winning matches will eventually push you into a higher league. All players in a league are rewarded with the same prize at the end of a season, so keep winning to keep advancing into higher leagues to earn better prizes. If your notoriety ends up dropping however, be aware that you can be dropped back into a lower league.

  • Fame Prizes:
    Fame is accumulated through rivalry matches against other players and cannot be lost from losing unlike ranking in leagues. Fame prizes often change with each season and offer a steady progression of rewards for simply winning, regardless of your win loss ratio.

Props & Inventory

Props are divided into two categories:

  • Heel Props - These props are used to effect your opponent Superstars and gem board
  • Face Props - These props are used to help boost your Superstars and gem board

You’ll be able to view all the props you currently own in the Inventory Menu by selecting Props from the drop down tab.
Use your props during your turn during in a match by selecting them from your Props menu, next to your Superstar moves. You can use as many of the same props as you have available in your inventory during each of your turns.
Props can be used in Gauntlet Blitz, Limited Time Tours, and on The Road. Use your props effectively and they can really turn the tide of a match!


Joining A Faction
You can create your own faction or join an existing one. If you haven’t joined a faction already, then you can join up by heading to the faction screen and pressing the “Join” button.
Pressing the arrow to the right of a listed faction will open their profile page, and give you the option to press the “Join” button if they are not already full. The maximum number of a players that can be in a faction at once is 30.

Creating A Faction
If you’re already in a faction, you’ll need to quit it before you can create a new one. As long as you have enough Coins to meet the creation fee, you will be prompted to configure your faction. You will have to choose the name, icon, and headline message. Once you press the “Create” button, your faction will be created.

Faction Perks
Not only do you gain the advantage of Faction chat by joining up with other players, you can request additional help if your Superstars are injured or need healing.
To request a Faction Heal, select the Superstar from your roster who is injured. Tap on the Flip arrows on the recover menu, then select Faction Help.

You can also earn Faction XP to make your faction stronger and earn perks like extra roster slots!

  • Earn Faction XP during matches
  • See who is the strongest with all new Individual and Faction Power Scores
  • Earn all new Faction Tokens to help complete Faction Activities
  • Send gifts to your faction mates with participating purchases!

Faction Feuds

[Read: WWE Champions Faction Feuds FAQ]

Gauntlet Blitz

*Note*: You will need to progress to level 4 before Gauntlet Blitz can be unlocked. Gauntlet mode will not appear in the battle hub if there are no active events.

Assemble teams of the best Superstars in the business to beat down your opponents in Gauntlet Blitz
There are a few things you’ll need to know when building your Gauntlet Team:

  • Superstars actively set as your Gauntlet team cannot be used in your Vs Mode Defense Team.
  • Your Superstars will not be able to heal between Gauntlet matches.
  • Injured Superstars cannot be added to your Gauntlet Team.
  • You can select an auto fill option to fill your Gauntlet Team that will pull from the available Superstars in your roster

To participate in Gauntlet Events, you’ll need to have Gauntlet Tickets!

  • The ticket cost to enter Gauntlet Blitz may vary
  • Tickets will regenerate at the end of every week (up to the limit of 125)
  • Tickets will be available to purchase during the event

The Gauntlet ends when you are victorious, all your Superstars are knocked out, or the timer reaches zero.

Shane O Mac's Cash Contract

Saying Shane McMahon is a savvy businessman doesn’t take a leap of faith, Champions. Head to the Features tab to sign Shane O Mac’s Cash Contract to earn yourself some extra Cash, Coins, and on the 30th Day, a sweet new 2 star Gold Superstar to round out your roster.

  • Collect ONE Payday bag every 24 hours
    • Each bag contains at least 40 Cash and 2000 Coins
    • Chance to get up to 100 Cash and 10000 Coins!
  • Get a Premium Superstar Crate and 20000 Coins as a signing bonus
  • When you collect your last Payday Bag, you’ll also receive a 2-Star GOLD Superstar Poster 

References: Scopely Support


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