Question: Is there a chance Tiffany will be playable?
Answer: Tiffany is not playable. She is in Christian’s story in the Road to WrestleMania.

Question: Will the WCW arena be playable in Storyline creator?
Answer: Trying to find Jon Durr who designed the Story Designer — he’s not here right now, but I will tentatively say “yes.”

Question: Can custom themes be used in offline story creator?
Answer: Yes, you can use custom themes for SD!

Question: With adding so much this year, are you worried about outdoing yourself for next year?
Answer: Not all — we have so much to work on. We make a game every, and are under those timelines. So there’s always stuff to improve on — and you guys are holding us to that standard.

Question: When we choose a tag partner as a manger in singles match, will they come out with their tag entrance?
Answer: When you choose a manager, they are waiting for you at ringside again. We know this need fixed, guys.

Question: Since it was mentioned that there is no resetting of the WWE Universe, will we end up in the year 2065 or does the calendar just go by months so it is always 2011.
Answer: The calendar is “Year 1, Year 2, etc.” For instance, I’m at Backlash, Year 2 in my Universe.

Question: There anyway the weaoins will can be added to all matches type next year?
Answer: Yes — we are discussing this now. You mean the weapon wheel, right? For the match-types that make sense, we’re looking to add the weapon wheel.

Question: Will Road To the WrestleMania ever be considered for DLC?
Answer: Way to much information to put into DLC for RTWM. Games like Mass Effect that have mulitple year cycles can load that kind of content and work on chapters of story-telling elements. We can’t do that because we make a game every year.

Question: Can we defend titles on any show in Story Creator?
Answer: Jon told me yes today — so yes. STA — STORY DESIGNER / has nothing to do with WWE Universe.

Question: Will there be an online mode with the Wii version? And will it finally be a paint tool in CAW?
Answer: Can’t answer Wii or PS2 questions because I did not work on it.

Question: Is the Pre-Order DLC always gonna be a standar for now on?
Answer: Good question. I’m not quite sure. I don’t see why not. As long as we offer up everything via DLC later (like Stone Cold) like last year — I don’t have a problem with it. The thing is, retailers come to US asking what they can get as a pre-order exclusive. They want to be different than others. It’s fair to the consumer because if you can get it all in the end anyway, no one loses out.

Question: Is there more stable entrances this year?
Answer: 25 total.

Question: If you lose to the Undertaker at ‘Mania, will his streak go to 19-0, then next year be 20-0?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Even though we cannot defend the titles on regular shows in Universe, can MITB still be cashed in on RAW/SD?
Answer: You can cash in MITB at anytime!

Question: On the Canadian version, can you get Bret Hart?
Answer: Yes.

Question Will you be able to do a 6 man over the top Royal Rumbles online this year?
Answer: You can do over the top rope 6 man matches in Match Creator. You can’t use match creator online, so no.

Question: In creating custom titantrons this year, will we have more options such as graphics and special effects and letters?
Answer: Nope, nothing new.

Question: Can NPC’s wrestle in Storyline designer?
Answer: No — they are non-playable, so they don’t have movesets associated with them. You can use NPCs in scenes — they can’t wrestle.

Question: Can we save more than 1 WWE Universe? Lets say my borther uses the same system that I do. Can he save is own WWE Universe in the game?
Answer: No, it’s tied to your console — but anyone can join in to WWE Universe because there is multiplayer.

Question: How many slots are available in Match Creator?
Answer: You can create them on the fly, so there’s zero slots. It’s within the flow of playing your match.

Question: Does Multiplayer Universe mean just local or does it also include online?
Answer: Just local.

Question: Is there any more secrets left to the game to be revealed?
Answer: No, you guys pretty much know everything other than the two legends.

Question: Can the Championship Scramble be used in match creator?
Answer: No, it can not.

Question: How many superstars start the game off locked?
Answer: No clue.

Question: Any hints on “The Coolest WCW Star” that left as one of the legends spots?
Answer: He had one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history.

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