WWE 2K17 New Moves Pack DLC Xbox One PS4

The WWE 2K17 New Moves Pack DLC is now available in stores for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3, at a price of 3.99$.

Over 50 new moves to add to your arsenal! Stun your opponents with the Swingout Neckbreaker like Charlotte, dive off the top rope with a Zack Ryder Elbro Drop, or give your opponent a Face Wash Combo like Samoa Joe.
Note: This item is included in the Season Pass premium content purchase.

In the following videos, you can see in action all the new moves added to WWE 2K17:

Official Trailer:


Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker
Ankle Lock 2
Ankle Lock 3
Arm Trapped Crossface 2
Back Suplex Facebuster 2
Bridging Fujiwara Armbar
Deadlift Falcon Arrow
Diced Bread
Diving Codebreaker
Diving El-Bro Drop
Eight Second Ride
Electric Chair Driver
Electric Chair Half Nelson Driver
Euro Uppercut Combo
Face Wash Combo
Fallaway Moonsault Slam
Fireball Punch
Fireman’s Carry Side Slam
Fujiwara Armbar 3
Full Nelson Reverse STO
Gory Special Flatliner
Gourdbuster G.T.S.
Headstand Headscissor
Jumping Knee Strike 7
Middle Rope Neckbreaker
Pop-Up Cutter
Pop-Up Up Kick
Rope Hung Flatliner
Sit-Out Chickenwing Facebuster
Sit-Out Full Nelson Facebuster
Slingshot Spear
Snapmare & Single Leg Dropkick
Straight Jacket Backstabber
Swing Out Neckbreaker
TJP Clutch
Two Amigos
Vertical Leap Senton Bomb
Wrist Clutch Lever Pull

Tag-Team / Corner:
Brainbuster/Roundhouse Kick
Fist Drop/Shooting Star Combo
Superkick/Knee Smash Combo
Thunder Valley

OMG! / Special Moves:
Eight Seconds Ride
Fireman's Carry Side Slam

Diving / Vs. Downed Opponent:
Diving Elbro Drop

Apron / Opponent In Ring:
Slingshot Complete Shot

Springboard / To Ring:
Springboard Cutter

Springboard / To Ringside:
Rope Step Tope Con Hilo

Irish Whip / Rebound Attacks:
Running Knee Lift3

Corner / Stunned:
Machine Gun Knife Edge Chops

Standing Grapples / Limb Target:
Arm Wringer Pele Kick


For all WWE 2K17 DLC info check out our detailed article HERE.

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