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Who's that up in the rafters? It's Sting, coming to Immortals. And Kane gets a Gold card as the Big Red Monster. Look for two new Challenges to let you win these characters.

New Superstars

  • Sting - Scorpion Warrior (Gold)
    Availability: Early Access Pack, Challenge and then Challenge Pack
    Early Access Pack includes Gold Scorpion Warrior Sting, 3 Talent Cards, 15k Immortals Credits - $10

TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) Event

December 9–16, 2015

TLC Ticket / TLC VIP Pass

  • 5% chance for 33.3% ADRENALINE Drain on Combo Ender
  • [AUGMENTED] 10% CRIT chance on Combo Ender

TLC / Ultimate TLC

  • 10% chance for 33.3% ADRENALINE Drain on Combo Ender
  • 20% CRIT chance on Combo Ender
  • [AUGMENTED] 50% chance for tag out lock for 6 sec on Signature 1
  • [AUGMENTED] DISABLE enemy Signatures: 25% chance on Signature 2

New Gear

Baseball Bat / Vengeance

  • BLOCKING stops 12% more DAMAGE
  • [Sting] 10% chance to REFLECT Signature 2 while blocking
  • [AUGMENTED] 15% chance on Signature 2 to DISABLE enemy Signatures


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