Since there are many Twitter updates this year I decided to make a monthly thread about this kind of news. 
I'll update this topic every day hoping that the SDH community will help me posting here more twitter updates. 
As today is 29 this thread will contain only the updates of the last week of August. 

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THQ_Tank:"Roster hint of the week, there are 3 significant names amongst the 14, at least 2 of those are Legends"

Q:"hey tank, are all the remaining 14 stars DLC??"

Q:"Wait a minute, did you also confirm a career mode with that tweet? I am not sure if one has been confirmed yet. Hmmm ...
THQ_Tank:"inadvertent misleading, referring to Road to Wrestlemania which is a quasi career mode of sorts theoretically"

Q:"Is There Any Other New Game Mode ?? And New Match Type ?? I Don't Want To Know What They R But I Want An Answer Yes Or No"
THQ_Tank:"there is not, focus this year was core gameplay"

Q:"will all trons work on PPV arenas"

Q:"Please fix Orton's new entrance. He goes to the wrong turnbuckle and the open arms thing is completely off"
RealCoryLedesma:"i know. next year. sorry. too late to change. we'll fix his lights next year as well"

Q:"I dont want to bother you, but what will the DLC consist of? Legends/Divas/Superstars?"
RealCoryLedesma:"yes, all 3 types"


THQ_Tank:"possibilities remain"

Q:"when will more roster profiles be updated?"
THQ_Tank:"this week, starting tomorrow and Friday"

Q:"soo u will never answer my tweet right? well is rosa mendes in the game? maybe DLC?"
THQ_Tank:"Rosa Mendes is not in the game this year, she is a @WWE beautiful diva, we'll see for next year"

Q:"are the ring physics with the weapons and directional moves still in the game?"

Q:"Can we defend titles like 2009 and 2010?"

Q:"when will we get to see the epic triple threat video?????"
THQ_Tank:" when Bryan Williams is back from being sick and he and I can finish it...gunning for this week, wish Bryan well please"

Q:"Hi Tank, is it possible to have civilian clothes with BITW-tshirt for @CMPunk later in DLC, like last year's masked one ?"
THQ_Tank:"probably not, but again, Community Creations!"


Q:"When the #WWE12 Roster Pages will be have 8 new entrance ?"
THQ_Tank:"we will be FINALLY updating more WWE 12 roster profiles this week, stay tuned"

Q:"soo u will never answer my tweet right? well is laycool entrance in? the dlc will be able to download when the game starT?"
THQ_Tank:" I do not believe Laycool entrance is in, that would not be authentic for today"

Q:"Gonna try again. How come you and @RealCoryLedesma havent been posting #WWE12 Q&A's?"
THQ_Tank:"we will have them firing up again this week, offset by Gamescom and Summerslam"

Q:"why have the ratings of most of the Superstars & Divas decreased in #WWE12? (Not complaining just wondering)"
RealCoryLedesma:"to make everyone balanced, realistic and competitive".

Q:"Is it possible to put titles underline in exibition mode this year? For people who dont use Universe ... Thanks!"

Q:"Any word on Fan Axxess returning this year? Someone on IGN tried to say they heard it's not in Answer asap #WWE12"
RealCoryLedesma:"yes, it's coming back. Details to come later on"

Q: "Is there something big about #WWE12 that has not been announced yet?"
THQ_Tank:"there are definitely some fairly substantial things about WWE '12 that have not been announced yet but will before launch...roster"

Q:"hey is the match creator going to be in the WWE '12 game"
THQ_Tank"the one from last year, yes"

THQ_Tank:"we have not revealed all the DIVAS yet, so hold your epic horses, pants, whatever, just hold on!"

Q:"in wwe 12 will u be able to counter a finishing move with a finishing move to interupt it"
THQ_Tank:"I do not believe you can counter a finishing move with a finishing move, they rarely do that in the WWE" 

Q:"What day exactly will more roster videos be posted? Thanks in advance! :D"
THQ_Tank:"roster reveal videos will pick up again next week and continue on forward weekly, we'll be activating 8 weekly"

Q:"is create a belt in da game n will universe delete all the tag teams iv it wants again"
THQ_Tank:"Create-a-Belt is not in this year, but we're hopeful for next year, fan favorite feature"

Q:"If we bought Fan Axxess last year,can we get DLC's free this year?"
THQ_Tank:"no, last year's Fan Axxess does not apply this year, that would be a helluva deal though"

Q:"...big zeke got a new guys going to add it?"
THQ_Tank:"unfortunately no"

Q:"Is Kevin Nash going to be announced as Diesel in the game being as he is wearing the Diesel attire?"
THQ_Tank:"no, he is announced as Kevin Nash"

Q:"is rikishi in this year my brother keeps asking me and he's winding me up with it,please let me know #WWE12"
THQ_Tank:"Rikishi is not in this year, but damn he was the man"

THQ_Tank:"For the final time, @CMPunk will not have his BITW t-shirt in the game right now, this came in VERY late, we got the music though!"
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