1. Dirty Pin

  • Allows you to pin an opponent with increased leverage, making it harder for your opponent to kick out and essentially removes rope breaks. Automatically activates when you pin an opponent near the ropes.
  • Available by default in Career Mode

2. Evasive Dodge

  • Hold RT (or R2) and use the left stick to make your wrestler roll in the indicated direction. Good for keeping an opponent guessing and getting out of harm's way in a hurry.
  • Available by default in Career Mode - not for Super Heavyweights

3. Lock Pick

  • Allows you to immediately break a submission hold at the cost of a lot of momentum. Unlike last year, you can use it as much as you want, but it takes a huge amount of momentum each time, so don't use it early in the match when breaking out is easy.
  • Must get a submission score of 80 in Career Mode

4. Referee Shield

  • Press and hold A (or X) to grab the ref and throw him at an opponent. Succeeding in this will knock them both down.
  • Available by default in Career Mode

5. Move Thief

  • Allows you to steal an opponent's finisher or signature move, provided you are in the same situation as he is. To use it, press RB + Y (or R1 + Triangle) to activate it. Note that you need an appropriate amount of momentum; you have to have enough to be able to do your signature to steal theirs, and you need enough to do your finisher to steal theirs.
  • Available by default in Career Mode

6. Taunt Thief

  • Steal the opponent's taunt by holding RB (or R1) and hitting any direction on the D-pad. If it's uninterrupted, the opponent cannot gain any momentum for any reason for 20 seconds.
  • Available by default in Career Mode

7. Hammer Throw

  • Allows you to do a strong Irish Whip by holding B (or Circle). This will send the target over the top rope entirely rather than just flinging him into the ropes.
  • Available by default in Career Mode

8. Object Specialist

  • Allows you to grapple while holding a weapon. Allows you to use a Con-chair-to attack with a chair or a Ladder Helicopter attack with a ladder by flicking the right stick whilst holding the appropriate weapon.
  • Must get a hardcore score of 70 in Career Mode

9. Resiliency

  • Increases the chance you will kick out of a pin or submission. For human-controlled players, this character will be able to kick out without you hitting the kick out meter dead-center. For AI-controlled players, this character will essentially have more life, as they will have a bigger chance to kick out.
  • Must get an overall rating of 92 in Career Mode

10. Durability

  • Allows you to slightly recover your health if you sustain severe damage. Press and hold Y (or Triangle) to activate this when prompted. Note that when you're healing, you're not moving, so don't do it unless your opponents are down or you're out of the ring.
  • Must get Durability Attribute score of 85 in Career Mode

  11. Hardcore Resurrection

  • Allows you to bust yourself open when holding a chair by pressing Y (or Triangle). This will give you full momentum and recover a decent amount of health.
  • Must get hardcore score of 90 in Career Mode

12. Kip-Up

  • Similar to Hardcore Resurrection, this will fill your momentum and make you instantly jump to your feet while grounded. To use it, press Y (or Triangle) after being knocked down. You can only use it once per match, so don't use it too early.
  • Must get a Technical score of 85 in Career Mode

13. Fan Favorite

  • This allows you to do a special taunt if your momentum is not full. Hold RB (or R1), then press the D-pad in any direction. If the taunt fully executes without interruption, you'll fully max out your momentum.
  • Must get charisma score of 80 in Career Mode

14. Outside Dives

  • Allows you to do a dive attack or running dive attack from inside the ring to ringside by running toward the ropes, then hitting toward + strike.
  • Available by default in Career Mode - not for Super Heavyweights

15. Springboard Dives

  • Allows you to do a dive attack or running dive attack from the apron to ringside, or inside the ring bouncing off the ropes. To do this, hold the left stick toward your opponent, then press strike.
  • Available by default in Career Mode - not for Super Heavyweights

16. Possum Pin

  • Allows you to reverse a pin attempt and pin your opponent instead. This ability is passive, provided you correctly time hitting the reversal button for your opponent's pin attempt.
  • Available by default in Career Mode

17. Fired Up *NEW*

  • This one allows you to turn one finisher into three. When your momentum is maxed out, hold RB and press Y (or hold R1 and press Triangle), and your finisher icon will turn from "F" to "Fx3." You can then hit three finishers, though if your momentum balances out before you hit all three, you'll forfeit any remaining finishers you had. You can use this only once per match.
  • Must get your overall rating of a 90 in Career Mode

18. Ring Escape *NEW*

  • Allows you to quickly get out of the ring when grounded. If you're lying near the ropes, press toward the ropes on the left stick, then hit LB (or L1). You'll instantly leave the ring at the cost of a chunk of momentum, though it will save you from possibly further injury.
  • Available by default in Career Mode

19. Exploder Turnbuckle Attack *NEW*

  • Allows you to counter a guy standing on the turnbuckle by running at him, jumping up on the ropes, then throwing him off. This one is hard to really execute in practice, unless you know your opponent is extremely happy to go into high-risk territory.
  • Must get speed score of 75 in Career Mode

20. Pull Back Attacks *NEW*

  • Allows you to interrupt your own Irish Whip and turn it into another move, a slam or an attack, based on whether you hit the right stick or the strike button.
  • Available by default in Career Mode

21. Strong Strike *NEW*

  • Allows you to do a more-powerful strike move by holding X (or Square) for a second.
  • Must get a strike score of 75 in Career Mode


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