WWE SuperStar and 2K Champion, Xavier Woods, took time out of his busy schedule of earning his PhD and laying the smackdown on the world in WWE SuperCard long enough to share some of his thoughts concerning the game. Come for the WWE SuperCard protips, stay for the delightful trash talk!

2K: Last time we saw you in the 2K Games Universe was at the WrestleMania 30 Superstar Challenge where you totally destroyed a whole bunch of other WWE Superstars at WWE 2K14. Tell us a bit about that experience and how you prepared for it.

XAVIER: It was a really good experience for me. You know, a lot of guys train all day and all night just to make it to the main roster. They want to be Superstars, they want to be at WrestleMania, they want to be at SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, RAW, SmackDown.. but for me? Yeah, all those same things still applied, but I had something else in mind. I wanted to be the WrestleMania video game champion, and when I saw the belt sitting there -- the 2K Championship -- I knew that would be my baby and I would take that home.

The prior year I was still in NXT, and while everyone was waiting to get bussed over to the tournament they had some Xbox's hooked up where everyone was practicing and I beat everyone in that tournament. I demanded that I be put into the tournament that year and they told me the rules stated that no one from NXT was allowed to be in the tournament and that you had to be on the main roster. That solidified my rage even more so that when I did make it to the main roster I was going to be champion and I was never going to let it go. So, this past WrestleMania, when I won, when I crushed the competition with just one second to go -- just wanting to make it dramatic for everyone -- and I became champion, it was one of the greatest achievements of my life because I worked for that. I trained for that. In my room, in the darkness. I worked alone, I trained alone. And I will forever be a 2K Champion.

2K: So you felt you were a champion a year ahead of time, there was just a technicality holding you back.

XAVIER: I definitely was. I just took what was rightfully mine this year.

2K: Are you going to be defending the championship in the future?

XAVIER: Oh yeah, of course. Of course. There's really no defense process because the other WWE Superstars don't even come close to me. Their attempts are almost laughable. Especially Cody Rhodes, he got like a four during the Superstar Challenge, I think? It's just.. I really just want to play other people because its not even interesting now.

2K: Have you considered taking this show on the road? Challenging kids in the arenas while you're on tour with WWE.

XAVIER: You know what? I did come across a kid who was really good once by the name of Matty Owens, he plays at place called Game-Underground (Framingham, MA). One of the greatest WWE 2K players I have ever seen in my life. Tons of potential.

2K: Where's the 2K Championship now?

XAVIER: The belt is on my wall. At my house. With lights on it. Every couple of years a friend of mine makes me shadowboxes of things I've done, with snippets from newspapers or my wrestling gear.. when I'm old, I'm going to want this stuff. So that when I eventually have kids I can be like, "Here's what your dad did back in the day." It'd be a nice thing to have. So, the 2K Championship is there with the other shadowboxes, kind of like its own little shrine.

2K: Let's talk about Supercard. You've been helping us spread the gospel of Supercard, so tell us a bit about your experiences with it.

XAVIER: I think it's awesome. I'm currently (ED NOTE: As of when this interview was recorded) 250-10. I've been seriously playing this game. I'm in the King of the Ring and I realize that the really cool thing about it is that while I'm the tournament, I can still play exhibition mode and collect energy cards to ensure that I don't suck while playing King of the Ring. And while I'm doing that I'm collecting better cards for my deck, too. So you get the matches every hour, but you get that extra incentive to work through the exhibition mode to collect more cards, but also scrounge up those energy cards to support your King of the Ring cards. It's better than some of the other mobile card games out there that just exist on timers.

2K: So who do you have in your main deck right now?

XAVIER: I have a Super Rare Dolph Ziggler, a Rare Yokozuna, Rare Kofi Kingston, Rare Big E, and I got an Uncommon Eva Marie. Now, I originally had an Uncommon version of myself, which I dumped all my cards into to level him up as quickly as possible.. but Uncommon wasn't good enough to hang, so I just set him as my champ, and I was like, "Oh, I could have just set myself as a champ and not invest in this Uncommon card? That would have been a lot smarter." But I've lived and I've learned and now I get it. So that's my deck and it's working out pretty well right now. I need to get a Rare Divas card, but I'm almost to the Super Rare level.

2K: What kind of advice would you give any potential Supercard players? What are the key points you wish you knew before you had started?

XAVIER: I would say for your Superstars its best to go with three compatible guys, and then one uncompatible guy. When you have tag matches those compatible guys are going to see their stats increase, but if you have that one incompatible guy with his stats raised as much as possible, they'll be your go-to solo guy. It's great to go with all compartible cards if possible, but it's nice having that one uncompatible one that you can just level up and have reserved for solo matches.

When it comes to your Support cards, rather than going with cards that only boost a single attribute, it's best to go with cards that boost two attributes instead. It might give you less of a boost to any one attribute, but then when you go into a match with someone you think has a higher rating than you, you can cover two bases instead of just one. Now you have a more well-rounded hand.

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