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IGN is hosting a LIVE stream of WWE '12 w/ Cory Ledesma and Bryan Williams in just ONE HOUR at Noon PST/ 3PM EST.

"WWE '12 is just around the corner, and we want you to be able to check it out early. This Wednesday, November 16 at Noon PST, we'll be bringing over some folks from THQ to discuss this wrestling relaunch, and we'll even be giving away some prizes. 

If you want to ask the WWE '12 team questions during the the show, send us a tweet using the tag #WWE12 to @IGN. Example: #WWE12 @IGN I have a question! 

Both parts are important, and we'll be drawing our prize winners from the people who message us on Twitter. So be sure to do it!"

LIVE STREAM LINK:http://uk.ign.com/videos/2011/11/14/ign-li...objectid=109900

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