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Team PCC is an event that should feel, at first blush, immediately familiar and cozy. Just like in PCC, you’ll be tasked with accumulating wins by playing a six-card hand against all of WWE SuperCard’s participating player base. As you get more wins, you’ll move up an ever-changing real-time leaderboard. The event ends after its timer is depleted and then you collect the rewards you’ve won.

At the same time, Team PCC should feel different. You aren’t the only person competing after all. Your teammates will be, too, right beside you. And your ranking at the end of the event won’t just solely be a product of your excellence and determination. It’ll be a shared rank, a shared victory amongst teammates. This is why we’re so hyped to bring Team PCC to you — it’s a fun twist that we think makes something familiar also feel fresh.

You have a lot of questions about Team PCC, so let’s talk about how it works.


In Team PCC, the deck you’ll be using from match-to-match will be randomly drawn from your Team Deck — the shared, team pool you’ve been able to add to and edit since this fall. In most matches you’ll play with some familiar faces mixed in with your teammates’ cards, making it vital to communicate what cards you’re bringing to the table. If you contributed two POW-heavy Superstars, for example, you probably should tip off your teammates to bring in some SPDsters.

You can edit your Team Cards, both outside and inside the event, by accessing the Edit Team Cards menu. From there, you’ll be able to freely swap in and out your cards. You can also view your Team Deck by hitting the appropriately-named View Team Deck menu. When a Team PCC is going, you can access the Team menu within the Team PCC event, making these transitions between menus easier.

One new features we’re bringing into the fold is Team Enhancements. In the Edit Team Cards menu, you can assign an Enhancement to your deck. This Enhancement’s buff is then transferred to ALL of your contributions. When your team plays with your cards, this buff stays active. When you play with them, it does, too. Any Enhancement you get from the Draft Board or from Card Packs can be used in this spot. Also, once the event ends, or if you replace the Enhancement, the Enhancement is consumed. Normal charge rules don’t apply in this spot.

The last slot in the Team Deck menu has a Coming Soon banner. That’s because we have plans to add a new Team-based card in this spot down the road. We’ll let you know when it’s ready for primetime.


Voting in Team PCC is handled a little differently than PCCs. At the start of the event, you’ll vote for who you want to represent with wins during the event. Your teammates will, too. Once everyone votes, whatever Superstar, Legend, or Diva has the most votes will decide who your team is playing for in the event. Each time your team wins a match, that Superstar or Diva gets a point in his or her column.

Matches scale on difficulty of opponent’s decks. You can choose to play +1, +3, or +5 matches. Each of these values, just like in PCC, equate to points. +5 matches give the most points but are pretty hard. +3 matches are the middle of the road choice, offering easier match-ups. +1 matches are the easiest, but obviously give the fewest points.

The points you and your teammates earn move the team up in rank. The higher the rank you are, the better the reward will be at the end of the Team PCC. Just like how Teams share points, Teams also share the rewards. If, for example, your team gets first place, everyone on your team will receive the first place reward.

You can easily view where your Team is ranking by checking the Leaderboard. During the event, you can also check out the Points Breakdown to see who on your team is pulling in the most points. Team Events also include Team Chat in the sub-menu, just in case you feel the need to poke a few of your teammates about their schedules.

By the way: once a Team PCC starts and your Team scores a point your Team is locked. You won’t be able to kick members out or leave a Team. You’ll still be able to create a Team if you’re not on one. You can also join late to the party with a Team, but you’ll need to find four others to join with you since the minimum for Team PCC is five players.

Initially, we don’t plan to offer special main event cards in Team PCCs. Instead, they’ll be cards of the highest tier available (think Legendary and so on). Solo events will continue to be the place to get main event cards.


We’re going to remain fluid with event types and event cadence in order to respond to feedback and any other needs, but once Team PCCs begin we’ll offer them at the beginning of the week. This is to avoid any complications with players who want to continue playing solo events and sprinkle in some Team PCC action from time to time.

Team PCCs will not start until after the next update comes out. We’ll be able to give you more details about when the first Team PCC will roll out then, too.

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