Since there are many Twitter updates this year I decided to make a monthly thread about this kind of news.
I'll update this topic every day hoping that the SDH community will help me posting here more twitter updates.

Special thanks to RKHT8709 for the updates!

August updates HERE

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Q: "is there any chance of chris benoit and golberg being in the game and also will there be create a ppv!!!!!!!!!!!"
THQ_Tank "no chance of Benoit or Goldberg"

THQ_Tank "So who do people want to see go up against Sin Cara in a @WWE '12 Hell in a Cell match for our next Inside the Ring, asked FB, now your turn"

THQ_Tank "WWE guys go Face and Heel on a dime sometimes (Mason Ryan for example), we try our best to predict and stay in line, will assess new system"

Q: "Please answer if I pre order from… site WWE 12 to Portugal, I get the PAL version or the NTSC one?"
THQ_Tank "the NTSC version, if you order from @THQ store it is the NTSC version"

Q: "can't we just edit them in the game and change them ourselves to a face or heel?"
THQ_Tank "You cannot edit a @WWE Superstar in-game this year, something we are looking in to the distant future"

Q: "can't we just edit them in the game and change them ourselves to a face or heel?"
THQ_Tank "by edit, I meant like bring them in to Create-A-Superstar"

Q: "oh my bad, no I meant just change the face and heel status like in last years game...not edit the whole guy"
THQ_Tank "yes, I believe you can still do that like last year's game"

Q: "what? We can't change their Cheer/Boo alignment this year? Why would you take that out?"
THQ_Tank "that's not what I inferred, I was speaking specifically about graphic alterations (i.e. Create A Superstar)"

Q: "Is there a new starship pain in #WWE12 i didn't see it in the vid sir?"
THQ_Tank "the move is most certainly in the game"


Q: "I'm really anxious to hear about the #WWE12 RTWM!! When will we know?!!"
RealCoryLedesma "mid-October"

Q: "are we going to be able to buy the all unlockables from wwe shop"
RealCoryLedesma "why certainly"

Q: "will there be create a comeback in #WWE12?"
RealCoryLedesma "negative on that".

THQ_Tank "LayCool entrance will be posted next week in the Tuesday update, please stop the spammin my friends, it is not necessary"

THQ_Tank "I do @WWE '12 roster updates every Tuesday/Friday, I can guarandamntee you we will start DLC reveals next month"

Q: "Hope it's not too cheeky to ask, do you have any idea when the next WWE '12 roster wallpapers will be posted on THQ's site?"
THQ_Tank "Every Friday is WWE '12 Wallpaper day, there ya go =) that would be tomorrow!"

Q: "when will the next Inside the Ring video be up for #WWE' 12?"
THQ_Tank "next Inside the Ring will be next Thursday"

Q: "any news on who the next activations on the roster will be?"
THQ_Tank "JMO, Sheamus, Ted DiBiase, and Zig"


THQ_Tank: "Just to confirm Ricky Steamboat does have the Diving Cross-Body as a finisher as does Jack Swagger with the Ankle Lock, they are in guys"

THQ_Tank: "The next @WWE '12 Inside the Ring will be happening in this "create-an-arena" with a Hell in a Cell, hellacious!"

THQ_Tank "WWE Universe news will be happening later next month, know you guys are anxious, we'll try to answer some stuff in our next Q&A"

Q: "I'm confused about the Mystery Superstar...If it's just another wrestler, why the big secret?"
THQ_Tank "We aren't trying to play it up as a big secret, but this person was worthy of holding out for his own time"

Q: "whoever mocapped Drews finisher deserves a raise! Best mocap this year".
THQ_Tank "I'll let Bryan Williams know"

Q: "no SWAGGER ANKLE LOCK??? Btw very nice drew mcintry's finisher"
RealCoryLedesma "he has it. It's just his other finisher".

Q: "how many CAWs spots are there?"
RealCoryLedesma "50!"

Q: "any chance of create a belt or create a submission in #WWE12?"
RealCoryLedesma "no chance. always a chance in the future tho".

RealCoryLedesma WWWYKI RT “By the way, loved what I saw yesterday in WWE '12. More on that in the future. WWE fans are going to be happy. #myign”

RealCoryLedesma "Feedback is the breakfast of champions" - Ken Blanchard. This is why #WWE12 and future @WWEgames are and will be great. Fan feedback is key"

Q: "If u dont pre order- will u b able to but yhe rock on axxes?"
RealCoryLedesma "90 days after release"


Q: "love the game just want to know. Is the people edition come out on the same date as the normal one?"
RealCoryLedesma "yes"

Q: "excellent job on the game. I was wondering if I pre order from THQ site will I recieve it on day it hits stores? Thanks".
RealCoryLedesma "yes you will!"

Q: "forget to say this in my last tweet when will you guys be revealing the characters that have the road to wrestlemanias storylines"
THQ_Tank "next month RTWM coverage will hit"

THQ_Tank "WWE '12 roster reveals for later today - Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger, Eddie Guerrero, and Ricky Steamboat, expect late afternoon web update"

Q: "You or THQ_Tank should come to Eurogamer expo next year to advertise the WWE 13, because people on floor were clueless!"
RealCoryLedesma "I heard about that. Definitely noted".

Q: "love the game just want to know. Is the people edition come out on the same date as the normal one?"
RealCoryLedesma "yes"

RealCoryLedesma "Heading out to SF this morning to show off #WWE12 and #WWEAllstars3DS to GameSpot and IGN. 56 more days until release!!"


THQ_Tank "No more @WWE '12 mystery superstar hints except we filmed him today, reveal will be next month, I'll let you know when"

Q: "It's not to fair that other countries get to go to a regular retail store and get The People's Edition while us here is the USA"
THQ_Tank "dude, it's free shipping in the US, you barely need to move a finger to get it"

THQ_Tank "The @WWE '12 People's Edtion is available for PS3/X360 @THQ online store with FREE SHIPPING folks, you don't need a retail store for this!"

Q: "A lot of people have asked, if they order the People's Edition will they get it on the day of release?"
THQ_Tank "I will confirm shipping, very good question"

Q: "What about the new matchtype? Will there be any news on that?"
RealCoryLedesma "already talked about. No new match type other than 40 man rumble. Focus is on core gameplay. It's SOLID".

Q: "Will it be on ios (iphone ipad) or any mobile device"
RealCoryLedesma "all we announced was Wii, 360 and PS3"

Q: "Does Kane have a unique comeback moment for #WWE12?"
RealCoryLedesma "unfortunately no"

Q: "Darn it. I was hoping that the "I Quit" match will make it in, this year".
RealCoryLedesma "me too. Always next year. We had to 100% commit to core gameplay".

Q: "Ok Cory....Then Can you answer this Did the team fix the transparency issues in CAW this year?"
RealCoryLedesma "we were only able to fix it for certain logo types. The rest will be fixed next year".

RealCoryLedesma "I love the divas. Not everyone likes them. We have data that shows who is the most played in the game".

Q: "any info if the fan axxess pack and unlockables pack will be available again this year? Keep up the awesome work".
RealCoryLedesma "both available again this year".

Q: "It's confirmed then? The Glam Slam NOT be updated?
RealCoryLedesma "not in the final game, sorry".

Q: "Is their still a chance for Glam Slam to be DLC"
RealCoryLedesma "I'm trying but there are some problems we are running into. Chances are low".

RealCoryLedesma "Unfortunately Kelly Kelly's back handspring elbow smash and stinkface are not in #WWE12".

RealCoryLedesma "There are a total of 10 Comeback Moves in #WWE12. They can be assigned to any Superstar or Diva in Create-A-Moveset".

Q: "Is the Glam Slam Goin To be In DLC PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!"
THQ_Tank "The Glam Slam will not be in DLC this year, not as of right now, noted for next year"

Q: "When will you be reavealing WWE 12's official opening theme and theme song? PLZ answer you guys never answer"
THQ_Tank "that is a cool idea, will shoot for a future Inside the Ring"

Q: "Also will special guest ref be in WWE 12? hope to hear back. Thank you"
THQ_Tank "Special Guest ref is not in WWE '12, we are concepting for next year right now and assessing this however"

Q: "is the uso's are going to be in #wwe12"
THQ_Tank "USO's are unfortunately not in WWE '12 this year"

Q: "is kharma lita vickie or trish in wwe 12"
THQ_Tank "one of those is for sure"

THQ_Tank "The mystery Superstar is currently not on the active WWE roster right now"


Q: "PLEASE answer. I preordered ever wwe game since 2009, so please answer! Are you guys going to improve story mode in wwe 12!"
RealCoryLedesma "MUCH better this year!"

Q: "Will there be a demo??"
RealCoryLedesma "can't answer. Sorry".

Q: "Is #WWE12 have object wheel when approched for removing object from inside the ring ?"
RealCoryLedesma "yes!!"

Q: "when will the 14 other superstars be revealed? :)"
RealCoryLedesma "slowly but surely. Oct and Nov."

Q: "please answer... I can not wait for videos! Are you guys improving story designer ! Please do so ..."
RealCoryLedesma "not a lot of improvements this year. We focused more on other modes".

Q: "have u guys ever thought about having commentating like UFC in WWE games that would be way better. think about it next year"
RealCoryLedesma "I agree. We are working hard for it next year".

Q: "when are you releasing the info about universe mode and road to wrestlemania??? #WWE12"
RealCoryLedesma "October".

Q: "I definitely will! Looks amazing Also, does each superstar have a different wake up taunt? #WWE12"
RealCoryLedesma "yes. Most do. U can assign any taunt u want".

Q: "Yo, by chance, is there a spectator mode where one gamer could just watch two other's have a match?"
RealCoryLedesma "we're talking about possibly do that next year".

Q: "Can You Say Whose RTWM Is Official?"
RealCoryLedesma "nope. Gotta wait couple more weeks. Almost there".

Q: "are the rope physics gonna still work like in svr11 for ex. when the players leg sets on the bottom rope nd it bends down"
RealCoryLedesma "yes but works better this year".

Q: "can you guys just release it. Looks done damnit"
RealCoryLedesma "it is done. Has to be approved and manufactured now".

Q: "sick! Will there be stables already in the game? E.g Los Guerreros, DX, Big Show and Kane, Corre, Nexus, Edge/Christian?"
RealCoryLedesma "of course!"

Q: "hows the universe mode? any better this year?"
RealCoryLedesma "very cool. Much better. Details coming".

Q: "Craaaaaap! Why won't any of you answer my question about why you seem to hate ring jackets except for The Undertakers???"
RealCoryLedesma "last one! Because they cost a lot to do. So we decide between more full superstar models or entrance jackets. Which u want?"


Q: "CORY MAN please answer my question...can two people from one console play online together?!?!?!"
RealCoryLedesma "no they can't".

Q: "can you have different champions in exhibition mode to then in universe mode in @WWE'12?"
RealCoryLedesma "you sure can!"


Q: "nobody else has entrance attire. so it only makes since for him to not have any either"
THQ_Tank "Sometime down the road we will explain the challenges behind alt-attires, it is a brand new model, tough to explain in 140chars"

THQ_Tank "he wears the jacket for a grand total of 20 seconds, if that, on most occasions on TV"

Q: "what is wrong with you lazy people at thq?? No ones entrance is jacket? Weak dude".
THQ_Tank "I would debate you on that, feel free to send me a list to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., remember we will never be 100% up-to-date due to TV"

Q: "Will we be getting the packs of renders again this year for photoshopping?"
THQ_Tank "sure, but we are not using renders this year, using real photos like you see on the roster section"

Q: "hey tank can you confirm if gangrel is in wwe 12 and if not put I'm in wwe 13"
THQ_Tank "Gangrel is not in WWE '12, point noted"

Q: "Is this the real or fake Sin Cara? And are you adding the fake Sin Cara as an alt. attire?"
THQ_Tank "we are not adding a fake Sin Cara, however, you can create as many fake Sin Caras as you like in Create-A-Superstar mode!"

Q: "When will you reveal the Glam Slam? /:"
THQ_Tank "We already did reveal the Glam Slam, cannot promise it will be updated this year"

Q: "will we be able to buy a WWE12 passfor all the DLCs like last year?"
THQ_Tank "we are working on Fan Axxess for this year indeed"

Q: "so what's with the bait and switch over the Mystery Superstar's reveal?"
RealCoryLedesma "I don't know. Sometimes the timing has to change for various reasons. Should be soon tho".

Q: "Hey whats up with Sin Cara not having his jacket? And dont tell us it came to late in development. cause thats not true".
RealCoryLedesma "he was the very last superstar added to the roster. Very last minute for us. We were lucky to get him".

Q: "Is the Ballin taunt on WWE 12?"
RealCoryLedesma "you know it!!"


THQ_Tank: "To clear the air, the @WWE '12 mystery superstar will not be revealed this month, all hell will break loose next month however"

THQ_Tank: "The People's Edition will be available at select international retailers, for now US/Canada, get it here"

Q: "Please answer, If I pre-order WWE'12 at UK Amazon, Do I still get The Rock?.. I live in the UK".
THQ_Tank: "Yes, you will"

Q: do you not get the Rock already on the game?
THQ_Tank: "You can get The Rock by pre-ordering (anywhere) or getting The People's Edition which has added value content"

Q: "Here's the real question: Can you still get The Rock down the road via DLC if you don't pre-order the game?"
THQ_Tank: "Yes, The Rock will be available as DLC 90-days after @WWE '12 comes out, but if you intend to get the game...just bring it!"


THQ_Tank: "You can start preordering TheRock WWE '12 The People's Edition by the end of this week @THQ Store #TeamBringIt"

Q: "When will u be able to reveal if Kharma is or isn't in the game or even answer DLC questions?"
THQ_Tank: "we will reveal all DLC before the game launches, so between now and early-mid November"

Q: "why is Punk always missing tattoos on his arms for his character model?"
THQ_Tank: "The Cobra and Pepsi tattoos are copyrighted"

Q "next year can you guys plz get the actual superstars to come in and mocap their entrances? the moves yall mocapped were ok".
THQ_Tank: "We do use actual @WWE superstars in many cases for mocap entrances and moves"

THQ_Tank: "In @WWE '12, you can reverse a wake-up taunt if it's leading in to a finisher, you do have a small window"

THQ_Tank: "The @WWE '12 and @UFC_Undisputed 3 Q&A's will be on hiatus this week, we'll be back next week with new episodes for each"


Q: "About the Abuse Reporting: what can people report for? I hear ppl saying that this can be abused, the wrong way".
RealCoryLedesma: "a Code of Conduct and Reporting/Banning Guidelines will be posted on the THQ website shortly before the game's release".

RealCoryLedesma: "Doesnt mean lag goes completely away. It means performance and reliability have been greatly improved. #WWE12"

RealCoryLedesma: "New to #WWE12: New Online Servers. No more 3rd party servers. Completely THQ owned and much more reliable!"

RealCoryLedesma: "New to #WWE12: Online Abuse Reporting. See someone abusing the integrity of the game? Report it and the moderator will investigate and ban."


Q: "Of the remaining 14 is there any character in WWF between 1988 and 1998?(Bret,Shawn and Lawler apart)?please answer me Tank!"
THQ_Tank: "my answer to that is 50/50"


Q: "will the glitches and hacks be fixed for online play. tired of getting stuck in the turnbuckle and being frozen"
RealCoryLedesma: "should be much better I hope. We fixed a lot."

Q: "3 team tag be back this year?"
RealCoryLedesma: "Sorry but no Triple Threat Tag."

Q: "can u answer about new match types? is there any chances???"
RealCoryLedesma: "only thing we announced was 40 man royal rumble."


Q: "Mark Henry with a babyface entrance?"
THQ_Tank: "Mark Henry hasn't exactly been a heel that long, very late in our game development process"

Q: "can you confirm if vickie is in or not?"
RealCoryLedesma: "cant reveal anything. you have to wait and see like everyone else."

Q: "do you only get one come back a match?"
RealCoryLedesma: "yes"

Q: "if im in a submission and wanna crawl to ropes, do i have to button mash aswell??"
RealCoryLedesma: "yes, mash and crawl"

Q: "i know but on the PS3 what do we press to do the wake-up taunt?"
RealCoryLedesma: "d-pad, just like every year."

Q: "so it's activated just like the "kick up" ability?"
RealCoryLedesma: "yes. it has replaced the kip-up in a sense."

RealCoryLedesma: "It's important to note that comeback moment is initiated after you've sustained enough damage and not by a finisher only."

Q: "Are comebacks under abilities? Can they be removed?"
RealCoryLedesma: "yes!"


Q: "Will we be able to pick titantrons and minitrons separately this year?"
RealCoryLedesma: "unfortunately not. theres a tech challenge we're facing with it right now. maybe next year."

Q: "Will divas still be able to be in Steel cage matchs/Ladder Matchs/Extreme rules ect ect? like last years?"
RealCoryLedesma: "yes"

Q: "hey cory can we interupt a created finisher in wwe 12?"
RealCoryLedesma: "yes!"


RealCoryLedesma: "#WWE12 has come to terms on the release of WWE Superstars "Red" and "Green" as of today. We wish them the best in all future endeavors"

RealCoryLedesma: "And yes. We have retired the Green and Red move-sets guys. Job well done Green and Red. New era...time to step aside for new talent. #WWE12"

RealCoryLedesma: "Hmmm...Maybe we can release a video of each Create-An-Entrance Video theme to give you an early glimpse. Thoughts?"

RealCoryLedesma: "There are 28 different themes to choose from including: Hell's Demon, Gothic, Millionarie, Perfectionist, Movie Star and Undead. "

RealCoryLedesma: "Create-An-Entrance Video can be used for Created Divas and Created Superstars. #WWE12"

RealCoryLedesma: "It automatically uses ur assigned finishers in the video based on which Created Superstar you select. Complete w/ custom mini-trons as well."

RealCoryLedesma: "It allows u to select from a list of themes and customize it by using text, custom logos, colors, etc. Real video is used 2 make it official"

RealCoryLedesma: "Create-An-Entrance Video has been announced today."


Q: "Apparently Razor Ramon has been said to be the hidden superstar on #WWE12. Is he a possibility or a lie?"
THQ_Tank: "can neither confirm nor deny Razor Ramon as one of the remaining 14"

THQ_Tank: "Correction: Superstars with a Submission Finisher still must perform the submission button mash mini-game, they have a significant advantage"

Q: "any chance great khali in?"
THQ_Tank: "The Great Khali is not in WWE '12 this year, incredible talent, hope for next year"

RealCoryLedesma: "No game out there has all that. Doesnt even come close. Deepest game out there. Best product for your hard earned dollars."

RealCoryLedesma: "Did I forget DLC, 60+ unlockables, a match creator, 23 different championships, and online play. Just saying...I know cry me a river."

RealCoryLedesma: "oh and has 10 create modes, 10-12 hours story mode, 80+ match variations, online content sharing, franchise, entrances/victory scenes..whew!"

RealCoryLedesma: "We're doing our very best folks. Name another fighting game out there that has 70+ characters, comes out every year, has 1000's of moves..."

Q: "will the miz's new t-shirt be in the game?"
RealCoryLedesma: "The game is pretty much finished. Cant be adding stuff now."

RealCoryLedesma: "Those of you asking, yes "LayCool" tag team entrance animation is in the game. #WWE12"

RealCoryLedesma: "So many different rumors of who the mystery Superstar is in #WWE12. The mystery will end in a couple of weeks..."


RealCoryLedesma: "Current Cody Rhodes and 'Dashing' Cody Rhodes are both in #WWE12. Dashing is an unlockable 2P outfit."

Q: "i think WWE Legend Diva Sunny is one of 6 Mystery Superstar, right"
THQ_Tank: "Sunny is not in the game, but damn, that would be hot"

THQ_Tank: "Someone asked on our boards, I will happily confirm/clarify, 6 of the remaining 14 mystery spots on our roster left are @WWE Divas"


Q: "Do you guys think you could possibly bring out Avatars for #WWE12 on #Xbox360 when it launches?"
THQ_Tank: "we have some pretty awesome XBOX 360 avatars planned"

Q: "Will William Regal entrance will be update before the game goes on-sale ?"
THQ_Tank: "yes, we actually do have an updated mini-tron for William Regal"


Q: "A lot of demo talk,speculation and rumours all over the messageboards guys Are we getting a demo for download?"
RealCoryLedesma: "we can neither confirm nor deny at this time."

Q: "when will we get news about RTWM"
RealCoryLedesma: "probably in October."

Q: "I appreciate the games you make for us,but why does Del Rio's car in the entrance go up sides on the ramp? #WWE12"
RealCoryLedesma: "we had to manage costs. Its complicated with all of the different arena types. We'll try to address it next year."

Q: "thanks for the response! All I gotta wait for is for the collectors edition to be announced them im pre ordering!"
RealCoryLedesma: "should be announced in the next week or so. hang in there."

Q: "When do you reveal more info of #WWE12, about WWE Universe, Road to Wrestlemania..."
RealCoryLedesma: "in October."

Q: "proberbly not but by any chance did trish stratus's stratisfaction get updated?"
RealCoryLedesma: "that could potentially confirm whether or not she is in the game. so, i cannot say."

Q: "Is there a door in hell in a cell this year cus it was hard to get out last year btw your awesome dude great game :)"
RealCoryLedesma: "no door in the cell. we'll look into it next year possibly."

Q: "is there any chance an updated Kelly Kelly entrance will be in #WWE12 before launch? Please answer! *fingers crossed*"
RealCoryLedesma: "we've finalized all animations over a month ago, so unfortunately there wont be. I'll make sure to get it done next year."

Q: "For the online portion - can we finally team up with bots against friends in private matches? Or me and a friend vs bots?"
RealCoryLedesma: "not in WWE12, but I have it on the list for 13. no guarantees though. its still 'dream' time."

Q: "whats Microsoft/Psn reason for not allowing community dlc to be used in story designer uploads??? It's a real buzzkill"
RealCoryLedesma: "we think we might of found a slick work around with it for WWE 13. We'll keep u updated as the time goes by."


Q: "is the best buy Orton attire unlockable in the game? & is it the beard attire?"
THQ_Tank: "will be offering a Randy Orton alt-attire @XBOX avatar for pre-ordering @WWE '12 along with @TheRock"

Q: "When is the Mystery Superstar going to be revealed?"
THQ_Tank: "later this month"

THQ_Tank: "We are doing some more "tron" updates, unfortunately we won't get everything 100% accurate this year, but we'll strive to try!"

THQ_Tank: "FYI @WWEGames fans, we've updated the mini-trons for Randy Orton and The Miz, we'll get them updated in the roster profile section soon"

THQ_Tank: "yes, please do not spam, and one ? is all you need"

Q: "Is there a possibility for a demo of #WWE12?"
THQ_Tank: "yes there is a possibility, and they are endless"


Q: "can you download other players create an arena"
RealCoryLedesma: "yes!"


Q:"The @WWE '12 mystery superstar... HOF'er, or not HOF'er?"
THQ_Tank:"There are HOF'er's left amongst the mystery 14, whether that is the mystery non-DLC Superstar, cannot answer"

Q:"will evan bourne and kofi kingston's tag team entrance be in the game?"
THQ_Tank:"no it will not, they literally just named AirBoom this week"

Q:"Will you be able to participte in intergender matches? Where the dudes can fight the divas too? Or is that gone for good?"
THQ_Tank:"gone for good, not permissibly via @WWE"

Q:"ever considered adding feature to stream game matches to a fb profile, page or group? Would that be possible?"
THQ_Tank:"we have definitely considered a streaming or enhanced spectator mode, strong possibility for future"


Q:"are y'all posting a Q & A video today?"
THQ_Tank:"survey says, YES!"

Q:"Will HBK have a chance to be one of the 14 remaining superstars ??? please tweet me back because I love HBK and he is a legend."
THQ_Tank:"yes there is a chance for HBK"

Q:"in WWE12 if i'm playing an exhibition (outside universe mode) can i do a title match without effecting universe mode?"


Q:"Any idea when the next WWE '12: Inside The Ring will be? The last one was great :P"
THQ_Tank:"thanks! B and I are working on the next ITR this week, we will see! Glad it's got you guys hooked"

Q:"Would it be possible in the future to Create a Signature?"
RealCoryLedesma:"we're looking into it."


Q:"is the mystery star HBK because you kinda spoiled it and Bryan Williams did to lol"
THQ_Tank:"no, it's not HBK, and I didn't spoil anything"

Q:"Ric Flair or Mr. Perfect? Who is the mystery superstar? :/"

Q:"The mystery superstar to be revealed in September for WWE'12, is it true it's someone who HASN'T been in the SVR series before?"
THQ_Tank:"The mystery superstar has been in a wrestling videogame before"

Q:"Tank, are the 2 World titles the only ones increased in size, or are all titles larger?"
THQ_Tank:"all titles are larger"

Q:"Tank Is The Peoples Elbow A Do It YourSelf Move As Well?"
THQ_Tank:"it's a finisher"

Q:"would you be so kind and kill the rumor that DDP is in the game because your twitts about yoga and "bada bing" made a false hope?"
THQ_Tank:"how does yoga and bada bing have anything to do with DDP? He is not in this year"


THQ_Tank:"Made a mistake, our nxt WWE '12 Q&A will be Tuesday, would have helped right now if I actually had the footage at home, dope, my bad guys"

Q:"HI I GOT a question when is thq gonna tell us about the mystery character"
THQ_Tank:"likely this month"

Q:"don't ignore dis but is chris benoit gonna be in @WWE12"
THQ_Tank:"we answered this awhile ago, Chris Benoit is not in the game"

Q:"Hey. Is superstar threads in WWE '12?"

Q:"do you have to download and/or buy the attribute customizer?"


RealCoryLedesma:"That's all the news I have for you today #WWE12 fans. Have a good weekend. Heading to Japan on Tuesday for future WWE games planning."

Q:"So, if John Cena is the WWE Champion in Universe, does that mean Randy Orton could be champ in Exhibition?"

Q:"Tag Titled count as 1 or 2 of the 23?"
RealCoryLedesma:"only 1...cmon, we're not that bad."

RealCoryLedesma:"Exhibition and Universe are separated. U can change titles and have title matches whenever u want in both. U can vacate in Exhibition."

RealCoryLedesma:"Don't like an Overall rating you see for a particular Superstar, Diva or Legend? Change it yourself with the Attribute Customizer add on!"

RealCoryLedesma:"Did you know? #WWE12 has 23 different championship titles in the game! And no, I'm not going to tell you what they all are yet. Patience..."

Q:"is there a chance that Hogan is in the game ?"
THQ_Tank:"greater chance Hornswoggle will win the @WWE championship on Monday Night Raw this week"

Q:"When playing as Jerry Lawler (or a certain someone who has yet to be "announced" ;P), will he still be heard on commentary?"

Q:"hey man will there be anything for the avatars on xbox live this year. and also would really like to see xbox 360 dashboard themes"
THQ_Tank:" yes, we are planning some fresh XBOX Live avatar content this year I believe"

Q:"Once again Watsup with Undertakers Theme Song!!?? And this time answer...."
RealCoryLedesma:"WWE has informed us that this is the song we should be using and not the latest song he came out to. We do what we're told."

RealCoryLedesma:"We just created #WWE12 desktop wallpaper for each Superstar, Legend and Diva in the game. They look great. We will be rolling them out soon!"

Q:"also will there be a 40 man royal rumble?"


THQ_Tank:"We are doing @WWE '12 profile activations "twice" weekly, 4 more live tomorrow, bada bing! Mystery superstar likely revealed this month"

Q:"I've actucally heard he (yokozuna) wasn't because he is to fat to make a model for, is this true"
THQ_Tank:"Yokozuna is not in WWE '12, the sizing was an issue for @WWE All Stars"

Q:" Please answer this question and please dont ignore it! will the usos and tamina be in the game or even as dlc? Please answer"
THQ_Tank:"no, apologies"

Q:" Will cm punks new outfit be added to the game and will Kevin Nash be in the game as well"
RealCoryLedesma:"Nash is in the game. No plans for Punk's new outfit right now. Maybe DLC, but no guarantees."

Q:" With the new create a arena feature can you resize turnbuckles and ropes?"
RealCoryLedesma:"no resizing."

Q:" You said they're all DLC to someone before. So, they're not?"
RealCoryLedesma:"everyone but the mystery superstar. I thought it was obvious but I was wrong."

Q:"will we be able to interrupt finishers on #WWE12?"

Q:"any chance of brightening up the left titantron on the stages? You can barely see the video playing on it."
RealCoryLedesma:"that's just in the Raw arena."

Q:"we want to know when you guys will reveal the additional creation mode to an existing one? #WWE12"
RealCoryLedesma:"I hear mid-Sept"

Q:"Depends on whether or not you can defend titles in Exhibition + anytime in Universe for me"
RealCoryLedesma:"yes you can in both."

Q:"can you use paint tool in create an arena?"
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