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Our friend Youtuber THE101 brings to use 2 videos showcasing things you might not know about the newly released WWE 2K17 1.02 Patch. In addition to all the fixed issues (here the full patch notes), the 1.02 Update included a few new moves: a new Phenomenal Forearm animation and a Back Suplex into the Barricade.

Also, as 2K added support for the WWE 2K17 Legends Pack downloadable content ahead of release, all the clothing items for the Legends scheduled to be in the DLC Pack were added to the Create A Superstar mode, revealing Eddie Guerrero's attire among the others!

To see these new additions in-game, check out the two videos below!

In another unannounced fix as part as the patch, 2K has tweaked the Height limits for Created Superstars: for all Rey Mysterio fans, custom male superstars can now finally be as short as 5'6" (as opposed to the previous minimum of 5'10") and custom females can be as tall as 6'8" (as opposed to the previous, restricting maximum of 5'11").


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