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Do lingering cold temperatures, late season snow or dreary days have you in a rut? Have no fear – WWE SuperCard is here for you!

Spring is on the horizon, so let’s say goodbye to the doldrums of the winter and welcome in clearer skies, fresh breezes and 30 brand new cards. Plus, what better way to celebrate than with the ability to grow – yes, grow – your own WWE Superstars?

Beginning today, the new WWE SuperCard Spring into the Ring promotion starts and will run through Tuesday, March 27!

  • During this time, Seeds are available to pull from the Draft Boards.
  • Once you have eight Seeds, you can throw them into the Fusion Chamber and earn one of six different WWE Superstar or spring-themed parts, such as Tape, Chairs, Sunshine, Weights, Boots and Watering Cans.
  • Combine one of each part, a Seed and either a WrestleMania 33, SummerSlam ’17 or Beast Card via the Fusion Chamber and wait for it to bloom into a beautiful and refreshing Spring Superstar card!

Want to find out more about the Garden of WWE Superstars? Check out the below:

  • Ingredients – One of each Superstar part, one Seed and one WrestleMania 33 card
  • Reward – Contains WrestleMania 33, SummerSlam ’17 or Beast Spring card

AJ Styles

  • Ingredients – One of each Superstar part, one Seed and one SummerSlam ’17 card
  • Reward – Contains SummerSlam ’17, Beast or Monster Spring card

Eddie Guerrero

  • Ingredients – One of each Superstar part, one Seed and one Beast card
  • Reward – Contains Beast, Monster or Titan Spring card


Eager for a head start? We have you covered. Two new packs are available in the Store: the Seed Pack and the Superstar Parts Pack.

Help us collect all the 30+new exclusive Spring into the Ring cards, to complete the WWE SuperCard Cards Catalog! Leave a comment or send them to us at @TheSDHotel!


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