In the WWE 2K18 MyCareer mode, your MyPLAYER have a set Fighting Style, chosen in the MyPLAYER WIZARD. There are 8 total different Fighting Styles to choose from, designed to create unique-feeling gameplay experiences.

Each Fighting Style has its own strengths and weaknesses in regards to Body Size, starting Attributes, max Attributes and available Skills and Abilities. For example, you should expect a High Flyer to move much faster than a Giant, in addition to performing several aerial maneuvers. Adversely, you should expect a Giant to be much tougher and have more power.

Each Fighting Style has its own set of skills and abilities unlocked by default, and not all skills and abilities are usable by all fighting styles.

Players should choose the Fighting Style that best represents their favorite play styles and interests. Let's take an in-depth look at each of the 8 Fighting Styles in WWE 2K18, with details on their top attributes, as well as their starting skills and abilities.

High Flyer

Quick and agile, a High Flyer's arsenal relies on high risk moves from the top rope, even at the cost of their own health. They excel in Speed and Agility.

  • Best Attributes: Speed; Athleticism; Reversals
  • Starting Skills: Top Rope Diver; Springboard Diver
  • Starting Abilities: Diving Pin Combo LVL1


Feeding off the crowd's energy, it's in a Showboat's blood to put everything on the line to steal the show. They excel in Stamina and Reversals.

  • Best Attributes: Stamina; Reversals; Promo
  • Starting Skills: Second Finisher; Comeback
  • Starting Abilities: Fan Favorite LVL1


Using quick kicks and punches to dissect their opponent, a Striker's onslaught is unrelenting. They excel in Striking and Stamina.

  • Best Attributes: Striking; Stamina
  • Starting Skills: Combo Striker
  • Starting Abilities: Ring Escape LVL1


No hold is ever wasted by these master ring Technicians, and they are always one step ahead of their opponent. They excel in Grappling and Technique.

  • Best Attributes: Grappling; Technique; Reversals
  • Starting Skills: Top Rope Diver; Leverage Pin
  • Starting Abilities: Technician LVL1


Brawlers do well in the ring but even better in a street fight. They have no problems throwing down anytime, anywhere. They excel in Toughness and Athleticism.

  • Best Attributes: Toughness; Athleticism; Striking
  • Starting Skills: Comeback; Remove the Turnbuckle
  • Starting Abilities: Ruthless Aggression LVL1

Strong Style

Although their method is unorthodox, it's highly effective. Masters of the Strong Style take no prisoners. They excel in Toughness and Grappling.

  • Best Attributes: Grappling; Toughness
  • Starting Skills: Top Rope Diver; Comeback
  • Starting Abilities: Resiliency LVL1


Powerhouses are the true gladiators of their time. No obstacle is too difficult for them to overcome. They excel in Power and Grappling.

  • Best Attributes: Power; Grappling
  • Starting Skills: Fired Up
  • Starting Abilities: Pin Combo LVL1


Slow moving, but exceptionally strong, everyone on the roster fears these Giants, and they are right to. They excel in Power and Toughness.

  • Best Attributes: Power; Toughness
  • Starting Skills: Hammer Throw
  • Starting Abilities: Immovable Object LVL1

Note: In addition, your MyPLAYER Weight Class acts as an additional Attributes modifier on top of your selected Fighting Style. Some Fighting Styles have more Weight Classes available than others.



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