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With WWE 2K15 came destruction, and devastation. We saw the removal of Match Types, the vital Replay feature, entire game modes such as Story Designer, Create An Arena and Create-A-Finisher, all the historic Preset Entrances, hundreds of CAW slots, CAW morphing options and hairstyles, and... some even "lost their lives", with the absence of Create-A-Diva.

But all the removed game features couldn't stop us. The whole WWE Games Community didn't give up: from the passion of TheSmackDownHotel, to the will of Forever A Movement, which are proud to present the biggest WWE Games event ever produced: FaMniversary 3, on WWE 2K15, featuring many of your favorite WWE Games Youtubers!
FaMniversary 3 is coming this June live on YouTube, or YOU CAN WATCH IT RIGHT NOW before everybody else, by just donating $1 through here: https://www.patreon.com/FaM
What is FaMniversary - All the details:
Watch the Official FaMniversary 3 Opening Intro.
FaMniversary 3 Full Card:

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