WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain Controls for Sony PlayStation 2 controller; including how to perform finishers, reversals, Irish whip, run, attacks and grapples!

SmackDown Here Comes The Pain Basic Controls PS2 Pad - HCTP SmackDown Here Comes The Pain Weapons Controls PS2 Pad - HCTP
SmackDown Here Comes The Pain Tag Team Controls PS2 Pad - HCTP

  • Finisher / "Smackdown!" Move: L1 Button

  • Strikes: X + Directional Button

  • Grapples: Initiate Grapple: Circle + Directional Button
    - Power Grapple: Circle + Up
    - Submission Grapple: Circle + Down
    - Signature Grapple: Circle + Left
    - Quick Grapple: Circle + Right

  • Strike Reversals: L2

  • Grapple Reversals: R2

  • Irish Whip: Circle

  • Run: Triangle

  • Taunt: Right Analog Stick

  • Pick Up Weapons: Square Button

  • Pin: Circle + Down

  • Change Target: R1

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