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New Superstars

  • Kane - Big Red Monster (Gold)

Survivor Series Event

Will your Immortal be the last one standing during the Survivor Series? Get a team of your very best Immortals together and take on the opposition for your chance to get Survivor Series 2015 gear!

Survivor Series 2015 / Ultimate Survivor Series 2015

  • LIFE STEAL 5% on Signature
  • 5% chance for LIFE STEAL on Signature to be CRITICAL
  • [Augmented] HEAL TEAM 75% on Signature 1
  • [Augmented] 25% Temporary HEALTH Regen on Signature 2

Survivor Series 2015 Ticket / Survivor Series 2015 VIP Pass

  • LIFE STEAL 2.5% on Signature
  • [Augmented] 10% chance for LIFE STEAL on Signature to be CRITICA

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