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2K Support has released the following statement on their official Twitter, announcing that the WWE 2K14 Servers for both Online Matches and Community Creations are about to shut down.

Every year around this time servers are shut down for the game that came out 2 years earlier.

However, this one comes as an unfortunate news for the WWE Games Community as there were many people that still relied on WWE 2K14 to create and share Custom Stories and produce their own shows and cutscenes, including Forever A Movement and The VGCW Network.

WWE 2K14 was infact the last game in the series featuring the Story Designer mode, which is absent from WWE 2K15 and it's unknown if and when it will be brought back into the game.

For these reasons, the folks at the ArmbarESociety started a petition to keep the WWE 2K14 servers running for at least another year (in the hope that by the time WWE 2K17 comes around, the Story Creator will have made its return), asking 2K to consider the many communities and many people that will be affected by this shut down.


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