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For the people who would like to get all the achievements for this game but don't feel like spending hours doing them in one session, There is a way to get them fast and easy! With this guide, you can get the following 7 achievements within a hour:

20 G Challenger
Win at least once on Hard difficulty or higher (Single Player)

30 G Submission Specialist
Win 20 times with submission in one sesseion (Single Player)

30 G Professional Material
Win 20 times on Hard difficutly or higher in one session (Single Player)

50 G Legend Status Accomplishments
Win 50 times on Hard difficulty or higher in one session (Single Player)

15 G Wildman of the Ring
Break 20 tables, ladders or chairs in one session (Single Player)

30 G Berserker
Break 50 tables, ladders or chairs in one session (Single Player)

15 G Thank You Edge
Win 37 times with Edge in one session (Single Player)

This is what you have to do:

1) Make a weak CAW first (overall 1)

2) Go to create mode and then create a new story

3) Pick a match and choose Edge and as oppenent choose the CAW

4) While in the menu where you can pick the wrestlers, highligt the CAW and press Y. This will take you to the menu where you can choose with body part has wich damage when entering the match. give him all 0% (all red).

5) In the options menu for the match put the difficulty to hard, skip entrance on and winning scene off. This will make it much faster.

6) Copy and paste this match so your raw has 10 of these matches. Then go to smackdown and do the same here. next week on RAW the same and then next smackdown the same but copy/paste the match 7 times. After that you can choose a different superstar then Edge if you like. and make for that smackdown another 3 matches. Then the week after that on RAW you repeat it again and so on untill you have a total of 50 matches. (NOTE: be sure the difficulty is on hard, the skip entrance is on and winning scene is off and that the opponent has all red body at start of match). Also make 1 extra match! make it a easy extreme rules match!

7) Save and play trough the story. What will happen is you will fight 37 matches as edge on hard, win the first 20 match with submission. So the first 20 matches you just walk up to the opponent and press/hold A, button mash and win the match. After you have done this for 20 times (2 achievements should pop up) you can run and grapple move your opponent and then immidently pin him. After 37 matches you should get the edge achievement. Then keep doing this untill you have completed all 50 matches and you get the achievement.

8) Now for the last 2 achievements you play the extra extreme rules match. This is on easy difficulty just to make it easier. As soon as the match starts get outside of the ring, then grab a chair from under the ring and wait for the opponent to come outside the ring as well. Beat him with the chair untill it breaks and grab another chair and keep doing this. After 20 broken chairs you get 1 achievement and after 50 broken chairs you'll get the 2nd achievement.

And then you are 7 achievements richer.


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