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The new WWE 2K18 1.06 Patch is being sent out for Xbox One and PS4! (PC already released in December)

Approximate Size: 1GB.

Below you can see a list of some of the fixes in this update. It also adds support for the "Enduring Icons" DLC Pack ahead of release!
PS4, Xbox One, PC:

  • It's now possible to put an opponent through the roof of the Hell in A Cell using a regular move.
  • Highlight Reel now features the name of the selected target.
  • Championships now show in WWE Universe Mode match card graphics.
  • Community Creations search results now show whether creations includes unlockable or DLC content.
  • Ladders no longer briefly float after they have been knocked over by a move during a match.
  • Fixed a soft crash when going into MyPlayer/MyCareer, then backing out to the main menu and re-entering.
  • Fixed an issue where the host loses all functionality in private matches.
  • Fixed non-functional run-in options after installing DLC.
  • Fixed an issue with rope break failing to be called during certain pin combos.
  • Fixed an issue of the superstars popping up in mid-air when attempting to perform a pin during the Avalanche Angle Slam sell animation in a match.
  • Fixed some corrupted textures on Superstars.
  • Fixed an issue with Titus O'Neil Theme Song now being playable in the Jukebox.

Xbox One Specific:

  •  Fixed an issue where the game will fail to join the host’s lobby when signed out of the active user profile in-game. 

Plus, various other general bug fixes throughout the game.

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