WWE '12 Twitter Updates Official Thread [November]

Special thanks to RKHT8709, HeartBreakKid and TheRebelliousOne for the updates! 

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RealCoryLedesma "At the airport early. Bout to take a pre-flight nap. Dreams of #WWE12 giving the #rockbottom to all other video games coming out".

Q: "So from what i am hearing, once again the computer can be easily defeated with out having to do a finisher. I'm depressed".
RealCoryLedesma "give it a try on legend and tweet me back. Bet I hear something different".

Q: "You're hyping up the game like crazy Corey, I hope it lives up to it, otherwise it'll be dangerous for the series!"
RealCoryLedesma "Im not doing anything crazy. Just retweeting the excitement from our fans. U got to manage ur own expectations. The game is good tho"

RealCoryLedesma "Macho Man Randy Savage. #WWE12 DLC. Oooooh Yeah!! #epicroster Nov. 22nd just around the corner. Not to late to preorder!!!"

WWEgames "The last reveal of our @WWE '12 "Legends DLC," is non other than "The Macho Man" Randy Savage! #WWE12" 

RealCoryLedesma "Remember all those tweets I got months ago that said something along the lines of "if Macho Man's not in the game, im not buying."? #BOOM"

RealCoryLedesma "You know who you are. And now you know we listen and deliver".

Q: "Is Brodus Clay in WWE 12?"
THQ_Tank "yes he is"

Q: "Why the eff didn't you fix Inferno matches??? Guys don't go over the top rope, and get their asses lit on fire!"
THQ_Tank "ESRB, WWE, shall I go on?"

THQ_Tank "Legends Live Forever #WWE12 - the greatest day of my career" http://twitpic.com/5050yo

THQ_Tank "It was taken at his home, I was likely the last person who "worked" with him, we shot the @WWE All Stars trailer together"

THQ_Tank "Thank @RealCoryLedesma for putting Macho Man in @WWE 12, he is THE man who makes the engine go tick tick tick BOOM!"

THQ_Tank "Check out our bad-ass @WWE 12 WCW Invasion article with Starrcade/Nitro screens and a sweet wallpaper" http://wwe.thq.com/go/article/view/251885/...vades-in-wwe-12

THQ_Tank "Online Axxess is included with every new copy of @WWE '12, you only purchase Online Axxess if you buy it used"

THQ_Tank "Fan Axxess is special DLC program for @WWE 12, one-time price gets you all DLC at discounted rate, no brainer if you want it all"

Q: "used? #areyouseriousbro , who's gonna buy used?"
THQ_Tank "You'd be surprised, it's a crazy market on its own, true fans buy it new and never give it up"

Q: "So by buying WWE 12 new, I get every DLC update for free?"
THQ_Tank "no, if you buy our Fan Axxess program, you get all DLC at a discount, hit up our website for info, its very simple"

Q: "Can we purchase Fan Axxess anytime after the release or is there a deadline?"
THQ_Tank "Fan Axxess is ALWAYS available for the life of the game"

Q: "Fan Axxess is special DLC program for @WWE 12, one-time price gets you all DLC at discounted rate" - when does #FanAxxess drop?
THQ_Tank "@WWE Fan Axxess will be available when the game ships on Nov 22nd"

Q: "How much does @TheRock cost? And when he comes available? I want #BootsToAsses!"
THQ_Tank "@TheRock After 90 days he will likely be the same cost as all other individual DLC characters, BUT if you get Fan Axxess you'll save!"

Q: "When do we get the Creation Article you started last week?"
stephensonmc "we have a ton of stuff on our plate today, so it will most likely be tomorrow".

Q: "please squash this rumor. All of the 23 titles have to be assigned/used in Universe 2.0?"
stephensonmc "negative, ghost rider".

Q: "When is the Roster page gonna be updated on the THQ website? I know the Diva models aren't finished, but what about the rest?"
stephensonmc "I heard Tank discuss it today, but I'm kind of dizzy due to sickness. He said this week (hopefully)"

Q: "prepare for the hate cause macho man has a minitron and other legends dont...  amazing tho"
stephensonmc "we got the mini-trons that were given to us. Minitrons are A LOT more complex than you think".


THQ_Tank "@realMickFoley is bringing the hardcore back to @WWE '12, can you say bang bang! Have a nice day!"

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RealCoryLedesma "Myself and @RichIGN on @IGN tomorrow at 12 PST discussing #WWE12 in all its glory. We'll be playing the game and I'll be layin the smackdown"

RealCoryLedesma "#BOOOOM games.ign.com/articles/121/1…"
RealCoryLedesma "Mick Foley in #WWE12. #BangBang. Is it me or is our timing impeccable this year??"

Q: "Is it today? @WWEgames says one hour... :/"
RealCoryLedesma "they were mistaken. it's tomorrow"

RealCoryLedesma "Mick Foley the 2nd to last DLC character announced. #WWE12 DLC is pretty epic this year...:"

RealCoryLedesma "My fresh unopened copy of #WWE12. Its my baby. http://campl.us/gNzk"

Q: "preordering at Best Buy gets me The Rock still right? @BestBuy"
RealCoryLedesma "YES"

RealCoryLedesma "#WWE12 has taken over wwe.com #CyberBOOM"

RealCoryLedesma "Apparently I'm supposed to be playing #WWE12 against fans on Friday in NYC outside of MSG. "I'll make you famous." Try your luck...suckers!"

Q: "Please clarify, hows the Miz's alt. attires work? Will that be 90 days after release like the Rock? might do walmart."
RealCoryLedesma "MIz outfits are a GameStop exclusive. Available after 90 days if you get the game from somewhere else."

Q: "just angry i need to know if the wii version will be good before i buy a xbox 360"
RealCoryLedesma "i would suggest the Xbox 360 or PS3. The wii doesnt have as many features unfortunately."

Q: "any news when the divas video will be available??? Just curious"
RealCoryLedesma "not sure yet. Please follow @WWEgames to find out."

Q: "thnks wat about superstar threads or creat an arena or you cant answer if you cant its ok ill take your advice"
RealCoryLedesma "those are not in the Wii"

Q: "the issue with community creations not working I was the only reason I got last years game and if it's fixed ill get this 1"
RealCoryLedesma "definitely fixed. new servers this year that are THQ owned this time."

Q: "is online fixed this year for lagging/mic cutting out last year was terrible"
RealCoryLedesma "improved. always going to have a little lag tho."

Q: "crap one more thing of you has time can ray pick up the big show I like in passed game where small guy couldn't do so"
RealCoryLedesma "animation plays much slower and looks like a more difficult lift but we still allow it. freedom vs. restriction."

stephensonmc "We've got a Superstar waiting to come out of the boiler room today..."

stephensonmc "Hey Mick, it's so good to have you back in @WWEgames. We're excited to have you in #WWE12, and the timing is perfect!"

Q: "Marcus can you please explain how it works the universe mode and changing things from matches to the titles because"
stephensonmc "you have to go to edit brand to change titles. go to the calendar, hit x or square on the brand and edit."

Q: "The vid says "This December" I thought DLC 3 wasn't coming out until January... Not complaining though, lol >;3"
stephensonmc "it's a window of time. To be safe, say Jan. We don't control the exact date."

Q: "Marcus, hi again  I read somewhere that you can only edit matches one by one and not revamp the whole card before playing it"
stephensonmc "that's correct."

Q: "thanks Marcus I bet this guy didn't know how to edit matches when he played. Also I am hearing great things about the game gj."
stephensonmc "To edit matches, you have to edit them individually."

Q: "can we remove edge/christians attitude entrance attire during entrances?"
stephensonmc "Good question, but I wouldn't know since I don't have the DLC. I'll ask. I can't imagine, since that's their alternate attire and it's baked on during entrances."

Q: "why is it in universe mode if u change a match you HAVE to play it ??????? @stephensonmc"
stephensonmc "I don't think that's correct, actually. Use the magical back button: B or Circle"

stephensonmc "FALSE ALARM -- @IGN LIVE #WWE12 stream is TOMORROW. Poor communication."

Q: "I think the entrance of foley is awful :s , the older is better"
stephensonmc "yep, went w/ a different entrance. Thanks for the feedback, though."

Q: "Will you send me the game: yes or no? #fear"
stephensonmc "during launch week (i.e.- not day of)"


Q: "will the WWE 12 collectors ed. Be available at stores, like EB? Or do I have to buy a copy online? Thanks in advance"
RealCoryLedesma "only at thq.com"

Q: "goodjob! #WWE12 got tv time! #BOOM"
RealCoryLedesma "#BOOM is right!!"

Q: "Does the ring implode if I use @WWETheBigShow to superplex Mark Henry in #WWE12 ?"
RealCoryLedesma "I wish!!!"

RealCoryLedesma "Who is watching #RAW right now!? Are you seeing all this #WWE12 love?! Getting excited yet!?"

Q: "Are you going to be on Ign on Wednesday?"
RealCoryLedesma "YES!!! How did you hear?"

RealCoryLedesma "#diehard RT “@DSB_IV: @RealCoryLedesma Man, I've been excited since E3, I'm camping out in front of the store next week after Raw”

Q: "hey bro when's the next dlc reveal? #wwe12 #kingcory"
RealCoryLedesma "supposed to be this week"

Q: "u guy's should add clan tags and stuff for wwe12 that make it even better"
RealCoryLedesma "I agree. Maybe 13"

Q: "after playing #wwe12 I have to say wow an amazing experience awesome job man can't wait for more"
THQ_Tank "thanks man, we appreciate that a lot"

THQ_Tank "As a heads up, we will not be putting the DLC profiles up until closer to their actual launch date for each pack, prepare for launch first!"

Q: "what time is that WWE12 event in NYC on Friday?"
stephensonmc "12-2 I think. I'll double-check, butthe whole weekend is a blur with so much to do!"

Q: "will you be at the booth/game stations this Sunday @ MSG? It'd be great to meet the community rep in person".
stephensonmc "i will, and I'd of course love to meet you".

Q: "can you have a title match in Universe for a title that isn't assigned as major, minor, women's or tag?"
stephensonmc "yes".

Q: "And my @WWE '12 "The People's Edition" ???"
stephensonmc "If we can get it, you'd receive during launch week".

Q: "Can we have an all Diva Brand? And can they hold the tag titles? PR I've been asking for ages!" 
stephensonmc "You must have 15 Superstars/Divas to put on a show".

Q: "Not to annoy you guys, but do you have an estimate of when the DLC diva profiles will be up? #WWE12"
stephensonmc "No estimate, my friend. They just aren't done yet, so we'll know when we know".

Q: "When does Fan Axxess get released?"
stephensonmc "we're in the window right now. We don't know an exact day, but before or on launch".

Q: "Really? Isn't it already available? What did I buy then?"
stephensonmc "Divas DLC is DLC Pack #2".

Q: "So I just heard about Free Brawl. Can you get to the Backstage area from the ring? If not, can you put that in next year?"
stephensonmc "we couldn't fit that in this year. Lots of technical things we need to do to get done. We're looking at it".

Q: "Fair enough, I trust you. I just do want you to take note of the major fan demand for this feature to be in, we'd love it"
stephensonmc "Of course we do, we just simply can't do everything. This upgrade took a tremendous amount of effort in the time we did it".

Q: "I heard fan axess and things were taken down from Xbl.I just bought axess on psn. Will it be taken down affecting my purchase?"
stephensonmc "It shouldn't. It would just be availability".

Q: "Ah so it is what I meant earlier, I don't know why you told me about the Divas DLC since I never asked about it":p
stephensonmc "thought you did. My Twitter wall is pretty insane #loveit"

stephensonmc "You've got a shot to win the "People's Edition" of #WWE12 tonight during #RAWGetsROCKED. @TheRock can be in YOUR @WWEUniverse too!"

Q: "I find it funny that you guys are listing Batista as a legend. The other two wrestlers in that pack are, but Batista isn't".
stephensonmc "Interesting sense of humor you've got there, then. It's just a name of a pack. I love details, but the right ones".

Q: "Cool, I just read something on IGN http://games.ign.com/articles/121/1212458p1.html Will you be part of that Marcus?"
stephensonmc "nope, B-Dub will be there. I'll be headed to the 'series'.

Q: "Ugh...wish #WWE12 was pushed back a little bit so we could have Mick Foley in the game...sheesh" 
stephensonmc "So do we..."

Q: "He's already in according to WWE Magazine. Dry your tears dear one. And Marcus, I'm not spoiling, everyone knows"

stephensonmc "Whew, good thing we have Cody's old Dashing entrance in #WWE12. Would have been awkward..."

Q: "But do you have the original Smoke & Mirrors still in the game?"
stephensonmc "yes"

Q: "Note to industry: don't call it "narrative design" if it doesn't touch the simulation or affect gameplay. Call it "plain old writing".
stephensonmc "#truestory"

stephensonmc "Just to clarify, we do have the "Dashing" Cody Rhodes alternate attire and entrance as an unlockable in #WWE12".

stephensonmc "The music is the OLD "Dashing" theme".

Q: "The mirror entrance? Please reply broski".
stephensonmc "yes!"

Q: "so, no undashing theme? Meh, doesn't matter. Does he have the mask though?"
stephensonmc "we have both!"

Q: "Wait hold on is it the same entrance in smackdown vs raw 2011? Or a new "Dashing" entrance?"
stephensonmc "same"

stephensonmc "The People's Edition" will allow you to give #bootstoasses to #cenasladyparts in #WWE12".

Q: "I know, I KNOW man, Twitter is one thing, but WWE is just obsessed with 'trending'.
stephensonmc "there's a reason this brand is huge -- it's everywhere you want to be".


RealCoryLedesma "The "no cuts" comment came from a discussion with someone regarding match types. Don't take that quote out of context. Read the discussion".

Q: "I just preordered #WWE'12 via amazon im hoping i get on release day but it say on nov.29"
THQ_Tank "depends what shipping method you picked"

Q: "hey hammer,is there titles defenses in exibition in wwe'12?? Some people with review copies say no just wanted to make sure"
stephensonmc "yes. Select screen, then defend championship option is there".

Q: "I thought weapon physics were still in whats up with this video?"


stephensonmc "def physics, bro"

Q: "marcus WTF why in the world did u guys change the voice over for ricardo to where he sounds sleepy it was better before!!!!!!!"
stephensonmc "there are multiple lines for RR. "WTF, man!"

Q: "like from the builds u guys were showing compared to the final build that reviewers r getting i dont get y u took so much out!"
stephensonmc "we didn't. Play the game for yourself".

stephensonmc "Can't wait until #WWE12 launch. Can NEXT Tuesday arrive any sooner?"

Q: http://caws.ws/forum/topic/416919-my-previ...f-wwe12-w-pics/ First part
stephensonmc "they need a reality check over there. They think you're a fraud". 

WWEgames "RIP Eddie Guerrero. You will forever be part of @WWEgames past, present, and future".

Q: "hey Marcus have you figured out how to turn off titles in universe? The guy that has it said you couldn't #WWE12"
stephensonmc "titles can't be turned OFF, they can be REPLACED. Work around would be manage roster".

stephensonmc "Alright, home stretch this week. #WWE12 has officially put all of you on NOTICE!"

Q: "What do you think of Skyrim Marcus? Should tide us over until WWE 12 anyway"
stephensonmc "I absolutely love it, man. Thanks for asking".

Q: "saw ur post @board_op_gamer thanks for posting I guess well figure it out in 9 days lol"
stephensonmc "In exhibition you can vacate. In Universe you can't, you can replace. Options > Title Settings"

Q: "so in other words, all 23 titles have to be occupied by someone?"
stephensonmc "NO! You have the slots. Those can be replaced w/ rankings. The others are just assigned".

Q: "It was a joke, sir  Though you could put them on the WrestleCrap brand ^_^"
stephensonmc "so by not assigning, you can vacate, but logic won't recognize it or defend it if vacated".

Q: "Ah, so if we don't assign them to begin with, then we don't have to worry about them". 
stephensonmc  "But some are assigned by default".

Q: http://caws.ws/forum/topic/416842-dear-thqyukes/ "Is this true? No transparancy AGAIN? >_>"
stephensonmc "On tats this year (again), but facial hair and designs don't. Feedback noted, and I'll look into".

Q: "cannot wait for my #WWE12 People's Edition for my Playstation 3 that I won courtesy of @WWEgames to arrive from you guys"
stephensonmc "Expect launch week, sir".

Q: "Oh no. Let's all pray for THQ next year, folks!  j/k"
stephensonmc "be thankful that you can at least say that instead of other games: #maybenext4years"

Q: "Well, there's some good feedback for next year's game. Being able to vacate titles in Universe Mode". 
stephensonmc "Was already in the plan, things get cut b/c of time, budget, resources in this annual title biz".

Q: "Well, there's some good feedback for next year's game. Being able to vacate titles in Universe Mode". 
stephensonmc "you can plan something, but then you actually have to do it. That takes design, code, logic = time. That's why".

Q: "LIKE WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU GUYS TAKE OUT THE PIN BREAK UP ANIMATIONS??? that helped so much last year compared to before!!!"
stephensonmc "clarify please? There are pin break-ups, not as frequent? Yes".

Q: "to clarify you're telling me I will not recieve my people's edition the day of release?"
stephensonmc "that is correct. You will receive during launch week".

Q: "After seein the WWE12 vids, things HAVE to be addressed for WWE13.Commentary(more emotion on nearfalls)moves,CAW,air punches"
stephensonmc "yes, agreed. Always a process. Doesn't end".

Q: "Not tryin 2 B an ass,but U NEED other announce teams in next game.Y does evryone have Russian Leg Sweep...not realistic! Thx"
stephensonmc "can't do everything. Feedback noted, though. Had to do this tech upgrade".

Q: "Not tryin 2 B an ass,but U NEED other announce teams in next game.Y does evryone have Russian Leg Sweep...not realistic! Thx"
stephensonmc "what do you mean everyone?"

Q: "Is it poss 2 have devel look into diff time frames in match 4 diff moves? That way u dont get same15 moves per match-an idea"
stephensonmc "much more than 15 moves, brah. And the states do that this year. It's refreshing to see flow!"

Q: "Checked 3 of my local Best Buys today to see if the #WWE12 demo was up like Marcus said. Nope -_-"
stephensonmc "that's for them to decide, my man".


Q: "What will you say if i ask you if JTG is in the game?"
RealCoryLedesma "I will say he's not in".

Q: "played #WWE12 at a show last night. @CMPunk had his static intro. Amazing graphics, great works guys"
stephensonmc "the static isn't in this year, but glad you like it, man!"

Q: "So just played a demo and noticed that in ladder matchs there's a invisible wall stopping people getting pushed out the ring?"
stephensonmc "clarify, please. What'd you think of the demo?"

Q: "I'm New To TwitterThought I ask a question on wwe12 can you change ppv's in universe mode? change the name? arena? logo?"
stephensonmc "yes! Welcome to Twitter, btw".

Q: "Quick question; #WWE12 People's Edition won't be sold in stores? I want it for the extra Blu-ray disc".
stephensonmc "if you order first day shipping at our store, you'll have it on launch, bro!"

Q: "So just played a demo and noticed that in ladder matchs there's a invisible wall stopping people getting pushed out the ring?"
stephensonmc "i know what you mean now. I'll ask about it, bro".

Q: "The gameplay is looking fairly decent, but seems AI now won't go for ground grapples, like the corners last year. Sigh".
stephensonmc "AI def goes for ground grapples"

Q: "Marcus do you actually play the games you work on or do you stick to other games? Like will you play #WWE12?"
stephensonmc "I'm playing WWE '12 right now, bro. Why? I don't work on games I don't absolutely love".

Q: "Marcus do you actually play the games you work on or do you stick to other games? Like will you play #WWE12?"
stephensonmc "There are 4 games I play all year: WWE, COD, NBA 2K, and FIFA"

stephensonmc "Bit the bullet, and bought Skyrim".

Q: "shouldn't have done it don't you have games to develop?"
stephensonmc "I couldn't ignore the depth of the design this time. Had to try it".

Q: "My best buy doesnt have the demo"
stephensonmc "It's up to the individual retailer on when they'll put it in the demo station. Please ask them"


Q: "Are we going 2 have a iquit match in the game"
RealCoryLedesma "no I quit match"

Q: "are u going ot reason the names of legends left in dlc pack 3 please"
RealCoryLedesma "yes, next week"

Q: "is the first DLC pack going to be available on launch date or after? looking forward to the 22nd! #WWE12"
RealCoryLedesma "its supposed to be on launch day"

Q: "it would be so awesome if you were a playable character in #WWE12, it would be @RealCoryLedesma VS @mikethemiz at WM!"
RealCoryLedesma "And I would have a 108 Overall!!!"

RealCoryLedesma "buying #FanAxxess gets you all the DLC".

Q: "preordered WWE '12 & bought Fan Axxess. Can't wait. Is unlocking everything optional in FA? b/c I wanna earn everything".
RealCoryLedesma "yes, just don't download Unlock All after purchase"

stephensonmc "Creation article, two legend DLC reveals, match vid, etc. RT @jgomes71 @stephensonmc @jlroll2k What else will be revealed until release day?"

stephensonmc "#FlairFriday to some of our @WWEgames Community Sites: @OfficialCAWsWS @TheSDHotel @gamingring @LegendsForum @FeelTheMayhem @operationsports"

Q: "So the creation stuff, other DLC, etc. is probably next week, right?"
stephensonmc "most likely, yes. But it's jam-packed next week".

Q: "The point of DLC is adding new content that you couldn't include in the release. But I guess you guys only see $$$ ahead of u"
stephensonmc "Then you must not have heard us say about a million times, that DLC is stuff we COULD NOT have included. #WWYKI"

Q: "The point of DLC is adding new content that you couldn't include in the release. But I guess you guys only see $$$ ahead of u"
stephensonmc "Just b/c you announce DLC, doesn't mean it's ready. #themoreyouknow"

Q: "Hey Marcus, someone on caws reported that you cannot defend titles in exhibition. Is this true or can you?"
stephensonmc "you can".

Q: "Please Reply Is DLC Pack Include it in the Fan Axxess Pack... ??"
stephensonmc "yes! All are".

Q: "@stephensonmc so your saying #FanAxxess givea you everything Please Reply ..."
stephensonmc "you'll have all 3 DLC packs, attribute adjuster, and unlock all".

stephensonmc "check your local Best Buy".

Q: "No, still think it's BS (devs only release videos of content whn they r A LOT finished) But hey, if you say so #thatswhatyoudo"
stephensonmc "It's called a development process for a reason".

Q: "I think a balance between fun and realism is good. You want the user to have fun but you also want to recreate the experience"
stephensonmc "Good points. What would be your best in class examples? (truthfully)"

Q: "it's own in-universe set of logic and rules. It would be 'realistic' for any match to stop on a ref bump, but that's no fun~"
stephensonmc "Great stuff! Thanks for that".

Q: "You mean you had planned all those content but you could fit in the game in time? Seems it's called bad time management".
stephensonmc "Try limited time. That's the reality of the annual titles business. Take it from me, I've worked on dozens."

stephensonmc "@WWEEpico in the future of @WWEgames? Keep it up, man!"

Q: "Marcus I just lost my last chance to get the peoples edittion. What should I do?"
stephensonmc "Next week: Facebook every day, Raw/SmackDown"


RealCoryLedesma "Yes, Batista is in #WWE12!!!"

Q: "Is this DLC or on the disc, it doesn't really say".
RealCoryLedesma "DLC"

RealCoryLedesma "Batista...DLC...#WWE12...Awesome...Roster...Preorder...The...Game"

RealCoryLedesma "Not having Jericho on the roster was not a creative decision. Cant say much more than that. Factors beyond our control. We wanted him too..."

Q: "just want to clarify the Australian release date? #WWE12"
RealCoryLedesma "24th"

Q: "if im interpreting you right, if you get a guy on the roster then u want the credit, don't get him and it's not ur fault?"
RealCoryLedesma "interpreting incorrect. Never take credit for that stuff. I simply implied there r factors beyond our control that ur not privy to"

Q: "Batista...DLC...#WWE12...Awesome...Roster...Preorder...The...Game” DLC REALLY" -___-
RealCoryLedesma "yeah really. he hasnt been with WWE for a long time...what would u expect?"

THQ_Tank "I formally apologize this ITR video was delayed, but it was easily the hardest because Universe 2.0 is SO DEEP"

Q: "I like how you fast forwarded past a match and went right to miz vs lesnar to conserve on time".
THQ_Tank "O yes, we fast-forwarded a lot in that video for sake of time to show you guys how it works"

Q: "looks like I won't be getting fan axxess pass. Much cheaper to buy the dlc I actually want #wwe12"
THQ_Tank "If you don't want ALL of the DLC and only a few select characters, then yes, buying individually is the way to go"

Q: "No need to apologize. The vid was very informative and came out great! Awesome job!"
THQ_Tank "thanks, that was the intent! A tough one to pull off, but Durr did a great job"

Q: "What about injuries?"
THQ_Tank "Injuries are in and impact your universe, we didn't get in to all the minutia, just can't in this video, too much!"

Q: "most awesome ITR vid ever"
THQ_Tank "hey thanks man, we're going for the Oscars with these videos"

Q: "In Universe mode can we create custom shows on Tuesdays,Wednesdays,Saturdays??"
THQ_Tank "You cannot create shows on those days, limitation this year to stay authentic, but will explore nxt yr"

Q: "Lack of WWE 12 news this week guys whats up with that?"
stephensonmc "wait till you get a load of what we're cookin' up".

Q: "Whoever thought of that peoples trivia question needs to think of a new one, different regions had different covers!"
stephensonmc "There is an official history of covers".

stephensonmc "(PSA) Don't ask "when," this is just a fact. RT @WWEgames #WWE12 info is about to blow you away! Stay tuned..."

Q: "if you don't want them asking when, it be foolish to tweet about it in the meantime"
stephensonmc "Not when I'm giving a status update. Bad interpretation".

stephensonmc "Thoughts on Batista in #WWE12?"

Q: "Once again someone with a Farmed account wins #WWE12 from @WWEGames Its frustrating spending so much time on this lol"
stephensonmc "Don't worry about trying to spend time on it, man. Just answer and hope that you win. It's random. Have fun w/ it".

Q: "Yeah, you and thousands of others. I won't mark out until I see the AI perform a corner move or corner finisher ..."
stephensonmc "AI 100% performs corner moves. They do it to me all of the time" 


Q: "The #WWE12 DLC is up on http://Xbox.com. Everything but Fan Axxess. Was this a mistake being up so early?"
THQ_Tank "@XBOX and @sonyplaystation have done this to us before, you can't do anything with it"
stephensonmc "nope. We don't dictate exactly when things go up. They choose, and let us know a window. In this case, now to launch."

Q: "hey tank will the peoples edition be available in stores in england when it comes out or is that pre-order only please reply 
THQ_Tank "it will be available in select retailer stories internationally"

THQ_Tank "If we delay a community video @WWEGames fans, its because we are improving the final quality, its not because of disloyalty #noted"

RealCoryLedesma "13 more days until #WWE12 release!! Still plenty of time to pre-order so u can get @TheRock in the game. Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock..."

Q: "can you use more than one match for entrance vids and highlight reel? plz answer"
RealCoryLedesma "nope, we still have the same restriction. it has to be the same participants and arena"

stephensonmc "Writing up the #WWE12 creation article today. I'm taking a lot of your questions, and answering in the article. #twobirdsonestone"


Q: "tank is starrcade arena in wwe 12 i read somewhere it was"
THQ_Tank "Yes, Starrcade Arena is in WWE '12"

THQ_Tank "Well today really was one of my craziest work days ever @THQ, I hope you guys enjoy all that comes from this!"

Q: "you guys have made it really easy for me to talk customers into per ordering #WWE12. Can't wait for my midnight release!"
THQ_Tank "love it!"

Q: "not sure if u guys saw this or not but #Wwe12 fan access is on #psn now"
THQ_Tank "well even if it is, nothing you can do with it yet =) lol"

Q: "THQ_Tank wen r we gona find out who wins those Trish contest things"
THQ_Tank "ask @trishstratuscom we hope soon!"

Q: "I hate it when we pay 60 for a video game + have to pay for dlc that should be in the game anyways".
THQ_Tank "you underestimate the cost of producing DLC and the development time we have, making games isn't free, and we're not the @NBA"

RealCoryLedesma "??? RT “@giantchristoph: @RealCoryLedesma There are people still out there that haven't preordered?! What are they waiting for?!”

Q: "I preordered the people's edition Saturday but haven't received an email. How do I resolve this".
RealCoryLedesma "not sure. Maybe thru THQ customer service?"

Q: "I've asked 4 different THQ reps on twitter. Why won't you answer if there are Custom Soundtracks on Story Designer or not?"
RealCoryLedesma "no custom soundtracks. it's against policy to do it since we don't own the rights to those tracks and they can be reposted".

Q: "You guys dont keep the wwe 12 site updated..Still waiting for the divas profiles ( 2 weeks now )"
RealCoryLedesma "the models aren't ready yet. It's DLC which means they will be coming out around December".

Q: "Is Paul Bearer in the game?"
RealCoryLedesma "no, he's not".

RealCoryLedesma "Do Not Disturb: Hard at work creating new WWE games".

stephensonmc "I hope our ITR #WWE12 video goes live today..."

Q: "Just noticed some DLC for WWE '12 has gone live on the Xbox Live Marketplace... Where is Fan Axcess?"
stephensonmc "we don't control that. Just so that we don't revisit again this year, we're in the same boat as you are when MS chooses to".

Q: "can you tell me if I don't want any surprises spoiled for me, should I watch the ITR video?"
stephensonmc "you should watch".

stephensonmc "Interesting article about "secrecy" and Rockstar. I wonder if we could get away w/ the same...": http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/121/1211917p1.html

stephensonmc "Want more of Brock? Coming shortly... (so cryptic)"

Q: "where is the ITR universe video? i though it was released today?"
stephensonmc "Tank is finishing the editing, and has it. He'll be posting it".

Q: "Would I get my wwe '12 this weekend? that i won? @WWEgames"
stephensonmc "We're hearing that you should expect it during launch week, not day of".

stephensonmc "I'm definitely buying The Rockers two-pack this month. That's a dream set. Still love my old Hasbro combo.

Q: "Sir.. The release date in the commercial for #WWE12 was for USA right? Uk/Europe is still 25th?"
stephensonmc "yes, for US"

Q: "is CM Punk's "This Fire Burns" theme in #WWE12 ???"
stephensonmc "cult"

stephensonmc "Just got word from HQ, ITR delayed to Thursday. Gawd I hate being the "Percy Pringle" of bad news..."

Q: "The proof is in the pudding or should I say delayed video" 

stephensonmc "I don't make the videos, hence your researching fail. I get it though, I'll take the blame".

stephensonmc "I report what I know, man. You ask questions, I give you answers based on what I know. If I don't answer, same reaction".

stephensonmc "not that it's "higher up," just that I'm not there at HQ".

Q: "when is the demo coming for wwe 12??!!"
stephensonmc "no plans but an in-store demo".

stephensonmc "There's no conspiracy here, the ITR video has taken more time than estimated. Nxt communication you get on it will be when posted. Right way"

Q: "ok then when is the in-store demo coming?"
stephensonmc "up to the Best Buy individual retailer, but expect to see early next week".

Q: "You guys messed up Ryders Profile! His Finisher is the Rough Ryder".... xP
stephensonmc "I know that. I'm playing catch-up, broski from my time away"

Q: "so why is the access pack not online for download but everything else is?"
stephensonmc "Because they haven't put it up yet".

Q: "Can you please answer this question? ^^ Is Vickie Guerrero a playable Diva in #WWE12 , or just a non-playable manager?"
stephensonmc "playable"

stephensonmc "@RealCoryLedesma got a big-time approval last week in Stamford. You guys will be playing #WWE12, but the life of dev is #WWE13".

stephensonmc "Why are you so excited for #WWE12? I'm honestly looking for what in particular".

Q: "Do we get a hint as to what the major approval is?"
stephensonmc "that was the only hint you'll get for a long time. #WWE12 until then".

stephensonmc "The release date is the best thing that could have happened to this game from a quality perspective".


WWEgames "Nominate @WWEGames' "WWE '12" as the Game of the Year in the 2011 @Mashable Awards!" http://wwe.me/7m4zz #THQ #MashableAwards #WWE12

Q: "Kip Up Ability ? Not in the game anymore Brah you are the one that makes the game so What the Hell ?" 
stephensonmc "new to add, dude. Don't be so quick to the draw!"

Q: "did u guys put brodus clay in #WWE12"
stephensonmc "yes, free DLC".

Q: "Hey @stephensonmc whats up with that alleged in-store demo? Haven't seen it anywhere yet"
stephensonmc "We're expecting it to be at Best Buy next week, late this week if you're lucky. It depends on their in-store peeps".

Q: "Why do you make free DLC if you can just put them in the main game?" 
stephensonmc "Because we don't have time to put them in the game #duh"

Q: "ANSWER THIS will scott hall (razor) be one of the legend download pack in jan.? (WCW LEGEND)"
RealCoryLedesma "unfortunately not".

WWEgames "We're now just about TWO WEEKS AWAY from the launch of #WWE12. Stay tuned all week for some electrifying reveals!"

stephensonmc "#WWE12 Universe ITR, new Legends from the DLC pack, Q and A's, blogs, and videos are all slated for this week".

stephensonmc "For the next two weeks, we're giving you the chance to win a copy of #WWE12 "People's Edition" each day". Details here: http://bit.ly/rW8Tdw

Q: "do u think there ever will be a playable lunberjack match"
stephensonmc "When we can allow that many characters on screen, yes".

WWEgames "THE PEOPLE'S GIVEAWAY TRIVIA QUESTION: What was @TheRock's first PPV event (give year and name)? Reply with answer & #WWE12 to be eligible".

WWEgames "We're giving away ANOTHER copy of the #WWE12 "People's Edition" during tonight's #Raw tweet-up. Follow and tweet w/ us during show to win!"

WWEgames "What's YOUR favorite @Xbox LIVE #WWE12 Avatar?" http://thq.wwe.com/slamsmash.html

Q: @howardfinkel "we would love to hear your voice again on another legends video game howard you are the man! RT? @stephensonmc @RAWFShowtime"
howardfinkel "I wouild certainly welcome the opportunity if another game gets developed. Thanx!"
stephensonmc @howardfinkel "It would be great to have you in some of our future (not yet planned) WWE Legends games. We will of course come knocking!"


Q: "Just saw Undertaker's hooded entrance attire in an off-screen. Any chance we'll see the official entrance with it from you?"
stephensonmc "probably not before release, man. Just other higher priority info to get to".

Q: "OMG.. Is It True That Alberto Del Rio Does Not Have Sidetrons and Curvatron.. and does mason ryan have hes current minitron".
stephensonmc "we got every tron we could get from WWE. Don't have a list".

stephensonmc "Hearing Mon/Tues". RT @omarbago: "@stephensonmc when will the next inside the ring be release?"

Q: "My friend NEEDS to know if Eve's booty pop is in the game(even though I doubt it is)"
stephensonmc "i don't think so".

Q: "Is the rtwm free-roam again this year? Also, are the Corre and Nexus themes/titantrons in the game?"
stephensonmc "There's some RTWM free-roam, but it's linear".

Q: "hi man, i just read the Q&A page of Universe 2.0 and just seen all the titles, will we see more classic titles for next year?"
stephensonmc "I hope so, man. We'll see. #WWE12 for now, though!"

Q: "Not sure if you'd know or if I need to ask @RealCoryLedesma - will The Rock Edition PS3 come with a blu-ray rather than DVD?"
stephensonmc "think so, but let me check".

Q: "is the Brock lock in the new #WWE12 game ????????"
stephensonmc "It is not, no".

Q: "Where's the new #WWE12 ITR you promised us? I've been waiting for it for days now!"
stephensonmc "Mon/Tues I'm hearing".

Q: "When are you guys going to tell us who the remaining superstars are in WWE '12? We've been waiting to know the full roster!"
THQ_Tank "I believe this week will be a big week, you guys have been very patient"


RealCoryLedesma "Meeting at WWE HQ went great today. Exciting stuff for the future. We will blow your mind next year. I will leave at that".

Q: "I hope that means bringing back AKI/Syn Sophia(I think that's their current name). A No Mercy sequel would be mind-blowing".
RealCoryLedesma "i agree, but those guys don't make games like that anymore. All that talent is gone. AKI doesn't exist anymore".

Q: "We don't know everything about #WWE12 yet & you're talking about blowing our mind next year! LOL"
RealCoryLedesma "can't help it. thats the story of my life. dont even get to enjoy the release of the game..already working beyond"

Q: "Any chances on looking into 6Diva matches for WWE 13? #WishList LOL"
RealCoryLedesma "on the top of my list dude. no guarantees, but i hear the community loud and clear"

Q: "Yes, sir! Maybe see what the new @WWEGames are gonna be in the future!"
RealCoryLedesma "30 Superstars in the ring at one time!!"

Q: "Hey Cory , i heard that there is Original Soundtracks ( ex : Three days grace - Break , etc ) in WWE'12 now .. is it true??"
RealCoryLedesma "false"

Q: "WWE13 could mix comeback and hot tag.Many wrest. makes combo of moves after being tagged.Thoughts?"
stephensonmc "Good thoughts for sure, man. Thanks".

stephensonmc "This year's RTWM makes you feel like you're a part of the show this year more than any other. You'll be the judge of that, though. #WWE12"

Q: "I have a question, way way back, it was said manager controls/AI would be improved... have you noticed a difference?"
stephensonmc "the AI is definitely way better, but controls I'll have to check".

Q: "Hey Marcus - has there been confirmation on an "unlock all" DLC similar to last year?"
stephensonmc "Yes. http://wwe.thq.com Fan Axxess article".

Q: "Awesome, can't get there at work so this was the only way I could check. Thx!"
stephensonmc "Yeah man, you can get it separate, or via Fan Axxess".

Q: "is there any faults with WWE 12 YOU HAVE FOUND?"
stephensonmc "absolutely. No game is perfect. Is it very enjoyable? Oh hell yeah".

Q: "will there be a wwe 12 demo available on psn or will it be available to play in gamestop stores in the U.S."
stephensonmc "It will be at Best Buy stores".

stephensonmc "BRING IT BACK! First though, sign the petition. Get with @RAWFShowtime #standunited #legends" http://www.wwe.com/inside/wwefeaturepage/b...-rock-wrestling

Q: "Until WWE figures out that we actually like wrestling and don't need celebrity bullshit and pop songs, they'll never recover".
stephensonmc "yeah b/c that's actually happened at any period in time. Part of what makes WWE bigger than life, is it's ability to cross"

stephensonmc "it does, but we can't get everyone. I personally would love Kaitlyn in. She's my girl!"

Q: "for the seventh time asking now is the commentary the same as last year or is it new with Michael Cole's new heel persona?"
stephensonmc "It's not all the way heel, just partially. He loves Miz" 

Q: "Is the WWE Draft Arena selectable in online or exhibition or just universe".
stephensonmc "Just in Universe. It's a Universe event".

Q: "have you seen this ??THQ Posts $92.4 Million Q2 Loss!!"
stephensonmc "It cost a ton to make video games, brah!"

Q: "well is it worth makin games to make huge losses?"
stephensonmc "welcome to our world"

Q: "did u get my old suggestion about having memorable attires/ Entrance ttires as DLC in the future games?"
stephensonmc "yes"

Q: "what the hell is free braw on wwe12"
stephensonmc "the new game for what we called backstage brawls last year".

stephensonmc "There are 4 versions of the F-5. Jumping to conclusions is dumb. #WWE12"

Q: "Alicia fox attire red hair??? Please answer me"
stephensonmc "don't know. She isn't done yet"

Q: "BTW I know Cody has the Dashing attire in #WWE12 but is there a different entrance animation to go with it?"
stephensonmc "yes, there is".

stephensonmc "Just for clarification, you cannot stitch CAS commentary names, but you can for ring announcer names (up to 4 parts)".

Q: "Greetings from London Marcus, really good to see your back on board. Could you chose and edit which belts are active in Un.2.0"
stephensonmc "you can choose which are active".

Q: "When we have a new inside the ring video gameplay?"
stephensonmc "this coming week".

Q: "so will it be a nickname for commentary names?"
stephensonmc "yes, like "the superstar", "yosef," "williams"

Q: "hey bro, can we make "y2j" on name stitching?"
stephensonmc "yes".

Q: "Hey short term tweeter long term being ignored! When will you officially announce Macho Man so I can officially preorder?"
stephensonmc "before release".

Q: "cool, thanks. be a really amazing feature. Also, will Superstar Threads be on the game too?"
stephensonmc "yes".

Q: "Can you stitch Letters? Like if I wanna call my caw JD Rivera. ?"
stephensonmc "you can stitch letters in Announcer name"

Q: "TheRealCorlLedsma doesn't approve of our feedbacks. The #WWEFanBase all want #Lita in the game but she is not in".
stephensonmc "ever stop to think that it's not JUST our decision?"

Q: "plz plz reply do you have to replace a show like smackdown,raw or you can make your show on anyother day like on tuesday"
stephensonmc "have to replace. Logic hasn't been created for other dates on the calendar. Would require more work than we had time for".

stephensonmc "Just so you know, Cory's "approval" comment is not what you think. KEEP SIGNING! #legendsunited"

Q: "in WWE'12, can there be 30 superstars in the ring all at one time, like for a royal rumble?"
stephensonmc "nope, six".

Q: "Hey strph , can we skip soundtracks in wwe'12?"
stephensonmc "nope"

Q: "when will fan axxess be available?"
THQ_Tank "Day 1, no reason to buy it until then"


Q: "i'm not being rude but we get 3 DLC packs and that has to last us a whole year make more packs"
RealCoryLedesma "I agree"

stephensonmc "#FF to some of our @WWEgames community sites: @gamingring, @OfficialCAWsWS, @TheSDHotel, @LegendsForum"

Q: "Do you know who the last 10 roster spots are in WWE 12?"
stephensonmc "I do, and we'll announce them".

stephensonmc "@JohnCena has 3 attires in #WWE12. His Regular, Entrance, and.... (haven't unlocked yet)"

Q: "What do you mean with regular? (entrance=red shirt, but what are his regular clothes?)"
stephensonmc "w/out his entrance" 

stephensonmc "His regular clothes are his ring gear".

Q: "i'm not being rude but we get 3 DLC packs and that has to last us a whole year make more packs"
stephensonmc "Would be dope, dude".

Q: "When Work On #WWE13 Gonna Start ? #OneAnswerADay".
stephensonmc "now".

Q: "can you at least put the divas renders up on the roster page damn you guys just slack when it comes to them"
stephensonmc "Relax, brah. We don't do the roster pages, until the roster page is complete. #slowyaroll"

Q: "can you at least put the divas renders up on the roster page damn you guys just slack when it comes to them"
stephensonmc "They'll be up, man. Just need all of the assets to put the page together".

stephensonmc "What part of "The Divas aren't finished yet" do you not understand? Incomplete = cannot show. #duh"

stephensonmc "So I think we're just going to show some matches w/ no ITR commentary soon. Next week will most likely be a big video week. (Well it will)"

Q: "Do Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler call CAWs by their call names?"
stephensonmc "I'm not sure, man. I haven't noticed that. I'll check, though".

Q: "So the ITR isn't tonight?"
stephensonmc "The WWE Universe ITR is scheduled for early next week".

Q: "well we want to see something THQ knew who were dlc a while ago now we have to wait til after the launch"
stephensonmc "Isn't that the point of post-launch content? It happens and is built post-launch".

Q: "next year negotiate with @wwe about building the best diva roster for wwe13 game still seems good just saying"
stephensonmc "We def. know that there's a strong vocal Divas voice out there. Appreciate the passion, for sure".

stephensonmc "I got some exciting #WWE12 CAS news from designer Jon Durr: "In CAS, you set the "Ring Announcer Name," and the "Commentary Name.""

Q: "So you're saying, if we put our own name in the CAW, the ring announcer/commentator will say it exactly like that?"
stephensonmc "I am not saying that. I'm saying for the available names that we have in there. 600+ parts".

stephensonmc "To clarify, you can use the 500+ available parts (new this year) to stitch together names. Can't just put text in, and they say. #WWE12"

stephensonmc "I've put 500+ and 600+. I was then told to say 500+ just to be safe. It might be more, though. I'll count later".


Q: "Any Idea When We Will See Diva DLC Entrances And Finishers? I Wanna See @Kharma!!! #WWE12"
THQ_Tank "not until closer to their release"

Q: "Just tried Cory with this.. In WWE12 can you start a comeback moment straight after being hit with a finisher?"
THQ_Tank "I don't believe so, that may be kind of weird, no?"

RealCoryLedesma "Heading to Stamford, CT today for a meeting at WWE HQ tomorrow. Getting ready to roll on future WWE games. #BOOM"

RealCoryLedesma "PS3 fans hang in there. We're not trying to exclude you on digital content. Please be patient."

Q: "why isn't Orton's Apex Predator shirt on the #WWE12 avatar list yet?"
RealCoryLedesma "it was on there, don't know what happened. i will check it out."

Q: "Is there any way to get The Rock on the Wii? #WWE12"
RealCoryLedesma "The Rock is already available on the Wii."

Q: "Will the Womens Title be available for WWE Uni mode?"
RealCoryLedesma "yes"

Q: "is there a fan axxess thing this year, ive preordered the peoples edition!"
RealCoryLedesma "yes"

Q: "will kane have an alt. attire ?"
RealCoryLedesma "no"

RealCoryLedesma "Who is going to Survivor Series, sponsored by no other than #WWE12? I will be there + at the demo station on Friday outside of MSG #BATTLEME"

Q: "this friday or the friday before SS?"
RealCoryLedesma "friday before"

Q: "Does @TheRock Have A Alternative Attire?"
RealCoryLedesma "nope, sorry!"

Q: "is Hornswoggle in the game?"
RealCoryLedesma "nope"

Q: "what about if you ordered advanced shipping? does that mean it should arrive like a week in advance?"
stephensonmc "no. launch"

Q: "You said, that Taker has an "hooded" Entrance. Will he have a different Entrance? Because hooded, he has no hat to take off ;)"
stephensonmc "I was just told that information. I haven't seen it yet."

stephensonmc "Putting together a list of asset (videos/screenshots) or blogs that need to happen for you guys before launch in priority order. Thoughts?"

Q: "can we get Release Date shipping ?!?!?!?"
stephensonmc "yes. Choose the free shipping option by Nov. 14th and it will be there. Past Nov. 14th, you can choose next day or 2nd day for it."

Q: "Any chance of a legends game with the current engine, with roster importing? It would solve the "too many legends" complaints."
stephensonmc "Talk to @RAWFShowtime, man. He'll set you up. #jointhemovement"

Q: "I beg of you please answer my question on when the in-store demo will be available thanks Marcus"
stephensonmc "If I knew exactly when, I would tell you at this point. Details are being finalized."

Q by itsmyyard: "Will there be any PS3 avatar/goodies for WWE 12 dude?"
stephensonmc "themes, I'm hearing. We'll announce when 100%"

stephensonmc "PS3 Players, I just heard that a #WWE12 theme is coming your way. Stay tuned for the announcement and details (photos)..."

Q: "hey do you know if we can skip menu tracks in this years game?"
stephensonmc "you cannot."

Q: "For goodness’ sake! Please help me with the people's edition in Brazil. I really want it. Please."
stephensonmc "Victor, you need to check your local retailer for the edition to see if they're selling it. If not, then you might import?"

Q: "cool, and it was weird how Orton's shirt wasn't on there but the rest were."
stephensonmc "Just got word. The Orton Avatar is a Best Buy pre-order exclusive. If you want it, you have to go BB."

Q: "Do you think a weight detection system will be in WWE13? You know.. so only the likes of Cena can slam the likes of Big Show"
stephensonmc "I hope so. We talk about it, just need to do it right which takes time. I can't imagine us getting there in 1 yr. What I would do is start creating alternate movesets for peeps who simply can't lift super heavyweights."

Q: "do you know anything about what the menu music is this year?"
stephensonmc "it's ambient stock themes from @RealCoryLedesma's garage band."

Q: "a lot of people are wanting to know which dlc pack brodus clay is in... any info?"
stephensonmc "3"

Q: "Thx for the feedback man. Easy things you could add for WWE13 could also be crowd reactions as soon as the ref counts a 123..."
stephensonmc "yeah, we really want to emphasize audio this year. I may have a part in that *fingerscrossed*"

Q: "Isn't pack 3 for the greatest legends ever? Would you really call Brodus Clay a legend at this point? >_<"
stephensonmc "free"

Q: "hey Marcus, can we get Orton's avatar shirt on release day or do I have to pre-order?"
stephensonmc "You have to pre-order from Best Buy."

Q: "Are the DLC divas in one pack, or are they separated into different ones?"
stephensonmc "Pack 2"

Q: "Do you think @JohnCena 's New 'Rise Above Hate' Attire could become a DLC in #WWE12 ?"
stephensonmc "not this year, SnowFox (great name)."

stephensonmc "Cool thing about default tag team double team moves (there's four different). Experimenting w/ Cena and Punk. #variety"

stephensonmc "Was Sheamus' cross body block from the ring apron in SvR '11 last year? I don't think it was, but you move-heads would know. Ok, well it's in this year. I can't believe I just said cross body block. Please destroy me. Mind fart. Sheamus' shoulder block from the ring apron is in #WWE12."

Q: "Nope it wasn't. Is it an actual spring board ability or is it an actual grapple move?"
stephensonmc "grapple move."


Q: "Any news on bret hart being in wwe 12? You should put him in the DLC 3 pack ;)"
THQ_Tank "Bret Hart is not in @WWE '12 this year, he is the best there ever was, and the best there ever will be"

THQ_Tank "NO Inside the Ring this week, early next week will be Universe Mode, the reason is our roster has to be approved by @WWE, we meet halfway and come to an agreement, that's how it works" 

Q: "I have one question is Kharma the DLC"
RealCoryLedesma "yes"

Q: "will you able to create Entrance Videos for a created superstars on WWE12"
RealCoryLedesma "yes"

Q: "Is there an option to switch off the wwe 12 controls to use the analog controls of last year?"
RealCoryLedesma "no, only one control set."

RealCoryLedesma "First #WWE12 Global Print Review hit the market today - GamePro Germany gave #WWE12 a 90% and a top award. Quote: "A must-buy for fans!"

RealCoryLedesma "More GamePro quotes: "Due to the improvements, WWE '12 is extraordinarily dynamic and alive.", "To say it like @mikethemiz: AWESOME!" #WWE12"

Q: "Question: If you purchased Fan Axxess last year, does it carry over to WWE '12 or do you have to buy it again?"
RealCoryLedesma "buy again."

Q: "new 2 twitter I was wondering how long is wwe universe 2.0 mode in wwe 12. Is it like smackdown just bring it."
RealCoryLedesma "infinite"

Q: "please reply.will their be an alternative attire for the rock? please reply."
RealCoryLedesma "no"

Q: "HELP ME CORY!! I realy want to get the People's Edition, but in Brazil there is no place to buy it. Could you give me it?"
RealCoryLedesma "wwe.thq.com"

RealCoryLedesma "i hand selected all the new menu music tracks this year. we went for tone and drama to match the new look. its all from stock."

stephensonmc "The in-game #WWE12 menu music is original. I don't know the artists yet, but it starts off as "ambient""

Q: "Is There Any PPV Themes In .. Thank you so much for answering my question.. one more question. does mason ryan have a minitron"
stephensonmc "Don't have the music list yet, but I haven't heard any. Don't know off the top of my head. Will have to look for the minitron"

Q: "Speaking of music - Exit themes - are they tied into the entrance themes or the superstars themselves?"
stephensonmc "The exit themes are tied to the end of match victory sequence."

Q: "plz dont use the superstars and the divas theme as the soundtracks of the game"
stephensonmc "We're not."

Q: "could you incorperate @WWEAJLee & @KaitlynWWE in #WWE '13 next year please?"
stephensonmc "I would love that. We'll see."

Q: "Thanks for the info! But can we skip song to song, like previous games? SvR11 we couldn't do it... :("
stephensonmc "no."

Q: "Is it boring and repetitive like last year? I liked 09 and 10 with superstars music"
stephensonmc "It's more ambient, so it's just in the background. Hardly noticeable."

Q: "Any chance that D. Bryan's beard will be DLC? I'd pay for that."
stephensonmc "nope, not this year."

Q: "What I mean is - If I swapped Mason and Husky's themes, would Mason have that theme as his exit or his default theme?"
stephensonmc "If we had the exit theme in, the one you would switch to. It's all just tied logic."

Q: "will we gt a universe video before the game drops"
stephensonmc "Yes. Universe ITR coming this week."

Q: "Divas ITR?"
stephensonmc "Not necessarily. Probably a match highlight, or special Divas trailer."

Q: "Will be possible to make a "Twin Magic" during a match? (@TheBellaTwins)"
stephensonmc "Stop asking this. I don't know yet, and when the Divas are finished, I'll tell you."

Q: "hi did you find out if its the high VADER SAULT ?TY"
stephensonmc "It's not the one you see in the cutscene, but it's also not as high as what you see in the video. It's the #2 version."

stephensonmc "There you have it on this year's #WWE12 menu music, thanks to @RealCoryLedesma. IMO, good move."

Q: "Can you give us a list?"
stephensonmc "yeah: Stock track 1, Stock track 2, Stock track 3."

Q: "The First Dlc: Is called WM Pack??? So I guess shouldve not waisted 4 slots & couldve give us all WM themed #justsayin"
stephensonmc "I have no idea what you're saying about the WM Pack."

Q: "@wwe.com claim that Vickie G is unplayable. Can you please confirm if she is or if she isn't"
stephensonmc "she is."

Q: "I mean LOD & E&C Attires are lil bit much. I asumed that the WM Pack was about WM Themed Attires or superstars "
stephensonmc "why are they a bit much? Do you mean price?"

Q: "We have had a lot of Problems downloading Wrestlers with the 360 online, the server was always "not avaible" Problem fixed?"
stephensonmc "We moved away from Gamespy this year. Looks good right now, but true test will be when it's stressed by you guys."

Q: "nah!!! I mean LOD are not in WWE... so I thought thq coudlve focus on attires that were in the programming of WM"
stephensonmc "Oh, I see what you mean. Makes sense."

Q: "And which day of this week the wwe universe video upload ?"
stephensonmc "end of the week. Thurs/Fri?"

Q: "is that worldwide or U.S only?"
stephensonmc "U.S. for launch date."

Q: "daym, I'll just find another site, I always get let down by the ones for UK"
stephensonmc "I don't know if it's for UK. I just heard for U.S. It might be, man."

Q: "Hey Boss in Universe mode can u pick when to interfere, like in the start , mid match or end of match ?"
stephensonmc "it's a pre-match overlay."

Q: "Vader makes a v with his hands like Spock not a 4 horseman sign, and thats not the Vader bomb from the corner. #wwe12"
stephensonmc "I know. Thanks, though."

Q: "Marcus u said itr tomorrow or Friday but tank is saying next week... Which is accurate?"
stephensonmc "He's announcing it, Jeff. It's his capture that he did. That's his timeline based on work involved for to get it ready."

stephensonmc "Official from the folks who captured and are editing the Inside the Ring #WWE12 Universe video. It won't be available till early nxt week."

Q: "recognition. Legends were disappointing this year, save demolition and nash. Also tired of rock hype."
stephensonmc "I think it's one of our strongest yet. Especially with the yet to be revealed, yet already known DLC Pack 3."

Q: "I became negative about it when lesnar was revealed. He was in the business two years. Doesn't deserve the"
stephensonmc "so you're upset about it. Thanks for the feedback, but you also said that a few love WWE 12. A "few" don't like Lesnar in."

stephensonmc "Hearing while on the road that GamePro Germany gave #WWE12 a 90%! #WWWYKI"


Q: "Will Rock be available for purchase as DLC? I want to pre-order from Shopzone and they say Rock doesn't come with"
THQ_Tank "90-days post launch he will be"

Q: "Is Ultimate Warrior in WWE '12? I need to settle an argument."
THQ_Tank "The Ultimate Warrior is not in WWE '12"

Q: "Is a Zack Ryder Flip Cam Entrance possible for DLC in #WWE12?"
THQ_Tank "love that idea, maybe next year if he is still doin it"

THQ_Tank "Who wants to see an @WWE '12 "funny entrance" video (i.e. Big Show doing Sin Cara's entrance as an example), pitch entrance swap ideas"

RealCoryLedesma "Have you checked all of the new Xbox 360 #WWE12 Avatars released today? Radness... http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/AvatarMa...=shellnav"

RealCoryLedesma "Great #WWE12 Xbox 360 Avatar video showing off all the new avatar items! Check them out and support #WWE12!"

Q: "I really hope we can edit the entrance next year (create an arena) I want to make a house show"
RealCoryLedesma "i hear ya. we wanted to make sure the most important aspect of it was fully customizable. we will grow it in the future."

Q: "I have a question for you? In @WWE'12 the Royal Rumble will have 40 contestants or 30 as has always been? Please Reply"
RealCoryLedesma "up to 40 this year!"

Q: "What attires do the Bellas have on #WWE12 ? if you can answer."
RealCoryLedesma "video will be up when the models are done. please have patience."

Q: "Is there anything else left to reveal other than DLC Pack 3?"
RealCoryLedesma "still want the community managers to release the Create-An-Entrance Video samples so you guys can see that as well."

Q: "but tell me who is the announcer of wwe superstars!!! D:"
RealCoryLedesma "only one announcer team in the game."

RealCoryLedesma "no, unfortunately not. have a solution for next year possibly."

Q: "Are there any future plans on putting guys like Brian Pillman or Texas Tornado as legends on a WWE game?"
RealCoryLedesma "would love to...you never know what the future holds."

Q: "where. Can I. Preorder the peoples edition for wwe 12"
RealCoryLedesma " http://wwe.thq.com "

Q: "is avatars going to be available for ps3 aswell?"
stephensonmc "These are XBL exclusive avatars. Nothing to announce for PS3 at the moment. No plans that I've heard about."

Q: "when the dlc of legends will revealed ?"
stephensonmc "DLC Legends won't be revealed until we reveal them. I'm hearing next week."

Q: "Anything new in superstar threads that you can talk about?"
stephensonmc "I can, just have to have the game pulled up. Can't at the moment. I'll let peeps know when I do. Also planning blogs for Q's."

Q: "Marcus you never answer any of my q's so answer this one? will there be a universe trailer and when will it be released?"
stephensonmc "We have a Universe planned ITR this week. I don't communicate? My 15,000 + tweets say otherwise. #boom (oh, 16,000)"

Q: "It would be cool, if we could have 3 Entrances for Wrestlers. And safe it like a attire!! Would be great for diff. Gimmicks"
stephensonmc "It would be, man. I hope we figure out a solution soon."

Q: "why does it feel like your ignoring PlayStation 3 WWE supporters, I mean no PSN avatars for us?"
stephensonmc "We don't favor one console over the other. (regardless of what it may look like) Truthfully."

Q: "does THQ have something against the Wii console? Since 2010 we have got none of the PS3/Xbox 360 features."
stephensonmc "Nothing against, just different tech and different teams."

Q: "in Universe will title matches be booked by there self?"
stephensonmc "yes."

Q: "WWE'12 is the one game I'm hyped for this year, already preodered! Is there goin to be a downloadable demo? Cant wait!!!!"
stephensonmc "No plans, but we'll announce an in-store demo at Best Buy shortly. Oh, I guess I just did... (hope it still happens) #oops"

Q: "Is ecw arena in (not caa)? Yes, No, You don't know / can't say?????"
stephensonmc "will have to look."

Q: "i know wwe '12 hasn't even come out yet, but as an early start; can WWE GM Mode make a come back soon?"
stephensonmc "Always on our list, too big to do in one year (have to make it right), building foundation blocks (code) to possibly get there."

Q: "Will the DLCs be shown in the "Main" Rosterpage, or are they gonna have their own slots just like last year alongside Caws?"
stephensonmc "yep, that's correct"

stephensonmc "The in-game Vadersault assigned, is the #2 version"

Q: "sorry to Intrude but I have a link that kinda Confirms the static. 
stephensonmc "Nope. It's the noise or wipe that happens after a load into a match. Static isn't there."

Q: "So does that mean his actual VaderSault IS in #WWE12? RT @stephensonmc The in-game Vadersault assigned, is the #2 version."
stephensonmc "No, that would mean that it's not in."

stephensonmc "A united, powerful demand. RT @anpuipeid @stephensonmc ...So what's stopping THQ from making a decent legends game? I don't get it....."

Q: "When are we going to see the Divas of #WWE12 yet? I wanna see @Kharma !!"
stephensonmc "nor for a bit, bro. They need to be finished. We'll let you know."

Q: "When will the People Edition be able in Europe ?"
stephensonmc "click here: http://wwe.thq.com/preorder "

Q: "Great job with the #WWE12 Hammer but jw why @RRWWE and The Usos didnt get in?"
stephensonmc "@RRWWE IS in #WWE12. And he already knew that..."

stephensonmc Posted Image

Q by RealCoryLedesma: "still want the community managers to release the Create-An-Entrance Video samples so you guys can see that as well."
stephensonmc "YEP!"

Q: "So what stores have the in-store demo again? And when are they being installed?"
stephensonmc "Best Buy, haven't announced a date. Not sure, but it obviously has to be soon."

Q: "is the inside the ring Thursday?"
stephensonmc "we'll let you know. It was captured today."

Q: "Marcus can you change ppv names on universe. Thanks"
stephensonmc "yes"

stephensonmc: "It's true, @WWEgames #WWE12 Avatar Items are NOW AVAILABLE on @Xbox LIVE. Article coming w/ video shortly."

Q: "Will backstage fights have cutscenes in wwe universe" 
stephensonmc: "we do have new scenes for Free Brawl's."

Q: "Good Morning Bro whats on the agenda for today?" 
stephensonmc: "Xbox LIVE Avatar announcement article (with video), Survivor Series plan, content plan until launch, Raw recap, answering Qs"

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